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ProBlogger Virtual Christmas Party

Posted By Darren Rowse 22nd of December 2005 ProBlogger Site News 0 Comments

One of the things I miss about not working as part of a larger team (or at least one that is physically in the same city) is the end of year Work Christmas Party.

I’m not sure what happens in other parts of the world but Aussie office Christmas parties have a bit of a reputation of being a place where people really let their hair down and celebrate the year gone by. The drinks flow, the office romance scandals take place, everyone says things that they shouldn’t to the boss and a good time is generally had by all.

So what’s a ProBlogger to do when he has an office of one?

I decided to have my own ProBlogger Virtual Christmas Party. Maybe I’m a little bored today – but here it is (click to enlarge in a new window)…

Chrismas Party

Feel free to ‘come to the party’ and post your own Christmas Greetings in comments.

PS: This party was constructed using Comic Life 1.2 (for Mac)

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Very good Darren, I guess you really are on a wind down for Christmas!

    I guess its a good opportunity to say Happy Christmas (or Seasons Greetings) to both you (and your family) and the rest of the regular Problogger commentors. Hope everyone has a peaceful and fulfilling time, and everyone comes back to the New Year with enthusiasm and new ideas…

  • rc

    Cool xmas party comic strip. Only thing though…am detecting way too much man-juice! Where are les femmes? Have a merry one guys!

  • Joe

    As we say around here…MERRY CHRISTMAS or to be PC Happy Holidays.
    ps WHAT is Boxing Day???

  • Hey Darren, how’s your Dutch? You can watch my Christmas Greetings here


  • Hey, Darren, your party seems to have sunk down a mine shaft. Is that symbolic, or what? :-)

  • Very funny…merry christmas. Enjoy your vacation.

  • Quilgy

    Boxing Day is the 26th of December. Must be a Commonwealth thing – think it is only celebrated in Australia, Britain and Canada – anywhere else? In Australia it is traditional for the sitting in front of the telly watching the Boxing Day test match.

    P.S. – If you run that through Google translator and select English (Aus) -> English (U.S.) it may make more sense.

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  • We celebrate Boxing Day here is South Africa too.

    Pretty much spend the day eating Christmas day leftovers (always a shed load left over) and nursing hangovers….. At this stage any spot on TV will do.

    Oh and it is a public holiday….

  • jon

    oooyyyyy… Who spiked the punch?

    Christmas here in canada a snowy one.. with tons of lights on everyones house.. everyone is competiting

    back in the UK where im originally from.. intill my young lass swept me off my feet and brought me to this frozen wasteland lol The UK idea of christmas is to shoot down to the pub before lunch.. get some pints in.. shoot back.. eat lunch.. get some pints in.. turn on the tele.. Start watching ET or the Wizard of OZ which plays every year without fail.. Fall asleep watching it for 2 hrs.. wake up.. and its back off to the pub

    what the heck would we do without a good pub?

    Darren Enjoy Chrismas matey!

    All I want for christmas is my 2 front teeth and a fat adsense check.. is that too much to ask for :)

  • Hehe, yeah, where da ladies? :)

    Not being full-time blogger, I still get the joys of office Christmas parties.

  • Meal for Christmas to France! To meet a holiday on a tower!
    All with Christmas!

  • Yes there was too many guys at the party but none of the women showed up. I think when they heard Scrivs was coming they got a little nervous.

  • Haha, very well done indeed Mr Darren :-)
    I see JOAB wasn’t invited, probably a good thing. He would have turned up drunk in a dress and tried to crack on to Scrivs.

    “Lets get married and run 9rules together, husband and wife!”

    /me pokes the Cowboy

  • happy and safe Christmas to all. Thanks for a great ProBlogger year, Darren.

  • I was just thinking about what it must be like to have Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere. I mean, Christmas in the middle of summer? The holiday is so associated with snow and cold and whatnot that it must be weird.

  • What’s wierd is that even here Christmas cards, Christmas trees and decorations etc have snow on them!

    A summer Christmas is wonderful. It’s a great time of the year to take a week or two off and fully wind down and recover from the year that has been and prepare for the following one.

  • Jon seems to have hailed from a very boozy part of the UK, probably Liverpool or the Eastend of London. Personally, I never go anywhere near pubs around Christmas, they’re usually overflowing with office parties. Here in the West Country we have a very traditional Christmas and Boxing Day, which, in Victorian times, was the day you gave presents to your wider circle of friends and family, hence boxes. Being in the country, there’s a lot of country sports, despite the nanny state’s banning of fox hunting.

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  • All I congratulate on Christmas! Happiness.