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Should I Quit Blogging?

Posted By Darren Rowse 1st of July 2009 Other Income Streams 0 Comments

quit-blogging.jpgImage by -nathan

“Should I quit my blog and start Lifestreaming, Videocasting, Social Messaging/Networking etc?”

There’s been another round of ‘blogging is dead’ posts doing the rounds of late and as a result I’ve had a number of emails hitting my inbox over the last week from bloggers asking if they should stop blogging.

Here’s some of the advice I’ve been sharing:

  • Blogging is not dead – it’s evolving.
  • You should be evolving too (read Blogs are Out of Beta, But Bloggers Should always be in Beta)
  • Keep being useful, keep solving problems and keep meeting needs – whatever the medium this is key.
  • Keep producing content – people continue to search the web for content in huge numbers. It’s not all about networking and bookmarking – whether it be text, video or audio – keep producing content.
  • Experiment with different mediums – to the best of your ability keep abreast of the ‘new’ mediums that are emerging.
  • Build a ‘Home Base’ – many people flit from one medium to another and end up with nothing of their own (read more on the Home Bases and Outposts that I use).
  • Build a Brand – the mediums are tools. They’ll come and go in time – the key is to build something that lasts beyond them.
  • Don’t be Precious about your ‘Blog’ and be open to change – there’s no one ‘right’ way to blog. Blogs can have comments or not have comments, have full RSS feeds or partial ones, look like a traditional blog or act and look more like a lifestream or portal. The key is to know what you want to achieve and let that shape what you do with your blog.
  • Don’t abandon your blog too quickly – your primary efforts may move into a different medium but blogs can be an important part of the mix of what you do online. Don’t abandon your blog – build upon it, let it evolve, leverage what you’ve already built and use it where appropriate in the mix of what you do.

My last piece of advice is particularly for those with limited time or capacity to fully engage with all of the mediums and tools that are currently at our fingertips.

I get the sense from a lot of bloggers that they feel that they’re being left behind – that all this new stuff that is emerging is beyond them – that it’s hopeless to keep on blogging. My message to you if you’re feeling this way is to keep at it. Even as a full time blogger/web entrepreneur I don’t have time to fully engage with all of the new technologies that are currently emerging. I too feel some of those ‘overwhelming’ feelings.

I think the key is to engage with the new technologies to the point that you’re able but to know when to stop and focus upon what you already have in front of you.

The problem as I see it is that whether it be a blog, a Twitter presence, a podcast or some other kind of website or presence – it takes time to build these things up to successful levels. If you only give a medium a short time before moving to the next one you’ll just end up with a trail of abandoned accounts and sites behind you.

I see a lot of people running from one thing to the next and not really achieving anything. They live in a constant state of distraction and experimentation. There’s nothing wrong with new things and testing them out – but unless you’re fortunate enough to have a lot of spare time or an amazing capacity not to sleep there comes a time where you need to choose a handful of things to do (or even just one) and to do it to the best of your ability.

For me – this means focusing mainly upon building blogs. My blogs are evolving and looking less and less like blogs as I experiment with different ways of presenting the information on them and play with different technologies on them – but I try to keep my focus steady upon the long term goals that I have. As a result I’ve managed to build them into profitable properties.

Yes I’ll continue to experiment with other technologies but for me they are only about adding value to my primary web properties.

What do you think? How are you approaching what you do in this ever changing web?

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Technology is never worth engaging with until it reaches critical mass. My advice is to be aware of it, but not to worry about incorporating it into your blog until it does.

    A good recent example is that “seesmic” rubbish. You’ll notice blogs are sticking it up all over the place like brainless lemmings. Ever see anyone respond to a blog post with a video comment? Exactly. It’s Not Quite Yet.

  2. I feel the same way, Darren. For some people, this may be Seth Godin’s “dip”: their personal experience plus the grand statements of a few prominent “former” bloggers equals a fear of the future. Fortunately, however, no one in their right mind has declared that READING is dead, or that INFORMATION is dead, and for a goodm hard-working blogger that’s good news. You may have to add your blog’s RSS to FriendFeed, or build relationships on Twitter, but that’s simply to enhance the value you’re already producing.

