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Shoemoney Tools – Get 80% Off Your First Month

Posted By Darren Rowse 26th of September 2008 Blogging Tools and Services 0 Comments

Shoemoney-ToolsOver the last few weeks I’ve been playing around in ShoeMoney Tools. I was lucky enough to receive a free account from Jeremy when he first launched but at the time didn’t have a chance to do much more than take a quick look over the tools that he includes.

Just before I left for Blog World Expo I started hearing from a number of ProBlogger readers that they had signed up for ShoeMoney Tools and were loving it – I thought I’d better check it out in more depth for myself – I’m glad that I did.

In short – ShoeMoney Toolss is a collection of tools for people with websites. There are currently 14 tools included in three overall sections – SEO Tools, PPC Tools (pay per click) and Link Building Tools.

80% off Offer to ProBlogger Readers

I was just chatting to Jeremy about Shoemoney Tools and letting him know how useful I was finding them. I told him that I was going to post about it and he said that he’d like to extend a special offer to ProBlogger readers who want to check them out for themselves – 80% off for your first month!

All you have to do when signing up is to use the code – ‘problogger’ (all lowercase) and you’ll get access to all of the tools for $19.95 for the first month. This will enable you to decide if you want to continue using the tools in coming months and to get some useful information in the mean time even if you don’t continue with it.

The tools in ShoeMoney Tools are:

SEO Tools:

  • Backlink Analyzer – this does an analysis on the backlinks pointing at a domain (yours or a competitors) including who is linking to you, how many times they link, keywords used etc
  • Domain MarketPlace – a tool for finding domains that are available and which already have links pointing at them.
  • Find Backlinks – allows you to type in a keyword for a niche and then see the top 10 results in Google and then where they are getting their backlinks from complete with pr, alexa and other data.
  • Keyword Density Tool – allows you to check 1 keyword and domain against its top 10 competitors in Google. It checks the keyword density of onpage context, if the keyword is in the title tag, meta tags and even heading tags.
  • Keyword Tracker – use this tool to keep tabs on your keyword rankings per domain.
  • Most Linked – shows you the top 10 most linked pages within a specified domain.

PPC Tools:

  • Ad Generator – Give this tool a keyword and it will give you ad copy from every major search engine from people bidding on that keyword. You can then save those ads into your account to be later used to create campaigns.
  • Ad Manager – where you can create, edit, delete your saved ad copy. You can also export the ad copy for Google Adwords or Microsoft Adcenter
  • Keyword Generator – Here you can type in a niche keyword and generate a list of keywords.
  • Keyword Grabber – This tool allows you to pull all the keywords being bid on for a domain. Import these into the campaign generator to automatically build a PPC campaign.
  • Keyword Manager – Here is where you can create, edit, delete your saved keywords.
  • Local Keyword Generator – Use this tool to add cities and zipcodes for a surrounding area per keyword. Very useful tool for local PPC marketing.
  • Local Trademark Bidding Tool – Find local compeditors to add to your keyword list.

Link Building Tools

  • Backlink Analyzer – as above
  • Find Backlinks – as above
  • Most Linked – as above
  • Related Blog Posts – Use this tool to find blog posts related to your niche topic. Be careful though and don’t go crazy or wordpress will ban you.

Different tools will be more useful for some webmasters than others.

For instance – I don’t do a lot of PPC (in fact I’ve not done any for 9 months or more) so I don’t use those tools in the list above (although I’ve played with them and they look incredibly powerful and am tempted to use some of them) but the SEO tools are really useful and today I’ve already used them to make a number of important finds which I believe will help improve my blogs rankings.


At Blog World Expo I spent a little time with Jeremy – I sat next to him at dinner one night particularly. One of the things that I admire about him in the way he builds online sites is that he’s very analytical and pays a lot of attention to detail in building sites. Instead of just starting a blog and slapping on content, he’s a guy who always seems to be testing and tweaking his sites. This attention to detail and constant experimentation gets results.

What we have in Shoemoney tools is a collection of the main tools that Jeremy and his team have built to do his analysis. They have personally helped to landing him many many hundreds of thousands of dollars in his own web sites and I’m sure they’ll be useful for many.

Shoemoney tools normally costs $99 per month ($19.95 for your first month if you use the ‘problogger’ promotional code) so it probably won’t be something all beginners will probably want to use – however if you are a more serious blogger, already have some income from your blog and want to improve your SEO and or explore the world of PPC then these tools could be useful for you.

My only hope with ShoeMoney Tools is that Jeremy continue to add more resources that help users to understand and apply the data that they get in the tools. There are some very powerful tools included but some will want help in translating the results.

