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Speedlinking – 20 January 2007

Posted By Darren Rowse 20th of January 2007 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments
  • Arieanna is has been pondering around the question of what her niche is. She ends up deciding that it’s about ‘community’. She decides that the description of ‘community activist’ probably describes her best. Probably a good description for many bloggers.
  • WordPress 2.1 is available for download as a release candidate. Be careful if you try it on an existing blog and follow all the warnings and suggestions there. Want to know what 2.1 has in terms of features? Here’s a list.
  • SE Round Table discusses whether 301 or 302 redirects are better when switching domains.
  • Web Worker Daily has a post that I think I might need shortly – How to Manage Kids in the Home Office
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  • community activist is one good way of putting it :-)

  • Thanks for these great resource. I see this 301, 302 redirect thing everywhere. I need to have a look at it.

    Managing the kids in my home office is becoming a serious issue for me as well. You are interrupted all the time.

    I think you forgot to talk about managing the Wife in the home office as well.

  • Darren, speaking of managing kids (and wifes!) in the home office environment, I wonder if you could give any advice on how to stay focused and productive each day, while maintaining some of the nice elements of freedom which self employment brings?

    I left my job in October, and while things are picking up for me, I’m still very unstructured in how I work day to day. Perhaps this is simply still the “holiday” after several years in various jobs that were stressful/unrewarding, but I feel I need to get progressively more serious about my online ventures if 2007 is going to be the year I hope it will.


  • Just started using WordPress 2.1