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Speedlinking – 11 May 2007

Posted By Darren Rowse 11th of May 2007 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments
  • Dosh Dosh asks whether you’re being indexed by the Snap Search Engine and suggests how to make sure you will be.
  • John TP points to a WP Plugin that lets you sell reviews from your blog directly – cutting out the middle man of services like PayPerPost and Review me (of course they can also find you business that you might not otherwise have found alone).
  • Nate Shares 7 ways to get your readers to ‘stick’
  • Richard asks How Much Textual Information Do We Consume Daily?
  • Rand’s written about his SEO routine – the process they go through when working up a new site’s search engine ranking
  • Cameron’s written an interesting post on Neil Patel’s personal branding blog titled On Neil’s Success – What I’ve observed from the sidelines. It’s a good post in and of itself however what I like about it most is that Neil invited a business partner to write about him in this way. It’s amazing what you learn about yourself when you get someone to reflect back to you what they see in you. Could be a good meme in that – ask another blogger who knows you well to guest post on your blog with a post about you!
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  • Thanks for the linkage, Mate!

  • Regarding link #2,

    Selling reviews on your own blog has the same drawback as independently finding advertisement for your own blog, and that is that you just don’t have the reach.

    Unless you’re b5 media, or part of a blog network, then the lower end blogger will find this plugin useless.

  • Darren, it is very true. I actually learned a lot about myself through others like Cameron.

  • Loved the SEO routine. Thought I was doing everything, but I picked up one or two ideas.

  • Great idea for a meme- why don’t you start it? ;)

  • How do get involved in’s speedlinking section?? :D

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  • Read Nate’s first and I have to say, I remember reading a similar article not too long ago; I think it was on John Chow dot com. But I enjoyed the brush-up lesson nonetheless (very comprehensive and relatable).

  • Ali

    I think he needs to get over the response he’s had for the group writing project first ;-)

  • Deb

    JMO I find blogs with “Snap” image links to be a pain and I think the annoyance loses as much traffic as it gains.

  • WP Bankroll could be helpful, but you need to have the traffic coming to your blog first. Unless you have a way to market this plug-in, the opportunities for creating interesting reviews will be small.

  • bankroll is good plugin.. thanks..

  • That last article was pretty genius, wasn’t it. Invite a guest blogger to write something good about you on YOUR blog — absolutely brilliant (and well-written, too, by the way).