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Speedlinking – 10 February 2007

Posted By Darren Rowse 10th of February 2007 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments
  • Google Operating System posts on how to backup your Blogger Blog (via Lifehacker)
  • Emmense has posted a useful template Tag Reference Sheet for Blogger Movable Type and WordPress Bloggers (via Chris Garrett)
  • Aaron Brazell is selling his Technosailor Blog. This will be an interesting auction to watch as he’s written some good content and has got some good search engine rankings yet it is a blog which he’s written to this point by himself and which he’s injected a lot of himself into. For the right buyer it’d be a good proposition – especially for someone looking to build on the quality work that Aaron’s already done (disclosure – I work with Aaron at b5media).
  • Raj Dash writes a useful article with 5 Tips for Buying Websites for Profit and SEO ranking with some practical things to check when buying blogs.
  • Lyndon has posted a long list of links to posts about Linkbaiting (and in turn has done some nice linkbaiting of his own).
  • Technorati have moved to stop their index being manipulated by memes like 2000 bloggers and have blocked it from their index (something they’ve done previously in different ways from what I can tell).
  • Version 2.0 of the WP-Amazon plugin is out and it looks very nice. It’s for WP 2.1 blogs only and uses Ajax. Check out the video that demonstrates it’s power.
About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Wow, I get love from two angles! Thanks, Darren. :)

  • lol – didnt even see you’d written the emmense one :-)

  • I’m prolific.

  • Re the Technorati Story: What I’m concerned about is where does Technorati draw the line?

    If you wrtie a wordpress theme, for example, you may include a link at the bottom of it. It’s harmless, but a links a link, and it is noted and indexed accordingly by Technorati.

    Would technorati then say for all those links “oh, because you’re linking to content (which, by and large, they aren’t – a lot of these links are to the blog home page, as opposed to a post made about the theme) we’re going to disregard these links.”.

    Sure, the 2000 blogs thing was a harmless meme that got out of control (and, selfishly as a non-2000 blogger, I’m glad it’s been disregarded), and chasing Technorati Rank solely is not the best form of SEO, but it does seem to me that what is seen as “valid content” from the eyes of a blogger may not be seen as “valid content” in the eyes of technorati, and that Technorati needs to be quite careful in what it does, or does not see as links – as it could annoy a lot of bloggers.

    It’s just my thoughts, I love Technorati (I have a link to one of my pieces of software on there), and I want it to stay strong.

  • Thanks a lot for providing the valuable articles at one place.

  • Thanks for the link Darren.

  • Thanks for the links, one of them was exactly what I needed for my article!

  • Wow, I keep pushing myself harder for revenues, but when I see that I’m earning as much or more than some of these other bloggers out there, I have to sit back and appreciate what I’ve done in 8 or 9 months.

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  • FYI .. the WP-Amazon plugin currently only works on Firefox in visual editor mode – and that’s it. Hopefully, more upgrades will be coming .. plugins like that are well needed!

  • raj

    Thanks, Darren.

  • Hey Darren, have you noticed the little trolley picture icon on your Adsense ads? Its a new one to me!

  • Thanks for the links Darren. Aaron’s blog sale is an interesting story to follow.

    This is the first time for me too to see a trolley icon in an Adsense ad. If you hover on it with your mouse , it says “This site accepts Google Checkout”. Interesting!

  • Re: Technorati and 2000 Bloggers …

    So, are all of us who never considered the idea of the 2000 Bloggers thing becoming “illegal” now in danger of being penalized by Google? i for one never dreamed people would start posting the whole montage to blog posts … I thought it would just be a page like the buy a pixel thing. Man …

  • 2000 Bloggers lives on at by the way.

    Most of never meant to “game” or “scheme” anyone. We just like the idea and the image and the community… We aren’t trying to pull a fast one on anyone. It’s not a linkfarm. It’s not a chain letter. Go see for yourself what it really is.

    The idea that a blog is valued solely by the number and so-called quality of inbound links is a ridiculous one. Technorati’s BASIC assumption that links = value is wrong, plain and simple.

    Yes, there is some value to links, but only if people actually follow them.

    The bloggers and the readers of blogs determine a blog’s value, not Technorati’s rating system.

  • This is no good.
    I expected some viral effect of the 2k blogger project… but the down side didn’t occur to me.

    Darren you were in the 2k list right?
    How are you going to deal with it?
    Is it worth trying to get removed from all the sites referencing the project?

  • Doug, there is no downside.

    Technorati isn’t punishing bloggers who participate; they simply aren’t recognizing inbound links that stem from other bloggers who posted the photo montage code. They’re recognizing other links. My Technorati rating has only increased over time. It hasn’t decreased as a result of my participation in the project. What has also increased is my readership and now I also have a few new friends.

    The photo montage code won’t be available again for bloggers to post on their own blogs until the entire 2000 faces are up. And even then, it will likely be a different code, one that Technorati won’t be troubled with.

    Just want to clear up an confusion :)

  • Technorati? I really am not worried about Technorati. It’s Google I am concerned about …

    That’s just me. I don’t speak for Doug.

  • You may as well Shawn. :)

    I’m ok with Technorati “ignoring” the 2kB links.
    I think that’s fair.

    But if google decides it’s a link farm… that’s really no good.

    Elaine… I tried to opt out at the site…
    but… you have to register to do so… and it won’t let you register.

    I sent you an email asking for some help here.
    Please let me know if you can help me either get registers – or get opt’d out.


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  • Doug,

    1. The registration issue was fixed days ago. You can register now.
    2. I sent you an email telling you I’d removed your photo. Did you not receive it? I’ve removed you. No worries.

    Regarding Google: Who knows what they’ll do, but I really doubt they’re going to blacklist all of us because we participated in a cool project. More importantly though: We are the 2000 Bloggers community and we make the rules for our community together.

    Basically, the project is only a link farm for those who treat it as a link farm.

    If you sit back, idle and unresponsive, and don’t really participate, then you have to contemplate whether or not it’s “worth” taking part. You have to balance the possible risks with the possible benefits. But if you actually participate, well then, my friend, there’s nothing to worry about.

    Anyone who thought they could add their photo and link to Tino’s site and magically gain readership is sadly mistaken. Blogging takes work. Blogging takes participation. Blogging is an evolving process. You have to be involved in order to gain from it.

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