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Shoemoney Launches – The Shoemoney System

Posted By Darren Rowse 11th of January 2010 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

If you’re looking to discover how to make money online in 2010 check out the Shoemoney System.


Jeremy Schoemaker won’t be a stranger to most of you. His story is a real rags to riches story (as you’ll see in the intro video to the system) and he’s managed to build himself an amazing business since turning his life around 5 years ago.

What I like about the videos I’ve seen so far in Jeremy’s system is that they are:

  1. they are designed for real people who are at the beginning of their journey – he actually talks through many of the basics in simple language to a real person who is also at the beginning of their journey. Check out this example of the type of teaching included.
  2. they are holistic – Jeremy doesn’t just teach one way of making money online. While he has his own approach he’s one of those people who has tried many methods and gives a great introduction to them all.
  3. they are based upon his experience – as mentioned, Jeremy has tried a lot of stuff and his teaching comes out of real experience of someone who has actually made a lot of money online. He and his team have tried and tested the strategies he teaches – you’re not getting just theory here but an honest and experienced teaching based on what he’s done.
  4. It’s largely video teaching – I let this kind of stuff play while I’m working in the background most days.

The other thing I like about Jeremy is that he’s compiled some really useful tools to simplify a lot of what he does.

Anyway – if you’re interested in another proven online entrepreneur’s approach to making money online check out Shoemoney System.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Shoemoneys system definitely looks really interesting! I think I will wait for a few more reviews before I decide on whether it is for me though.

  • ^ That’s a god point Tom. I’m interested too.

  • I just thought that ANYTHING that promised you to get rich instantly and did not require you to buy ANYTHING, but at the end of scrolling down the text they will definitely say : Buy now or stuff like that, then I consider it as a bul….t & scam.
    I also tried to subscribed s’thing on Shoemoney but didn’t follow all through, as I wasn’t sure that it would be a different thing this time…

  • *good lol. I just made 1 of those mistakes I read about on problogger. Proof read comments before hitting submit! =)

  • That’s a good move from Jeremy. Most people would launch similar programs with no or very little experience.

    I think we need to change the IM marketplace and deliver products in which we trust, solutions that impact lives and change people.

  • Shoemaker is from my city of Omaha and I have to say I never understood the popularity of his “Shoemoney” system. I’ve always been put off by his cockiness and that makes me skeptical of his methods. I’m not buying it.

  • Looks a very interesting system! Only recently starting knowing about Shoe Money, but its a great success and would be brilliant to learn off him!

  • I have been following him from a very long time, have listened to a lot of his interviews, loved his bigger payout, His story really inspires me to make it big someday.

  • You’re right Darren, Jeremy isn’t a stranger to many of us, and is remarkable because of what he does and how far he has come.
    I’m very interested in the Shoemoney System; have watched the intro video and find it down-to-earth, as Jeremy is. It makes you believe you can make money online, regardless of whether you’re Net-savvy or not. Jeremy doesn’t just tell you, he shows you and this makes this worth my while.

  • Shoe is the best! I just love him.

  • I have been following Shoe Money system since the launch and yes as Dareen said he has covered different angles of making money .This is not a easy and quick money launch scheme let me tell you that for sure . Your efforts are very much required and yes in the right direction.
    Still I am looking for what more is on those video in the upcoming week .

  • Edwin

    Never trusted “systems” to make you rich and I doubt this will be any different.

  • Trust Jeremy in this niche. He’s a brand. I’ll look into his new system for 2010

  • Jaisne Blue Sexton

    If only he didn’t put a skimpily-clad young lady (super-tight tank tops with bare middrif) who tossed her long hair about and giggled incessantly like a little girl in the intro video. That was not needed at all and ended up being a total turn off for me. It’s hard to take someone seriously with antics like that. I was reminded of John Chow and some of his so-called ‘jokes’ about ‘poking’ women.

  • I also like his marketing strategy, When it come to say about best online money maker then first come the name of Shoemoney. I am trying to learn his marketing strategy.

  • I’am really not understand what is shoemoney all about, need to do more research on the system. Anybody can make money overnight or it may take years to success, it depends on our effort, research or luck. I am not a successful people in this internet industry but just wanna knowledge to share.

