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About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  1. Super Girl:

    Lean, muscular and feminine.
    Honest and a defender of the innocent.

  2. lol – that’s what my lovely wife got too Mary Jo :-)

  3. Green Lantern:

    Hot-headed. You have strong
    will power and a good imagination

  4. I am Ironman.

    Inventor. Businessman. Genius.

  5. hey, they said Genius, not me. :)

  6. I’m Spiderman too!

    Which is a bit scary, since I clicked “Yes” to, “Have you ever worn a push-up bra before?”

  7. Spider-Man, but only in 85% …

  8. Another Spider-Man here, these are the only Spider-Mans I have seen?

  9. I’m a 55% Green Lantern, so I suppose the other 45% is a Super Villain, mwahahaha!

  10. I’m surprised, actually.

    Your results:You are Robin
    Green Lantern
    Wonder Woman
    The Flash
    Iron Man

    Young and acrobatic. You don’t mind stepping asideto give someone else glory.

    Click here to take the “Which Superhero am I?” quiz…

  11. I ran this quiz back in May and came up as Spiderman. I gave it another go just now and I’m still Spiderman.

  12. Soooppaaa man! Superman! 80%

  13. Interesting, I’m a Spiderman, too..

  14. Well add one HULK…a wanderer with amazing strenght. 85%

  15. 75% Supergirl. Go figure.

  16. Superman 75%

  17. 100%, that’s awesome – haven’t seen anybody with such a close match! Mind you, I’m a 95% Spider-man myself ;)

    Happy New Year, Darren!

  18. The Hulk: I am a wanderer with amazing strength. (75%)

    Happy New Year Darren!

  19. […] Taking the cue from Darren, I’ve decided to have a bit more fun with this New Year’s celebration as well. Yup, I took the “Which Suphero are you?” quiz! Should be interesting if there is a somewhat common thread running through us bloggers and/or photographers — superhero-wise, that is. Which superhero are you? (Take the quiz here and then let me know!) […]

  20. 90% Green Lantern

  21. 100% Batman
    You are dark, love gadgets
    and have vowed to help the innocent
    not suffer the pain you have endured.

    loved it since i do really love the big bad Bat. Even on my desk there are few models i Keep.

  22. Ironman on the good side… Dr. Doom on the bad side.

    Anyone else take the quiz for villain? Link’s on the bottom left next to the code block.

  23. Spiderman, too. And, no, I’ve never worn a push-up bra. :-)

  24. Another Spiderman here too although I’m interested to discover more of my 35% Catwoman. Heck, it’s New Years Eve. If I don’t try it now I never will…

  25. Spidey as well man … a lot of Spidey’s out there. On the flip side I came in as Dr. Doom …

  26. […] Like flying through the air? How about wearing a cape? Like redheads? Take this fun quiz (thanks to Problogger) and find out which Superhero you are. I just happen to be most like Superman! I am Superman […]

  27. Wow 100% Spidey! Hello Peter Parker. How are you today?
    I’m spidey too….but tied for catwoman…
    interesting, wonder what would have given me a push more to be catwoman?

  28. Green Lantern

  29. I’m another Spidey. I actually tied Spidey and Iron Man 70%. Maybe the quiz just prefers for people to be Spidey. I couldn’t find the villain quiz everyone is talking about though.

  30. I came up as 65% for both Spidey and The Flash, two of my favourites.
    As a Villain I came up as Mr. Freeze. What can I say, I don’t like the heat.

  31. I am happy I was not one of the Wonder Twins or their monkey.

  32. fun test.
    i came up 80% for the flash – fast, athletic, flirtatious and 90% for doctor doom – Blessed with smarts and power but burdened by vanity.

  33. Ironman…thats not too interesting

  34. Surprise, surprise…

    I’m the Flash.

  35. […] I saw an interesting personality quiz on Andrew’s Blog and Darren Rowe’s Problogger. […]

  36. […] Achei legal esse teste que vi no ProBlogger, mas gostaria de lembrar que isso é apenas uma brincadeira. Se quer brincar, faça o teste. Se não quer brincar, não dê uma de Rosângela. […]

  37. […] Doing Internet Marketing research is really tough. Therefore I took the time out browsing blogs. Reading Darren Rowse’s blog and  Andrew’s blog and I chanced upon this really interesting personality test which determines which kind of a Superhero or a Super Villian that you are most similar to. […]

  38. 80% Superman + 80% The Flash + 80% Spider-Man = Superman. I don’t know how. Mostly accurate I guess.

  39. […] Recently I saw this post at Darren Rowse’s Blog, I found a quiz that he took and it look interesting so I went over and took the test myself. Below is my test result. I am a Superman!   […]

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