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Promote your Blog through Rojo’s FeedShare

Posted By Darren Rowse 18th of February 2006 Blogging Tools and Services, RSS 0 Comments

If you’re looking to promote your blog through advertising but don’t have a budget for it you might want to look at a new service that Rojo (a feed reader) is rolling out called FeedShare. The system is basically an automated ad swapping service where you place an AdSense like piece of code on your blog and advertise others blogs for them (and their RSS feeds) and in return get impressions on other people’s blogs. They explain it like this:


‘You give exposure by displaying “Feed Listings” (see example above) which display the name and description of blogs and other feed publishers. When visitors click on these listings they can then subscribe to the RSS or Atom feed for that blogger or publisher in any one of several feed readers.

You then create a listing for your OWN blog and for every impression you donate to the network on your blog, you will receive a listing on someone else’s blog or in The goal is to help build the feed subscriber base to your blog, increasing awareness and traffic to your site.’

Keep in mind a few things before rushing in:

1. Each ad unit you show has two ads on it. One is part of the ad exchange program, the other is a paid ad – the proceeds of which go to Rojo and are not shared with you. They do say in their FAQ that if you want to be paid instead of getting your blog promoted that you should let them know.

2. I can’t see anywhere in their information explicitly whether these are contextual ads. From what I can see in the set up both advertisers and publishers need to add keywords for ads to be triggered by. This COULD be seen as contextual advertising and if it is you will not be able to run these units on the same page as AdSense ads. It might be well worth clarifying this with the AdSense team before getting into this.

3. When people click on the title in the ad they are not taken to your site – but to your RSS feed – in the Rojo feed reader. This means people are two clicks from your blog – something that I think works against this system. The reason Rojo is says they are doing it is to build RSS subscribers to your blog – but I’m unsure that anyone would subscribe to my blog without actually coming to it first rather than just reading my last few RSS entries. Also from what I can see it’s not easy for people to subscribe to the feed via other news aggregators from within Rojo (I find that 40% of my blog’s readers use Bloglines and very few use Rojo – unless they know the Rojo system the chances of them subscribing to my feed after being taken to Rojo are slim). I can see why Rojo would do it (they are wanting more people to use Rojo), but it’s one of the reasons I’m probably not going to use the system.

update: after a little more investigation I can see what happens if someone clicks an ad who is not a Rojo user – they are taken to a page where they are given the option of subscribing to your blog via Rojo or other feed readers – including Bloglines (see screen cap below). This partially answers some of my concerns – but I still feel being taken to the blog concerned would be a more preferable option as I wonder how many people will subscribe to a blog based upon the blog’s name and a 60 character description of it.

Here’s a partial screen cap of the page that someone who is not a logged in Rojo user goes to.

Picture 2-2

Thanks to Thomas for the tip (he was the first of a quite a few)

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Hey that’s me up there. Wonders never cease… And I agree with your assessment Darren. I said much the same myself. Be nice if 1) you could control the look of the ad box and 2) have the option to either click through to the person’s site or click through to Rojo. It’s a new toy though so I figure it deserves some slack. See how it grows. Not like it’s difficult to drop it if it’s not your cup of tea.

  • Marco

    I think this system is not worth my time.

  • It’s a shame that it doesn’t has diferent languages. My blogs are all in spanish, so the people visiting my site might not find them interesting.

  • Thanks for the “things to keep in mind”… I did sign up for the beta, but am now disinclined to put this on my blog.

  • Is BlogSnob/Pheedo any better than Rojo FeedShare?

    (-Had a look at the Rojo program and feel much the same as you. I first found it on TechCrunch.)

  • On Techcrunch, Mark Devlin also noted that BlogExplosion recently started a similar service called BlogTextLinks. They serve 5 textlinks from other blogs ( a network of 275,000 to 450,000 text links ! ) and you get 1 impression for every 2 impressions on your site. If you hover your mouse pointer over a text link of the link unit, you get a tooltip of the site with thumbnail and short description. Clicking the link shows the blog immediatelly ( although embedded in a frame from BlogExplosion -)).

    Similar to Rojo, they need to allow more control over the look & feel, especially the size of the link unit.

  • A.H

    Pure Rojo promotion, nothing more.


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  • Carl

    Looks interesting, I’ll give it a try to see if it has any impact as soon as I get around to launching this blog… I keep asking myself what am I waiting for and still can’t answer!

  • Thanks for the review Darren. It does clarify considerably the pros and cons of the service.

    I think though there is potential for a service like this – it certainly sparked my interest when I saw it. I guess if a group of bloggers were interested – a service like this could be set up with -all- the right ingredients (instead of only the partial ingredients offered by Rojo). There has to be some software out there that would do it….


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  • Joe

    Hey Darren,
    My question is, since I use Blogger w/ atom.xml will it work?
    Or will I have to use my Feedburner feed?
    Sorry, just call me stupid.

  • Wil

    I joined Rojo yesterday and thought I might try it out, but when I saw that it used keyword matching to determine which ads to serve, I thought it might be against Adsense policy. I’ve emailed the Adsense team and asked about it, and hopefully they’ve get back to me soon.

    I can understand Rojo’s idea that getting a feed subscriber is better than getting a click-through, but I also agree with Darren that getting subscribers through Rojo might be tough.