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Learn How To Make Money Blogging – Six Figure Blogging 2.0

Posted By Darren Rowse 5th of March 2008 ProBlogger Site News 0 Comments

six-figure-blogging.jpg“I’ve read your archives and have learned a lot about making money blogging but I want to go deeper!”

“Do you offer any service that helps bloggers apply the principles that you teach on ProBlogger? – I need some more hand holding.”

“I find ‘reading’ about blogging doesn’t click with me – I like your videos because I learn better from hearing and watching”

These are just three of the comments in my inbox today from ProBlogger readers. They’re typical of what many bloggers say to me. They enjoy the free information on ProBlogger but want more.

Two years ago Andy Wibbels and I put together a 6 week course on making money from blogging called Six Figure Blogging. The course was the first of it’s kind and took participants through six hour long lessons in entrepreneurial blogging. We came up with the idea shortly after I had the realization that I’d earned over six figures in a year for the first time. We ran it as a live course for the first batch of participants (I think there were about 60 in the first ‘class’ and have since offered it as a ‘study at home at your own pace’ type deal.

Six Figure Blogging is Back

Since our first version of the course Andy and I have talked of doing another one many times and about a year ago added a ‘bonus lesson’ to update the course – but with the birth of babies (mine), new jobs (Andy) and life we never quite got around to it – until now.

Before our second child is born (due in June) Andy and I have decided to run a second live version of Six Figure Blogging.

It starts with a free preview call on 2nd April and then launches for real on 9th April. Each week will include a hour hour call (minimum, we regularly went over last time) which you can either listen into live on Wednesday nights (US time) or download later to listen to at your own convenience, a transcript of the call, class notes and the opportunity in each call to ask questions. We’re also planning on bringing in a number of ProBloggers (one per week) for short casestudies/interviews.

The Cost is $325 USD. This is an early bird rate and will be increased closer to the launch.

Some argued last time around that this was too much and asked why anyone would pay for it when they can read so much for free here at ProBlogger (and on other blogs). I argued last time that what you get in this course is a more personal interaction with myself and Andy, two expert voices instead of just one, other guest voices, interaction with other participants and a more focused experience (ProBlogger.net now has thousands of posts on it – this lasers in on what we believe are key subjects). Ultimately this course is not for everyone – it’s aimed at those who want to go deeper.

I’ll let you look over the sales page for more information. You can either enroll directly on the page or register for the free preview call on 2 April (this will be available for download for those unable to make the live call).

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. I came over here by way of chris brogan’s tweet. If I work hard this year, I’ll hit four figures and possibly five from blogging. Would I like to bump it up to even the low six figures? Heck yes. I think I will check out the free call preview and decide from there.

  2. I participated in this course first time around and as a result of it built a blog which I ended up selling for five figures. I’m looking forward to the updated version as I don’t currently have blog but was thinking it was time to start another one. Great news.

  3. I like the idea of giving a class on blogging, however I don’t like the idea of paying money for it. Since you’re already rich, can you give a pro bono class for us poor folk.

  4. No problem Troy – I’ve been there too. :)

    Hey Jordan – Not for nothing, but there’s LOADS of free information right here on this site that Darren gives away every single day. This is something more… something worth paying for, and worthy of payment.

    Edit: Just so you guys know, since I’m moderating while Darren’s away, I’ve been seeing comments on this post range from supportive to curious to upset to downright rude. I’m quite sure that Darren doesn’t mind the comments that question the price, or the content, but since he’s not here, when you get blatantly rude and mean, I’m going to delete your comment before it appears. There’s no need for insults and blind, blatant ignorance, and I’m just not going to let it go through. You make yourself look like a mindless jerk when you act that way, and it’s unfair and unacceptable. I’ve already had to delete one, and it’s left a really bad taste in my mouth right now but it’s a fine line of what’s okay and what’s not when you’re commenting on a blog – ANYONE’S blog. However, check out Darren’s ProBlogger comment policy (in particular, the last paragraph on the page) before leaving your nastiness here (or anywhere else for that matter) from now on please.

  5. Thanks to everyone that is chiming in with testimonials and questions!

    Since you’re already rich, can you give a pro bono class for us poor folk.