  • Jeremy is no stranger BUT one need to understand that they can’t expect to make money overnight. Making money overnight doesn’t happen unless you have the ground prepared well ahead of time.

    All systems work, just make a commitment to follow through with it. You will all succeed.


  • At first glance, it looked like it said ‘The hoemoney System’

  • I’m always interested to see what’s new on the Shoemoney blog, but I’m not convinced that yet another introductory course about making money online is the way to go. Not keen on the video squeeze page either – I’d much rather see what’s on offer in writing before I give out my contact details. Good luck to Shoemoney, but I don’t think I’ll be subscribing to this.

  • I’m at work right now so I can’t look into this but I deffinitly will once I’m home.

    Like a lot of other people have said, anything that costs money and is some kind of “system” makes me very wary.

    I’ll give it a look though, I’m only giving it the benefit of the doubt because it’s on here. If I saw this through Google or another blog I’d never give it a chance.

  • hey darren,
    how are you?
    thanks for another huge post.
    also thanks for answering my email.

  • Shoemoney system looks like a good product and i am sure he must be providing very valuable information that helps people to start their online journey.

  • I’ve been waiting for this to come out. Shoemoney is the bestest!

  • I am still skeptical on this system. Though I have been building websites for about 7 years now, I think it might not help me much anyway. Hopefully someone has looked into it and can tell us if it is truly worth it or not.

  • Hey does anyone know when this is going to actually launch? I have been waiting to try this out for quite some time now.

  • Hi Darren, looks a very interesting system! Shoe is the best, and I like his marketing strategy.

  • Another great idea from Jeremy. I have followed him since he posted his Adsense check and have always been a fan.

    His story is very inspirational and I wish him the best of luck with his ‘system’.

  • I signed up for the trial or whatever. I read as much as I can on this subject, but have yet to buy much…so many free tools and info available. Looking for the Holy Grail of info on making money on the web, etc. Anyone have any favorites?


  • I always love Shoemoney. His 12weeks shoemoney xtreme marketing materials was awesome. Not to mention its free (more value than most of paid e-book out there). But, frankly I have to wait-n-see how his new system will work and other folks’ comments. Hope it turn out to be fabulous.

  • Had a look through the videos on the site listed above – Jeremy Schoemaker has got some cracking ‘moves’ which i’m definitely going to be using.

    Cheers for making it available Darren.

  • I went to the site, watched the video. It says “Coming soon”. I wonder how soon it is? (I cant wait)

  • a very good point, I’m very interested in the Shoemoney System; have watched the intro video and find it down-to-earth, as Jeremy is. It

  • I watched the video but some audio of the video were not working. I am very interested to learn the shoemoney system. Thanks for sharing!

  • Curious

    Freeze the the 31 second mark of the video. Jeremy is holding his famous AdSense “cheque” — Google doesn’t issue a “cheque”… they issue a “check” here in the States.

    I’ve asked Jeremy about this and never get a reply.

    Is it possible he faked it ’til he made it?

  • Hi, I love tv show, I don’t even know how many shows I follow. Anyway thank you for a sweet blog, I will try to read it daily.Have a good day.

  • I’ve never forget shoe and his 100k check from google adsense….. that’s just crazy.
    Puts my 1k adsense checks to shame lol.

    I did a lil review of one of the first content videos you can check it out at my blog.

  • I would like to say that this post really forced me to do so! I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  • I still think the system is a bit ‘meh’ even for novice users. It’s really a beginners course. I did a review:

  • Thanks for this good review

  • Good content, is this like a sales site for something or is it your content, because it’s good.

  • I’ve just started the system, and I’m getting a taste of what’s on offer. Not all the content is available to you straight away – it’s added as you progress through the videos. It’s all good stuff so far, though a little basic.

    I’ve read reviews from others who are a few weeks ahead of me, and they have positive ideas about where the course is going.

    I’m blogging about my experiences with the course, and trying to implement what I’m learning. I think perhaps that’s one the main outcomes of the Shoemoney System – to get people like me started.

  • ShoeMoney is a smark guy. I love his online course.