    I’ve recently seen Scoble come back to blogging, only to keep banging his “blogging is dead” drum (what do you THINK he’s going to say – his personal brand is built on jumping on the next bandwagon – podcasting, vlogging, social networking – and pumping the hell out of it until the early adopters ahead of him alert him to something else). Odd that he had to go back to the blog to let the world know how it’s ending.

    Good content will win out, and blogging (the format) will be here for a while, even if it’s propagated via whatever social network is “hot” next year.

  3. Hi Darren & everyone here,

    Darren I swear your wrote this blog about me lol. You sure you don’t have ESP. I was just thinking yet again about quitting blogging. I start one then I get brain freeze’s (or brain dead). Last post on my blog was on June 8th wish is too long, I guess it’s because I look at some other blogs and they look better than mine. i will try and keep mine or give it up, I don’t know yet. Yes I know no one is suppose to give up on anything, but then again I feel like an idiot not know what to put,etc.


  4. I don’t anticipate anyone should abdicate blogging because abandonment is in fashion! Or because blogging is asleep – it is not.

    I attending at a blog as if it is a annual – just that it is produced by a individual being instead of a aggregation (at atomic initially).

    As continued as there is appeal for what you address about, and you accomplish that appeal through your writing, your blog can not just survive but can aswell flourish.

    And if you are not analytic someone’s problems through your blog, you should not accept started the blog in the aboriginal place!

  5. I don’t think so….
    it’s the good decision

    A good recent example is that “seesmic” rubbish. You’ll notice blogs are sticking it up all over the place like brainless lemmings. Ever see anyone respond to a blog post with a video comment? Exactly. It’s Not Quite Yet.

  6. Quite Blogging? Maybe. Quit FedralTattleClogging, no way. With the FTC breathing down bloggers necks I say we all quit “blogging”, and call it FTCing.

    The net is not media, it’s digital language.

  7. Darren or admin,,,maybe a little help with that last comment, quit not quite.

  8. I had read your post and this really motivates me. I am quite new in this blogging era and would definitely come back to this page for more!

  9. “Build a Brand – the mediums are tools. They’ll come and go in time – the key is to build something that lasts beyond them.”

    That’s all it is. Just build high value content and market it – the channel you choose to market or publish it doesn’t matter.

  10. I’ve been blogging for 3 years now and made a few blogs and have come to a point of quitting that’s why I have a lot of hiatus blog. But at the past month I’ve dedicated my self to go back blogging and do great posts for people. More power to you man! Keep blogging.

  11. Dont quit blogging – but do take on other opportunities which arise. The web is always evolving, staying in front is the name of the game!

  12. Very sound advice here–I don’t think standard blog/websites are going to be phased out any time soon. The vast majority of internet readers still . . . well . . read.

  13. Trends, trends, trends. Essentially it is all the same thing in a different packaging. Just look at print media (you do remember those!) you have books, magazines, newsletters, leaflets, newspapers. They all live happily together and all are suited to different tasks.

    Maybe someday people will go back to making good old fashined websites.

  14. Great post – and I think those of us who blog have probably all come across this feeling at some point. It’s a fast moving world so you’re right – you have to pick carefully what you have time for so you can do it well. Really enjoyed this perspective and the helpful links!

  15. Great post.

    I agree with you. I don’t think blogging is dead. One should not think of things that they are missing out. NO body in this world can keep track of all the things gong around.

    Everybody will miss out on some things.

  16. A lot of the people who write that blogging is dead just want others to quit so that they will have less competition!

    That is what I think anyway.

    If you love blogging, do not quit.

  17. Gee I sure hope blogging isn’t fading I’m just starting and I just wrote a blog on 5 reasons problogger should be on every blogroll http://robertsbloggert.blogspot.com/2009/06/problogger-5-reasons-why-this-guy.html

    Hey thanks Darren for all your advice. Your site a great mentor for anyone interested in blogging.

