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Speedlinking – 16 August 2006

Posted By Darren Rowse 16th of August 2006 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

Just in case you need some more links to surf after my last post. Here’s what I saw today while surfing:

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  1. Ha, my poor in-box is always a dreadful mess ;).

  2. Darren, I think you might be speedlinking too fast. It looks like Liz’s myth have the wrong url.

  3. So does the url for the CPA article.

  4. Thanks for the link from Mathemagenic on author-centered versus topic-centered blogs. At this point, I would say that my blog is topic-centered and I was struggling with whether or not I should make it more author-centered.

    Given that the topic is providing knowledge and ideas on how to help people eliminate debt, I am trying to keep it focused on the topic and keep the focus off of myself. Am I doing the right thing? At this point I am not sure and am still trying to create enough traffic to warrant feedback from visitors.

    Thanks again for the link.

  5. sorry about those urls – fixed now

  6. Thanks Darren, for noticing . . . you’re always so good about thing like this.

    I didn’t know about the WordPress Draffs! Woohoo is right! and YEA for that!

    All of these links are a fun read on a Tuesday night when I’ve spent too much of my day working. I can’t wait to see what my inbox is going to say about me. That’s the last one I have to check it out now!

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