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Screwy Bloglines/Feedburner Results?

Is anyone else seeing ALOT of old posts coming up in their Bloglines account as new posts today?

I know this happens from time to time on an occasional basis but today it seems that every second unread item in my Bloglines account is one that I’ve read before. Some have dates on them from weeks ago while others have todays date on them despite them being written a week or so back.

I’m not sure whether it’s just on Feedburner feeds but it could be as every feed that I’ve seen it happening on so far is a FB one. Very odd and increasingly frustrating for this blogger who relies on news aggregation accuracy pretty heavily.

update: thanks to those who’ve commented below pointing out that this isn’t a Bloglines problem but a feedburner one. Detail below on discussion on it.

This messup has highlighted a couple of things for me:

1. Just how many bloggers are using Feedburner (I’d estimate that of the 600 feeds I’m following that one in six would be having the problems).

2. It’s made me aware of just how many blogs have not been updated in quite a while. I have a lot of feeds in my list that havn’t been posted to for weeks, months and even a few that have not been posted to in a year. It might be time for an RSS spring clean.

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Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Bloglines seems to be working okay for me right now, the new posts ARE new posts and nothing more.
    Your Problogger feed on my account seems to be working correctly also, plus so are my blog feeds (I use feedburner for a number of them).

    Maybe it’s something screwy going on in your bloglines account :/

  2. I regularly get old posts coming up again as new ones in Bloglines. With some blogs it happens several times for the same post.

  3. I’m getting it on my FeedBurner feeds today as well.

  4. Darren,

    I read you feeds through bloglines this morning and just logged on again to discover you had 3 new posts. I was so excited that I had something new to start my day with until I realised that 2 of them I had read previously but had reappeared as new content.

    What’s going on Bloglines?

  5. Darren,

    I’m seeing the problem on Feedburner feeds I am subscribed to (using NetNewsWire for reading). However, it’s not happening on all Feedburner feeds.

  6. Didn’t you write this a week ago? ;-)

    I’m seeing the same thing but have not noticed if they are all feedburner feeds. Also getting messed up characters.

  7. yep i’ve been having the exact same problem. Especially from the techcrunch feed 3 of the 6 stories were from yesterday.


  8. Yeah, I’m seeing similar things with my Bloglines account as well. I’ve seen it before but it seems worse than normal lately.

  9. I see the same thing. My feeds are acting weird, your feed is acting weird, as are many of the other ones I subscribe to. Feels like the harder I work, the behinder I get. Glad it’s not just me.

  10. I thought it was mainly TypePad blogs, but now I think about it, the real feeds with probs are the Feedburner feeds (in Bloglines)

  11. Yep, it’s crazy. And I just noticed that Bloglines is also screwing up the characters in posts — adding tons of ????s even though there’s nothing wrong with the source code on the blog.

  12. Feedburner sucks when it comes to republishing. For some reason feeds get republished as new all the time.

    I did notice today that posts from Mena Trott on her blog were showing as new, although they were a couple of years old.

  13. I’m pretty sure it’s encoding stuff screwing everything up on buglines. Brian nails it with all the ???’s coming causing the feeds to look “changed”

  14. I’ll be honest – I’ve switched to the built-in aggregator in Thunderbird and away from the “blog-only” readers. I’m not having the problem there at all (nor have I ever had any problems with it), so it must be something to do with Feedburner. T-Bird pulls in the RSS feeds straight from the site. Of course, the nice thing is that it is in the same client that I use for email all day long so it is convenient – plus very easy to forward a post by email (just click forward – it only forwards the link so the bloggers still get the traffic advantage. I like the fact that it saves posts even after they are modified or gone from the site (at least it seems to).

    Sorry, wasn’t trying to plug Thunderbird – just wanted you to know the depth (or isolation) of your problem here. Hope that helps.

  15. It is a problem with FeedBurner:

    It appears that they broke something with UTF-8 encodings recently, and they are feeding invalid data to Bloglines and other aggregators.

  16. I’m having the same problem, but not only that, in some of my feeds I found that the character encoding it’s all wrong.

    It has happened to me other times, but only showing the old posts as new.

  17. I’ve also noticed that Feedburner’s BrowserFriendly and Convert Format Burner are not working. My original feed is displayed in the output.

  18. Yes, in fact I just saw 6 old posts from Performancing show up as new.

  19. It seems to have started after the last WordPress upgrade. Mainly this blog and one other that seem to do it. At least for me.
    Think of it this way-I’m twice as likely to read it. :)

  20. This was happening to me. I thought I was losing it. Good thing I’m still sane.

  21. It is not about Bloglines but i launched a new website (it is almost 2 month olds) that can be an alternate to bloglines :D :D , just kidding :)

    Maybe you like it, http://www.favoriteblogs.net . And i want to add one more thing, ProBlogger.com is listed at FavoriteBlogs.net ;)

  22. The Bloglines blog admitted today it was duplicating posts with Atom feeds as it switches from an old to a new Atom parser:


    This ties in with my experience of it not being simply Feedburner.

  23. […] While there are times that you are allowed to deliberately use misleading post titles to attract attention (a.k.a. pull in more eyeballs), more often than not, it is an intolerable practice – especially for bloggers that read hundreds of RSS feeds (or used to do so) and thus, especially depend on somewhat accurate post titles to gauge content. […]

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