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Six Apart – Project Comet

Posted By Darren Rowse 23rd of September 2005 Blogging Tools and Services 0 Comments

Six Apart has put out a press release in the last few hours annoucing a new blogging platform that they are planning to release early in 2006. It’s code named Project Comet. They are selling it as featuring Community Aggregation, Multiple Streams and Privacy.

They write:

‘Combining the weblog publishing power of Six Apart’s popular TypePad service, the community aspects of its LiveJournal offering, and the years of insight garnered from Movable Type, Project Comet will enable aggregation of content from different blogs and unparalleled ease of use. The new platform builds on Six Apart’s vision of offering an open platform for users to create add-ons and very simply hook into any application.’

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  • Sounds good, but I just signed up with typepad for my new blog. Hopefully I’ll be able to transfer to the new system without a hitch!

  • I’m a Typepad user. Six Apart sent around an email a few hours ago which mentioned Project Comet. They’re also offering a two-for-one special on a year of free hosting. You pay for a year, and a friend gets a free account of the same type.

    Typepad is built on the Moveable Type platform, and I suspect Project Comet will offer a new front-end and a wider range of back-end tools that will be hackable in typical MT style. All I want is the ability to display random text and graphic links!

  • Hmm, sounds like an easy way to steal other people’s content and put it on your own blog, but maybe I’m just reading it wrong.

  • Tom

    But for us who have multiple blogs, it could be a great tool for having the indivdual blogs combine into one as an aggregator.


  • Also sounds like they are moving from the corporate line to the consumers of the industry. Whether this move comes too late…well. Time will tell.

  • Has anything concrete been said / written / learned about the alleged “Project Coment” since Movable Type’s press release last September? I’d like to know if there is a real new product coming up that should be considered for a project, or if this is just one of those things where a company tries to hold everyone’s attention through an extended development cycle. The fact is that the section regarding Coment on Movable Type’s site doesn’t really say anything of substance – it is one of those “where’s the meat” type of pages. Sounds good, offers no details, may or may not be real. It would be nice to see a solid update to Movable Type; is Comet going to be it?