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Speedlinking 22 December 2007

Posted By Darren Rowse 22nd of December 2007 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

A few blogging links from the last couple of days. Enjoy

Lastly – Linda put together a fun little video on blogging for money – I hope you enjoy it:

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Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • really funny clip nicee

  • Thanks darren for sharing great links –

  • That’s a fantastic video!

  • I really like Pajama Professional, very well written and very clean site.

  • Just wanna thank you for updating the site so often.

  • LOL!
    I love that video!

  • Sara’s writeup was a good reminder. Thanks for sharing.

  • Darren, thanks for mention.

    DPS has two hyphens and it is long, but I think it has a huge benefit of being completely descriptive and having all the related keywords on the domain.

    I always wondered how the site performed in Google’s eyes indeed.

  • Actually just went to Google “digital photography” to find you in the 3rd position… it kinda answers my question :).

  • Appreciate the links. Great content on those sites.

  • Daniel – yeah it does well on an SEO front (has really increased in the last 6 months) but not so great on a memorability front.

  • Great stuff Darren !…,

    video is really very funny, thanks for sharing -:)


  • I like Pajama Professional a lot too. I would like it even more if I was one.

  • I really benefited from the links and that video was so funny and yet, to me at least, inspirational. For some reason I was a pagerank 5 and Google stripped me down to zero. Why I don’t know, as I have never had any “paid links” or anything like that. I am still very much listed in Google, I have adsense and I average 1500 hits a day so nothing changed except my pagerank. (I also have about 2,000 backlinks). Linda’s video made my day! (She has a great blog too!)

  • Woodshed

    I’m not so sure about Pajama Professional. Her latest post is very similar to this one by Trent Brownrigg and he updated to point out that the tactic may violate eBay’s terms of service.

  • Darshana

    The video was really good, it took me few seconds to realize the words rhymed with the music.Thanks for the great links, as usual they bound to provide real value. I am off to read them in more depth.

  • Hey Darren…. thanks for this. Been out Christmas shopping (tired feet, ringing ears) and came back to find the linkback. You made my day. Happy holidays and keep the great content coming. Love your blog. : )

  • Check out the Christmas video Randy from GrownUpGeek did. It’s hilarious.

  • Thanks for the link Darren.


  • That’s a good post on characteristics of good domain names. I’m following that lead.

    Thanks, Jason M. Blumer

  • Sara

    Darren: Thanks for the link!

    Woodshed: Thanks for pointing out that post and the TOS info, I will definitely be looking into that.


  • Nice to “meet” you Darren.

    I’ve always said to write to please yourself, and if it’s your thing, your thing it will be.

    I wouldn’t want to be a schoolteacher. It’s not my thing, so I don’t try to be one and lament being unsuccessful at it. If you blog because you enjoy it and if you blog what you know and what makes you happy, then you will be successful in the ways that make you feel successful.

    Linda’s video is awesome, but it’s no surprise because she’s been an awesome sister all her (and my) life.

    – Fracas