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Some Google AdSense Payments Late

Posted By Darren Rowse 2nd of February 2006 Adsense 0 Comments

It dawned on me last night that I have not had a cheque from AdSense arrive in my PO Box for quite a while so I went digging back through my records. Lucky I did because the one that my payment records say was issued on 23 December never actually arrived.

I’ve been a publisher with AdSense since October 2003 and have never had a problem with late payments so I guess it was bound to happen sometime. Oddly enough I don’t seem to be the only one waiting on this cheque – b5media’s mailbox is being checked daily for it, as are three other publishers who I talk with on IM.

Perhaps a patch of cheques is sitting unnoticed on someone’s desk in AdSense HQ?

It’s probably nothing more than their normal ‘lost in mail’ problems that must happen every month with the amount of cheques they send out but it is a little odd that so many people I know seem to be waiting.

If you haven’t had your cheque sent yet you can write to them asking for a reissue via their Contact page. They only do this after the 25th of the month following the month when a cheque was issued. It’s all a little confusing but they explain the process of what to do if a payment is missing here.

update: I’ve been in contact with the AdSense team on this and am getting a cheque reissue as it’s now 2 Feb and still no cheque for November earnings.

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  • Darren – As a US-based company, b5media is eligible for direct deposit. My account is set up that way and Google seems pretty good about ensuring that the money is transferred in time arrive by the end of the month. That makes a lot more sense than waiting for paper checks and suffering with bank clearing delays — a direct transfer is available immediately upon appearing in your account.

  • I received my December cheque yesterday. I am in Canada.

  • James – yes I’m sure we’ll move to that with b5. My own personal payments have to be cheques though as I’m in Aus.

    SCott – is that your December earnings cheque or the one issues in December which is actually your November earnings.

    I’m still waiting on the money I earned in November which is sent in December…..gee this gets confusing :-)

  • Darren,
    Yes it does happen sometimes. In my case has been only few days.
    I m in US.
    But I just got mine few days ago for December. The check date is for Jan 26th.

  • I received mine on Monday, so things are a bit slow. The exchange rate is really affecting my earnings, though!

  • My December earnings cheque was the one that arrived. Wow your November payment is late.

  • Wow your November payment is late.

    Of course, why didn’t I think of this before: Darren, you just have to wait until your earnings total more than $100 before you get paid.


  • aaah – that’s it then Eric….need to get my earnings up…hehe

  • Hey Darren,

    My November earnings didn’t arrive here in Brisbane until January 27 which is the latest it has ever been. So it might not be missing just very very late.

    On this topic, I’m about to start a thread at most webmaster forums for Aussie publishers to contact Google’s feedback department requesting direct deposits from Google on mass even if they’ve done it before just so Google know it’s something we want.

    As I understand it, these cheques at the moment are being printed in the USA and then sent from Sweden which is ridiculous. Considering Google now has two offices here in Australia and staff pushing 200 I think it is about time they sort themselves out with a more modern payment method for AU based publishers like they have for other countries.

  • check never arrive? seems like Darren has push the panic button. Makes me wonder what would happen to all these pro-bloggers if google suffer the same fate like Enron. A sudden exist.

    better make it a direct transfer to be safe.

  • hmm i use dhl express mail n it always arrive in singapore in 2-3 days from the date the cheque is issued.

  • we wish calvin. Direct deposits would be great.

  • Got mine via DHL last January 30 here in the Philippines. Maybe it has got something to do with you guys just switching back from YPN to AdSense a couple weeks back? That means you might have dropped off from the UPS club. Just a thought.

  • yeah maybe it’s still on the way but many are already getting their next cheques.

    It’s not go anything to do with the YPN switch – we were still way over the $100 mark for AdSense.

    Anyway – it’s not a biggie – i’m sure they’ll reissue me one and it will work out fine.

  • I used to had missing and late payment issues with Adsense and then I switched to the Express Delivery option. Though it costs me $25 per delivery, I get the cheques through courier now, always on time.

  • Maybe they were feeling guity because my December payment (albeit oin direct payment) arrived at the end of January – I wasn’t expecting it until the first week in Feb.

  • vivek

    I got it y’day it was for Dec-05 :) However, 4 months back my payment was delayed by almost 7-8 days so I emailed google they replied me to wait till 25th of same month. Luckily, few days later my cheque arrived. Six months before I use to get cheque in US dollars (which use to take 3-4 weeks before money get into my account) but now it is issued in local currency and it get cleared in one day :)

  • how about asking google to have it TT into our citibank account? citibank is a big international bank. Why don’t we start something here? like a request letter?

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  • Well, we’re still waiting. We have switched to express payment, and we’re working on getting direct deposit sorted out. Can’t wait for that to happen :)

    I think we’ll hold off another week or so before requesting a new cheque. Or at least until we get all the direct deposit stuff sorted!

  • Something else I often consider in January is that it IS the month when everyone has to get out all the paperwork relating to Uncle Sam.

    1099’s may be causing a bit of a monkey wrench in an otherwise successful process.

    Just a thought.

  • well in this case I am lucky Darren. I received my cheque yesterday…I live in India and the cheque was issued on 26th Jan :)

  • I suspect the delays are likely more related to more intensive security screening of mail entering and leaving the U.S. Yes, they do that now. They even open some people’s mail.

    After I got my first check I switched to direct deposit and haven’t looked back. My money is always there. If it’s available for your country, it definitely cuts down on the waiting.

  • One question!!!

    I was checking my report.
    When I check by channels then the total amount comes different.
    What I mean is that the aggregate total is usually lsee than the all the channels combined.
    Has this happened to anyone?

  • Its me again.
    I got the answer from google people.
    Basically the datas will be larger when you view the report by Channels since it includes some impressions and clicks tracked both on a URL and a Custom Channel. For instance, impressions and clicks on a URL channel for would also be tracked on a URL channel for

  • I had also problems with late payment. Direct deposit works faster. I think December checks may be late due to Christmas mail activity.