Six Figure AdSense Publisher Shares How He Did It

Posted By Darren Rowse 19th of May 2006 Adsense 0 Comments

Earlier in the week I was visiting a discussion forum (I don’t remember which one) and came across a product that I wish I’d stumbled across in my first months of blogging (and not now 3 years later). It’s called AdSense Videos (aff) and it’s produced and presented by a British AdSense publisher by the name of Michael Cheney.

Michael earns over $19,000 USD per month using AdSense (that’s more than $600 a day) and has obviously spent a lot of time researching how to get the most out of the ad network.

In this product he’s produced a series of 9 videos that take you from the basics through to more advanced tips.

As I wrote earlier today in my email newsletter – I like Michael’s videos not only because he knows what he’s talking about but because he presents in a non hyped up way. He also has a great balance between showing the potential that someone using AdSense can earn with it but also making it clear that it’s not ‘easy’ money (ie it takes hard work). He’s obviously put some hard work into it himself (as he has these videos) and over time he’s managed to build his earnings up from just a little a day (the way we all start) into well over six figures per year.

While I’ve managed to build my own AdSense earnings up to levels that I never would have imagined I can’t begin to imagine how much quicker I’d have gotten there if someone had put these videos in front of me three years ago.

So Who is it for?
I’m not going to recommend this for all AdSense publishers. If you’ve been in the game for a while you probably won’t learn heaps from these videos. While I always enjoy hearing different publishers talk about AdSense (especially those who make good money) I didn’t learn a lot that was new. However if you’re at the start of your AdSense journey you might want to seriously consider the investment. It will also be good for intermediate AdSense users wanting a brush up or wanting to see how others do it.

The beauty of a resource like this is you get to see and hear someone explain their approach all in one place. Those critiquing resources like this will always say that you can get most of it for free online in forums and blogs – this is true – but here you get it all in one spot.

So if you’re newer to the AdSense game or you’ve been at it for a while and want to hear and see someone who’s using AdSense successfully head over to AdSense Videos and get yourself hooked up either with the full product or his free taste and see 5 day video course (which will give you a taster to help you see if it’s the product for you.

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  2. Hi

    Thanks for all the advice. I’ve now created my fifth blog within a week.

    I’ve come across one issue though – there are times when Google Adsense pays very well for the adverts it places on my sites. Then, on some days, it pays a lot less – about $0.01 per click! Why?

  3. Well I’ve found that his methods work great.

    Why do you get different amounts per click? Well, different advertisers pay varying amounts for certain keywords. One of the reasons I’d never base my sole income of AdSense alone.

  4. In your quest for financial independence you MUST learn to force yourself to use the information you have at your disposal. Many people do have the information necessary to optimize their adsense income. Guess what, they just can’t use the information and implement a successful strategy. The videos can be given to some people for free, they still won’t use it to optimize their adsense income. OK. No one (but YOU) is going to force you to become successful in anything that you chose to do. The rules of success have not changed. Adsense does produce good income for those who follow the adsense rules of success.

  5. […] I’m not going to go into the fine specifics of how its done as there are already lots of little tips and sites out there discussing this. I like Michael’s videos not only because he knows what he’s talking about but because he presents in a non hyped up way. He also has a great balance between showing the potential that someone using AdSense can earn with it but also making it clear that it’s not ‘easy’ money (ie it takes hard work). […]

  6. I just got through AdSense Videos after your site referred me. Loved it. Thanks for the info!

  7. its great that theres a place where people can give there honest
    opinion,but for the beginner, like me its been hard to find out really
    whats real and whats not, at heart l’m a cynical as well, to buy or not to
    buy,some real honesty would be refreshing.

  8. @ sharlene
    “some real honesty would be refreshing”. That’s about it. There are so many of these Adsense programmes out there that you’ve got to ask yourself “why”? I think the answer is that these people are making more from showing other how to tweak Adsense than they are actually making off Adsense. I thinbk the way to go is to have a really good niche site like Marcus Frind’s dating site – he’s making $10,000 a day off Adsense. But he’s got a unique site – it’s not just a dating site but a FREE dating site and he has algorithms (he’s a programmer) where he matches people to what he sees them actually clicking on not what they say they’re looking for in their profile – Unique. In other words if he finds a girl is clicking on a “bad guy’s” profile rather than the “nice respectable man” they say they’re looking for – he matches them with badboys. BUT he does have enormous traffic – Millions of unique visitors a day. I’ve tweaked my site and have had days where I’ve made $20 but I only average about $3 a day over a month – but it’s a blog not a niche site. I wish I could find a really good niche – still working on it. Finally…the more traffic you can attract – the more clicks you’ll get – but sometimes the ads they serve you only bring cents. It’s a struggle. /:-) Malkie, an Australian blogger/vlogger in Paris.

  9. Great article, is it free

  10. I considered buying this program, but when I click on ‘Now only 97 dollars’ to pay this amount with my creditcard, suddenly it became 144 dollars, so I canceled. It hate misleading.

  11. thank you. i want to see some demo videos first.

  12. Well, if you’re a publisher in the first place, the tips would be helpful as it may have a few points that you might have otherwise forgotten. The only issue is that you have to pay for the videos, though

  13. Thanks for the post i’ll check out the videos

  14. Thanks for the post. Its informative and motivates as well .. cool!

  15. This is a very good and straightforward review.

    I’m sorry to go off-topic but I absolutely love the way you have your little block at the end of each post with “What’s Next” and “Related Posts.” I use related posts of course and we have things like Sociable and all that – but this looks much better! I’m wondering if I could implement something similar. Is it customized into your theme, or do you use a plugin of some kind ? ….