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See You at SXSW in March

Posted By Darren Rowse 7th of January 2008 ProBlogger Site News 0 Comments

SxswJust a quick note to let readers know that it’s almost certain that I’ll be at south by southwest (interactive) in Austin Texas this coming March (just as an attendee).

I’ve eyed this festival off for a while now and am really excited to be able to go. Quite a few of the b5media core team will be there also as we’re planning for it to be our annual offsite team meet up at the same time.

So if you’re planning on attending I look forward to meeting you.

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  • Alas I won’t attend it. Among the visionary music technology entrepreneurs -Brian Camelio is trying to revolutionize the music business model with his – “A place where fans fund the projects of their favorite artists in exchange for the privilege of “participating” in the creative process”. Enjoy!
    Giorgio Buccilli

  • Sweet Darren. Sounds like fun. Wish I could be there. :P

  • Well, unless I win the lottery or the traffic on my blog skyrockets in the next month or so and makes me a load of spondooles, I guess I won’t be seeing you there Darren. But, for those of us who aren’t going let us know what you experience.

  • That gives me a little incentive to try to get to that one. :)

  • O noez… you iz coming too, Wendy?

    (Best lolcat impression there)

  • Oh, Jeez – you AND Darren there? That’s a recipe for trouble!

  • I lived in Austin for 17 years and love the town. SXSW is fun, fun, fun!

    I just happen to be visiting my family in Austin that week…cool!

  • Nice of you to let everybody know that you’ll be there Darren … I believe that it’s a good opportunity for many people …

    Lex G –

  • I’ve been eyeing off a trip to SXSW for the last couple of years since I read of Dan ‘Boudist’ Boud’s experiences over in Austin, but it wont be this year as I’ve got a wedding to pay for in August..

    Looking forward to hearing about your experiences there Darren..

  • Wooh, the list of people attending SxSW is growing! Looking forward to meeting you there.

  • Man, I’m in Tx . and been wanting to go back to SXSW for a few years. Looks like I’ll be seeing you all next year for sure. I’m gonna be there baking fresh pizza for the people. Cheers.

  • I’ll be there (and on a Saturday morning panel), hope to see you there!

    Really glad you’re going to make it out – going last year effectively changed my life in so many great ways :)

  • Hey Darren, I booked my hotel and flight last week so it looks like I’ll be seeing you as well. Looking forward to seeing you again!

  • Wendy, I need to come so I can translate from Australian into English for Darren.

  • I use to like these types of meetings (parties) when they where free attendance, but you need to pay here to get in touch with “the creative minds”. Booo!

  • Woo Hoo! The tequila is on me. :-)

  • Oz

    You should really stick around for the music festival if you have the weekend to spare. It’s an incredible time.

    If not, I’ll be covering it in all it’s glory.

  • Sweet! That’s here in Austin and has grown every year. I’ve been here since 1999 and they keep stepping it up. It brings a lot of fun to an already cool city.

  • I’m going to be doing a core conversation there! If you’re going to have an informal gathering, let us know, and we’ll come by and say hi!

  • It is a blast, and I’m glad Darren is going to make it this time around! Maybe Aaron can hold on to his cell phone this time ;)

  • We should have a meetup. Austin has some great places to hang out before or after the festivities.

    Best of all…Problogger pays. :-)

  • Will be there – doing a WP 4 Dummies presenation and signing on the 11th. Hope to see you there!