    I’d say that the wealth of information online already is more than enough of a pro bono class. The truth is, when we’ve given the course away as part of a prize or contest, those that get the course without paying for it don’t use it to the fullest degree. You get what you pay for – and you pay for the results you want to get. Also, the course is not cheap to produce when you consider the costs of our time, virtual assistants, customer support, elearning setup, ecommerce integration, affiliate outreach, transcriptionists, editing, graphic design, audio engineering and promotion.

    Re: the ‘link to Clickbank’ issue – you’ll love hearing the slightly masked derision that Darren and I both have for over-baked Clickbank promo. The course isn’t about one particular income stream (AdSense, TLA, Amazon, etc) – it is about an entire spectrum of approaches and a blueprint for testing them against your niche, content and audience.

    Thnx Lara for moderating comments while Darren is State-side.

  6. I am going to sign up for the course. I’ve been lurking here for a while now in ‘research mode’ before starting a blog and this comes at the perfect time. The price is cheap as far as I’m concerned. It’s going to save me weeks of further research and learning.

  7. Dear Darren and Andy,

    I’m one of those who won’t be taking the course this time around, mostly because I just don’t have the money at this time. HOWEVER, I also appreciate that you have taken this time to share your knowledge, not just in SFB but also for free on problogger.net. I’m not really sure why people are so infuriated that you would dare to charge for a comprehensive course on making money from blogging, when really, the bottom line is that when you want to monetize your blog, what you’re actually saying is that you want to start a bloody business. And when you start a business, the first thing you’ll need to consider is, “How much should/could I invest in this venture?”

    It’s all about investing in oneself and one’s idea for a lucrative enterprise, whether you’re writing about making money from blogs, digital photography, collecting Beanie Babies, or 101 ways to use a Hula Hoop. No business exists that doesn’t require even a dollar’s worth of capital to start it up (even one’s time = money), so why should we expect this course to be any different? If you’re serious about taking your blogging efforts to the next level and really turning it into an income-generating opportunity that may allow you to work on it part- or full-time, why NOT invest some capital into learning how to do it right? You gotta spend money to make money. That’s as true online as it is off.

    I hope to take advantage of it the next time it comes around. In the meantime, I’ll be listening to that free preview call in April. You never know — I just might find out a way to scrounge together the dollars after all.


  8. No problem Andy – thank YOU for coming around to answer questions and such. :)

    I do comment modding for D on a regular basis, but it’s obviously moreso while he’s off in Austin. (Wish I were there too!)

  9. Chelle says: 03/09/2008 at 2:53 am

    Blogging? The way I see it today, it becomes a fad on how to male money online. Traffic is still the bottom point. I am earning from my blogs too, but not yet as much as this problogger is offering.

    A blog should be promoted to reach its target audience and from this audiences, you can generate money. What’s the difference.

    Even If I have that amount, I will not buy this one, I prefer to spend the money for some SEO works for my blog. Just like what is being done to this website. This site will not reach me If there’s no promotional works done.

  10. did anyone make money by attending this event

  11. George says: 04/07/2008 at 2:25 pm

    Which proves the old adage there’s (still) a sucker born every minute. Even in the electronic age.

  12. baker – to this point we’ve only held the free preview call. You’re welcome to sign up for it and get a taster by listening to a recording of it with no obligation. It seemed to be well received by those on the call.

    George – why the anonymous comment from such a so easily identifiable IP address? To quote someone much wiser than myself:

    “I love a good discussion as much as anyone, BUT in situations where I need to respond you absolutely MUST provide a proper profile or a legitimate link that leads back to your blog or website and tells me a little bit about yourself. After all, if you wish to challenge me at least have the cahunas to show yourself. It’s also good manners.

    When I’m having a discussion with someone I want to know that there is a real person behind the fassade, otherwise my suspicions might get the better of me. So henceforth I will not respond to anyone who insists on hiding behind the cloak of anonymity under those circumstances, and the comment will be deleted.”

  13. Your link isn’t working. Is this site and product still available?

    It would be great to learn from an expert like yourself as I’ve been trying to get my blog up and running however its a slow process right now.

  14. dreaming to make six figures income, your blog is very helpful to make this huge figures

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