Jeremy has started to produce videos that take people through how to use the tools (see below for the first one) and I think that this is a great addition to the site. Perhaps a private forum area would also be useful for support and tips on how to use the tools more effectively. Knowing Jeremy – he’ll probably add more tools and support features in coming months.

Test it for Yourself

If you think you might find ShoeMoney Tools to be useful sign up today and use the promotional code of ‘problogger’ to access it for a full month at $19.95. You’ll need to opt out at the end of the month if you don’t want to continue at the full price – but this will give you ample time to test out whether the tools are going to suit you in your current situation.

Video Tutorial

You can see below the first of Jeremy’s ‘how to’ video tutorials for the PayPerClick tools included in ShoeMoney Tools:

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. those look like some pretty powerful tools with a pretty powerful discount. I’m off to take a closer look…

  2. Wow man! Shoemoney tools are awesome, and for 20 bucks that is a total steal to test it out.

    Shoemoney has one of my favorite blogs and since I know he uses the tools himself, I’m sure they’re solid.

    My favorite post is where he talks about his WoW addiction. it’s off topic but real.

  3. It was actually great albeit brief to meet both you and Jeremy at blogworld.

    Going to look further into it now; 80% sounds alright. The only other suite I know that offers a similar suite of tools is SeoMoz.

    Interested to see how this toolset evolves.

  4. blueroo says: 09/26/2008 at 6:57 am

    I first heard about ShoeMoney Tools from my AzoogleAds account rep. They were buying accounts for their top affiliates. Its an amazing set of tools that I highly recommend.

  5. I will have to give this a try, it sounds like a lot of beneficial tools. Thanks!

  6. How long is the offer good for?

    I’m planning on launching a few websites, business and non-business related, and would like to hold off on using these tools until I’ll really need them.

  7. Exciting offer…which makes/forces/tempts me to try “Shoemoney Tools”..

  8. Glad to see you back Darren! I’ll check out the video, looks interesting. Eric.

  9. Man, here I was expecting the price to be $20/mo normally and we’d be getting 80% off that. $20/mo is high enough to make me think twice (yeah, I hate monthly juicing of my wallet) but $100/mo means there’s no way I can afford it.

  10. Thank you for the discount. This is another GREAT tools to help newbie doing the right thing with the right method from early stage.

  11. I wish that shoemoney would make one product free of charge for people to trial. It really makes it hard to pay for a product especially when it is a monthly subscription when you dont know anything about the products.

    I am firm believer of shareware and try before you buy.

  12. All sounds really great but i wouldnt buy into it, why waste your money, There are lots of free tools out there, and with a bit of persistence and learning you can achieve real results.

    Nice to have you back ,

  13. “..I was lucky enough to receive a free account from Jeremy..”

    Awesome luck *Evil Grins*

    – Wakish –

  14. What am I missing? Is this really worth £50 a month?!

    So you can take a punt on a domain on the basis of the number of links it has. Im guessing many of these will be for redundant technology – there will be a reson why these sites weren’t maintained! Bit of a gamble? Backlink tools are available all over the net for free? Ad generator just copies other people’s ads as far as I can see. Im not sure Id want to do that – isnt it better to be creative to stand out? Keyword services can be got for free from around the net, for example Yahoo’s term extractor.

    Check out SearchEngineJournal for their lists of free tools.

    It’s cool that a lot of people do find it useful. But I just don’t get it! £600 a year just for the convenience of having it all in one place? That’s a lot of money!

    What’s the killer app here? Can anyone persuade me I’ll get a good ROI?

  15. I agree with Bill Masson. There are way too many free resources out there. Try to do a search on google or you tube to find videos on how to properly do a lot of this stuff free without throwing free money at Shoe. Aaron Wall’s SEOBook.com has a great set of free tools and also has tons of resources for SEO etc.. Check around first before buying into the hype. $100 per month is insane.

  16. Are the tools more blog-oriented or tools that can be used for a wide range of sites??

  17. Hard to justify the expense without being able to test them out…hopefully he opens it up sometime for trials.

  18. did shoemoney speak about the principle which he used to build those tools? I would like to buy it, but I want to know the principle/algorithms used in those tools..

  19. This is an excellent post , I’m grateful to you , thanks a lot.

  20. Hi Darren, shoemoney tool seems to be intersting. i am planning to order. hope i can make the best out of it. i am always listented to you Darren!

  21. How is this different from Google Analytics? I already have a whole mess of statistics I don’t understand how to use–are these more user friendly for bloggers with only medium level tech skills?

  22. I was thinking about his tools. I’m new at monetizing the blog and didn’t know if shoe’s tools would give me a little boost. THankyou for the promotion key. It can’t hurt to try it out for a month. Thanks

  23. I met someone yesterday who got a Shoemoney Tools subscription for $4 a month.

    Made me determined that I would never pay $20, let alone $100, a month.

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