  18. Is there a blog or forum I can use to ask questions about blogging? I’m trying to find blogging software in which I can have a column to the left or right for ads and be able to track click-thrus for the ads. Thanks, Leighton

  19. Hello,

    Is there a blog or forum I can use to ask questions about blogging? I’m trying to find blogging software in which I can have a column to the left or right for ads and be able to track click-thrus for the ads. Thanks,

  20. I think this is a problem of trying to label a site. The term “Blog” means a site that features regular news posts – which is really like any site.

    A site does not have to restrict itself, as long as it is organised in a way that allows user engagement. There are plenty of CMS systems, e107, joomla, etc which allow news posting, forums, video content, downloads etc. Even everyone’s favourite WordPress can be expanded if you really want to go down that route.

    I don’t think people should be asking if “blogging” is dead, they should be asking themselves whether they still have the hunger to run a website.

    The problem with building content on social media sites is that you never really own anything yourself, and then one day that site goes out of fashion and it’s all over.

  21. I just recently finished your ’31 days to build a better blog’ and thank you for all the great tips and strategies. You have made blogging fun, interesting…exciting even. Thank you so much. Why would I want to quit blogging?

  22. You have to ride the change. You can just sit and think of doing the same thing you did yesterday and expect that all is fine.

  23. Yeah. Blogging never dead and it always pave the way for me to explore new things about various things!

    Never say NO to quit blogging!

  24. Great Post! Blogging is evolving. You just have to be innovative and stay ahead of the curve. Blogging is a business, and a business can’t last without innovation. Also like the fact that you talk about execution. It takes time!

  25. I started blogging as an expression of creativity. After a conversation with Danielle Laporte who writes White Hot Truth – http://www.whitehottruth.com it lead me to realize why I blogged more clearly. This lead me to changing my baby boomer blog – which is about creative and styling baby boomers to a magazine format and from that I concentrated on my business. Blogging gives me an outlet for creativity and I can use as a platform for people to gain an insight to living your life fully as you age. It keeps me in tune with interesting people and activities to do and not to dwell on negativity but to grasp the great and creative opportunities that life has.

  26. Hi Darren,

    When I’m burned out I think of quitting my blog, design teams, and small business. I work full time and sometimes blogging is hard to do, and even worse when my chronic depression sets in. When I leave my blog alone for two weeks, I feel guilty. When I don’t post a weekly tutorial I feel guilty. I’d love to see an article that touches on burn out and how to handle things when one goes though this blip in life. I’m sure you did an article at one time, but I think now that it’s pertinent to me, I’d like to see one.

  27. One thing for sure: We with our blogs should always be open to change.

  28. Great point about not rushing into every new thing that comes along!

  29. This is a very well put voice of reason. Each of us needs to set and follow a strategy that works for us authentically. I’m not a social chatter so I check in with Twitter occasionally and say what’s on my mind. It’s insanity to think that we can stay abreast of everything. What purpose would that serve anyway.

  30. As always I am glad I stopped at your site. To be honest I used to be one of the aimless medium hoppers, however once I read your book all that changed. Why? I think because I felt like I was at a manageable beginning of an online career. I am not giving that up for the latest fad. Thank you for your help in getting me started on my first soon to be publicized blog.

  31. Some times its take time to success.

  32. No Darren its wrong think, you should do more for your readers
    my blog about blogging and money

  33. You make SO much sense. thanks for such a great post. It’s like you’re speaking directly to me. I’ve been choked up with doubt thinking I won’t have the right thing to say, I can’t keep up with the changes in the internet, always jumping to the next hot thing without focussing and realising anything takes time to build. You’ve given me the confidence to get on with it. So ‘ablogging’ I will go! Thanks.

  34. never. Thats my answer.

  35. After entering the blogosphere I think one needs to spend at least two years before taking a call on whether to continue or quit blogging.

