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ProBlogger T-Shirt Competition Winner

Posted By Darren Rowse 30th of August 2005 ProBlogger Site News 12

28123851 F Tn-1It’s been such a long time since I started the ProBlogger T-Shirt Design competition that when it finally ended a few days back it had completely slipped my mind!!!

Apologies to the finalists for not announcing this sooner but I’m getting a absent minded in my middle age.

Anyway – the finalists in the competition were Abe, Chris, Ray (no blog), Retz and Stan and I’m really happy to announce that the design that sold the most items in the ProBlogger Shop was the one submitted by Retz (see picture left for the design) Retz wins:

1. $100 (USD) worth of products from Amazon
2. A free T-Shirt of his design
3. 1 hour of blog consultation for his blog
4. A link to your blog on my side bar for free for 1 month (starting today)
5. A highlight your blog in this ‘winners’ post (consider it done)
6. Being added as the number one blog on my RSS feed which will mean I’ll check it multiple times per day.

Not sure how much worth the last few are but if nothing else he can buy himself something nice from Amazon. Congratulations Retz and thanks to the other finalists.

Buy your ProBlogger T-shirt (all five designs are still available) at the ProBlogger Shop

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
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  1. What a novel idea! Guess you can do this sort of thing when your famous. Hey, wonder if now you can do what the Sports stars do.
    Heres an idea for you. Why not take the shirt you blog with for a day, sign it, and put it up on ebay and all profits you give to a charity (ala something a sportsman like Warne would do).

    Just a thought.

  2. Congratulations, Retz. It was a great design. Looks great on the t-shirt. Good conversation starter too.

  3. […] I’m here at school and I recently found out that i won the Problogger.Net’s Tshirt Design Contest by Sir Darren Rowse. Good thing it was only me and two of my co-faculty the time I checked my eamil. Woohooo. I guess I have to update this post and Sir Darren regarding the prize. $100 on Amazon, sidebar inclusion, 1 hour consultancy from Mr. Problogger himself and oh, a shirt I could really be proud of. by retz @ 4:31 pm Werked under: Retz-Tapsi-blog and Photo-werx and Priceless and All in a Retz Werx […]

  4. Thank you very much sir Darren and to all who bought and supported my entry! Maraming maraming Salamat Po!

  5. How many T-shirts did you sell?

  6. I like that design and I want one! But the freight for international ($7), oh well … and I’m from the same city as Darren – when I get mine I might simply jump on a tram and get Darren to sign it … ahh, some of the benefits of living in the most liveable city in the world!

  7. […] Retz won Problogger.net’s T-Shirt design contest. Here is the list of what he won: […]

  8. C’mon Martin, I paid $9 and I’m right next door in Canada :^)
    I’m checking the mail everyday! Congrats to retz.

  9. that’s the one I picked.. yeeeah!

  10. Jon, $9 to Canada! … now I don’t feel so bad … or is that stingy ;-)

  11. alright! two Pinoy finalists!

  12. […] Whoah! Still got very much excited there. However I felt sorry it sold about just 5 units of the said problogger shirt, but hey it’s a collector’s item already _ (and Cafepress marked it up too high). Anyway, let me take this opportunity to thank Sir Darren Rowse for the nth time (hehe) hope to see more contests at problogger. grins […]

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