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Reading Roundup: What’s New in Blogging Lately?

Posted By Stacey Roberts 12th of December 2015 General, Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

Reading Roundup: What's new in blogging this week /

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting excited about the end of the year. I love Christmas, and I love a new year with its promise of a fresh start and new beginnings! If you have started your end-of-2015 blog audit to help you find your focus for 2016, maybe put it on pause for a bit and get stuck into this week’s inspiring links.

Subject Line Comparison: The Best and Worst Open Rates on Mailchimp // Mailchimp

This blew my mind. Everything I thought I knew is wrong!

The 5 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Content Marketing // Social Media Today

I definitely checked out RiteTag and DrumUp… I already use the Great Suspender for suspending open browser tabs to save battery, but these extensions are pretty bang-on.

How to Better Prepare Your Social Media for 2016 // Hootsuite

Don’t just dial in the dying weeks of 2015, go out with a bang!

How to Create Instagram Ads Using Facebook Ads Manager // Social Media Examiner

I noticed this the other day, the ability to create an Instagram ad from my Facebook dashboard. Kristi runs you step-by-step exactly how to do it. Have you created one there before?

Can Christmas Lights Really Play Havoc with Your WiFi? //

Apparently yes, they can. But never mind, because…

Google’s AMP Will Make the Mobile Internet Faster Early next Year // Wired

In part an answer to Facebook’s Instant Articles, Google will be integrating Accelerated Mobile Pages into search results at the start of 2016. And pages will load faster – because we are ALL on our phones, and we want answers now.

Google+ Changes: What Marketers Need to Know // Social Media Examiner

Are you still on it? I can think of only a handful of people that are still making it work. But as Google is phasing it out, here’s what you should be aware of.

12 Awesome Instagram Features You’re Probably Not Using // Mashable

Upload > crop > brighten > filter. Not anymore! I think my favourite feature is the option to straighten your images. I am always taking photos on the fly and they are never as straight as they should be! Does anyone still use Hyperlapse?

Watch This! Video Dominates Social Media in 2015 // CNet

So what does this mean for 2016? What does it mean for bloggers who are writers and aren’t drawn to video? How do we compete? Have you embraced video or is it just that one more thing you can’t afford to spend your time on?

Why No-One is Reading Your Marketing Content // Harvard Business Review

We all know how much advertising has changed, and content, real-life content written by real-life people has become such a powerful way of connecting with a consumer. But people do tune out (hey, we’re only human), and HBR have nailed the reason why! Really foolproof tips here, I love that one about the value exchange.

After that, I hope you’re still reading this! Can you see where your content might be falling down? Are you going to start editing your Instagram images more? How about those Chrome extensions? Would love to hear what’s sparked something for you this week.

Stacey Roberts is the Managing Editor of a writer, blogger, and full-time word nerd balancing it all with being a stay-at-home mum. She writes about all this and more at Veggie Mama. Chat with her on Twitter @veggie_mama or be entertained on Facebook.

About Stacey Roberts
Stacey Roberts is the Managing Editor of a writer, blogger, and full-time word nerd balancing it all with being a stay-at-home mum. She writes about all this and more at Veggie Mama. Chat with her on Twitter @veggie_mama, follow on Pinterest for fun and useful tips, peek behind the curtain on Instagramand Snapchat, listen to her 90s pop culture podcast, or be entertained on Facebook.
  1. BOOM, big summary thanks Stacey!

    Added a couple of these posts to my “Awesome (reread)” bookmark folder for browsing later, these roundups save me endless seconds googling “new blogging content”

    Thanks and keep them coming!


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