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ProBlogger Server Issues

Posted By Darren Rowse 7th of February 2008 ProBlogger Site News 0 Comments

Just a short note to let readers know that I do know we’re having some server errors at the moment on the site. The tech team at b5media are aware of it too and are working to resolve the issues. In short it’s symptomatic of the massive growth we’ve been experiencing lately as a network.

Apologies for the inconvenience – it’s largely happening around the posting of comments as far as I can see – it might be worth copying your comments before hitting publish. Refreshing will usually resolve the issue.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Does b5media own its own servers or is it done through a host? If it does own its own servers, is it maintained at a data center, place of business, or home? It would be interesting to know how your and b5media’s hosting works.

  • It’s good that you said something about it because I noticed the same issues on some of the other b5 blogs that I frequent.

  • So that was the reason everything was a little bit slower..

  • Yeah tried posting earlier and got 405 errors. It was weird.

    Also the menus across the top were giving 405 errors. Archives, Jobs, etc. Not all, the shop was fine.

  • Its good advice to copy first your comment before you hit comment, I did that all the time when I write long comment in any blog.

    because anything can happen when you write the comment, especially when I am in Indonesia and the conection was slow…. Timeout Happen All the time. lol

  • Hello.

    You said there are some server issues.
    Which web hosting company hosts you blog ?
    Do b5media use their own server ?

    I got this error

    The following error was encountered:

    * Unable to forward this request at this time.

    This request could not be forwarded to the origin server or to any parent caches. The most likely cause for this error is that:


  • That is great your blog is up again. A few days, I checked your blog but it was down.

  • I got the error earlier too, so i just always copy my comments before commenting and when i try to repost the comment, sometimes it shows that i am publishing duplicate entry!!! Anyways thanks for letting us know and hope to see it good back soon.

  • I was going to contact regarding this issue until I saw this post~

  • True this; it was downright impossible to post a comment yesterday :D

  • @Dan Cole, @Azhar we partner with LogicWorks in NYC. We don’t own the hardware or the data center but we are generally more robust than standard hosting. Generally.

  • I noticed it yesterday when a 403 Forbidden page turned up when I visited ProBlogger!

  • WTL

    Ah, downtime. It’s unfortunate when it happens, but it *will* happen to everyone eventually (insert knocking on desk here).

  • I did wonder if capacities were being reached at b5, as when I tried to go to I got messages about no proxies being available to handle my request, and then got 403 errors intermittently at both b5 and pb. Ah well, hope it sorts out soon – it’s been temperamental, at least from the UK, since last Friday.

  • @ Aaron,

    I still get the error “Unable to forward this request at this time.” when i check your site which i believe is a part of b5media right?

    The same happened with the b5media site too.

  • Thought something was up. Loading pages takes a long time and posting comments even longer. If its a sign of growth then that’s positive. Hope you manage to sort it out!

  • Yes, I want to also pass on what Vutha said. There was a period of around 3 days last week, from the 1st to about the 3rd of Feb. when your blog was totally unavailable, i.e. server not responding. I wondered if it had something to do with the backbone problems in Asia (I am in Serbia, but I don’t know if this would affect things).

    I was waiting for an article from you like, “How to capitalise on site down-time” or “Ten things an overnight collapse in visitor numbers taught me about blogging“! (careful, we’re getting to know you too well!)

    But perhaps you were unaware of the problem?

  • Congratulations… I guess.

    I see server problems due to massive growth as a good thing. Hope your problems are solved soon.

  • We do most of our maintenance include log processing and backups overnight and so we are usually a little more sluggish after midnight EST while these processes run. We also have a round robin load balancing setup where, if the load balancer thinks a server is available and in fact the server is down when a request is sent to it, you will get errors. This is a problem we are trying to nail down as well. If a server becomes unavailable it should drop out of the pool until it is available again – and that isn’t always happening which would explain some of the percieved outages. They aren’t really outages, just flukey load balancing. However, the last few days we actually have had real outages.

  • I didn’t notice you had server issues because…

    I subscribed to your RSS via email.

    Tip: Subscribe to ProBlogger via email and you will have less experience of server troubles.