    Few people think blogging is already dead. But, I don’t believe that. Blogging is just evolving & it might take a slightly new form in the near future. But, the old media seems to be dead.

    So, as long as one is passionate about blogging, he should not think about quitting blogging. I am into blogging from past 4 years and I still think blogging is becoming interesting day by day.

  36. Technology is never account agreeable with until it alcove analytical mass. My admonition is to be acquainted of it, but not to anguish about accumulation it into your blog until it does.

    A acceptable contempo archetype is that “seesmic” rubbish. You’ll apprehension blogs are afraid it up all over the abode like addled lemmings. Ever see anyone acknowledge to a blog column with a video comment? Exactly. It’s Not Quite Yet.

  37. Blogging is a permanent phenom….just like computers. It’s not going anywhere.

  38. Blogging is only just getting started… the possibilities are huge and the future is bright. I can only do what I can do, but focus and passion in blogging and sharing quality content and information will bring success. I am convinced of that.

  39. The blog is a great medium to reach your audience. We’ve learned it takes time to make it work, that and great content. We are growing and experimenting with new ideas all the time.

  40. I have just began blogging,why quit then?

    I dont think that,the blogging is dead.

  41. I have decided to seed my new blog that’s focused on a forthcoming book launch with posts that are excerpts and summaries from the book itself. This way, there’s less writing involved, which means I can concentrate on other elements, and not keep flitting and fleeting from one thing to another, but just tweak and modify to see what sticks.

  42. Yes, I completely agree.

    You have to keep working and building your brand. Don’t get distracted by new ideas and new trends if you have something that is working, keep working on it.

  43. A blog should evolve constantly, the web evolves and everyone should adapt. Changes can be good or bad, but they are there.
    Abandoning a blog because you get not a lot of visitors its not a good thing.

    I don’t get as many visitors as other blogs but i keep doing it, even if i get 4 visitors a day im happy with them i keep blogging for me and for them.

    I try to do my best.

  44. I fully agree with you in regards that blogging is not dead!

    I do not think blogging will ever dye!

    Blogs are an excellent resource for content and as content is KING then how on earth can this ever dye?

  45. I don’t think we should quit blogging. I have the strong feel that blogging will be one of the hottest tool that we can use to expand our business, perhaps it’s already one of the hottest tool. Anyway, I’ll never quit blogging, no matter how…


  46. if you think you reach your limit, so better you quit.

  47. I in many ways feel just the same. I have attempted to build a number of different things on multiple different sites. However i have found that there are a number of different sites i have attempted to build a presence on other sites. However my over bearing finding has been that many sites do not draw me into the process so that i enjoy it.

    As such i have generally come back to working with just a few outlets. Twitter being one, and Facebook the other. I do take a little time for one or two other sites, but these show me the most benefit.

    This combined with the amount of time that i spend on blogging i find to be optimal. Anything more i think would be getting to the limit of my patience in working in to many directions. So far i think this is the biggest benefit that has caused me to not feel like quitting.

  48. I don’t think blogging is out. It’s just a way to style your publishing part of your Website. You can blog everytime about you favorite topic. If you write your posts interesting, the visitors have fun to come back.

    Maybe Websites or Services like Twitter,MySpace or Facebook can die, but not a special Way of Publishing like blogs, forums and so on.
    Stay blogging from Germany,

  49. blogging is definetly not dead, and i believe that as long as the internet is around blogging will never die. even though i am very new at blogging i am not at all new to writing i’ve been writing since the age of 6 and although much has changed about my writing and the way that i prefer to do it (crayola-then-keyboard-now), writing has never gotten old to me. i suspect that this is the way that many blogger feel, therefore i think it is nearly impossible for blogging to die, it may not be as mainstream as it used to be. which in my opinion will be fine because i cant tell you how irritated it makes me for ppl to call themselves “writers” from some of the blogs that are out today. lol

  50. Blogging is a permanent phenom….just like computers. It’s not going anywhere.

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