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ProBlogger Readers Meetup – New York

Posted By Darren Rowse 22nd of February 2007 ProBlogger Site News 0 Comments

I’m really excited to announce that it looks like there will be a chance for the first ever ProBlogger readers meet up while I’m in New York in late March.

Text Links Ads have aggreed to sponsor the night (cough… free drinks!…. cough) and we’re at a point where we’ve narrowed down the date to 28 March (it’s a Wednesday) for an evening meetup (time to be announced).

I’m staying in the Midtown West kind of area so it’ll probably be not to far from there.

At this stage we’re keen to hear from anyone interested in coming along. Getting an idea of numbers will help us choose an appropriate venue.

If you’re a good chance to come leave a comment below with your name and an email in the email field (it’ll be kept private) so we can keep you in touch with the details as they emerge.

I’ve already heard from a few people that they’re considering flying and driving in for the event which blows me away. If there’s enough interest perhaps we could also have an afternoon time for a little more formal get together (perhaps even a workshop or two before the meetup) – an unconference of sorts. If this interests you also please indicate it below.

update: we’re close to having a venue booked. Keep checking your inbox over the coming days and start thinking about what other bloggers you can invite! :-)

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. That sounds like a good idea! I’ll try to make it, i live in Montreal, so NY is not so far! :)

  2. I’m definitely interested in attending, I live in New Jersey, and NYC is only a 20 minute drive.

  3. I’m interested. Thanks for the opportunity.

  4. You still wanting to do an afternoon shop talk event? If you are hit me up.

    Otherwise you know I will be in attendance and willing to help out in any way possible.

  5. ooh that was quick. Good to have you all on board.

    David – lets chat – been looking for you on skype :-)

  6. Darren,
    Let me know, I live in NYC so I’ll definitely try to make it.

  7. I am in Brooklyn.

  8. This sounds interesting. Count me in.

  9. would love to come! work in midtown so it’s easy….thanks, Mike

  10. I may come up from MD. :-)

    Faces and Names is a decent place on West 54th and 7th, I believe.

  11. Sounds like a great idea. The day is still open for me and I’ll already be in NYC so count me in.

  12. I’m in New Brunswick, NJ, and I’d happily take the train in for a meet and to buy you a drink nearly one month early for both of our birthdays (the 27th of April rocks!) since you’re ten years my senior to the day. Keep me posted!

  13. Definitely interested. I’m located in NYC, so count me in.

  14. Id make the drive…

  15. I have been reading ProBlogger for quite some time, and have learned quite a lot, which has helped make my blog a full-time job. I would most certainly attend this get-together, please keep me informed.

  16. How about a Melbourne one too for later in the year, Darren?
    That would be awesome.

  17. yes still keen for a Melbourne one. Perhaps once I’m back from this trip late in April.

  18. Dang wish I could be in attendance..but I’m way down in South Carolina!

  19. I’m there with bells.

  20. Hi Darren,

    I definitely want to come and maybe I’ll drag one or two other bloggers along with me! I live in Brooklyn and read your blog regularly (and Problogger was rated as the #1 blog for something recently ….was it monetization?).

    Well, reserve a seat for me – wherever you decided to have the bloggers night.

    Marshall – Webmetricsguru

  21. Brooklynite interested!

  22. Another Brooklynite interested.

  23. I wish i was in NY :(

  24. Awesome! I live in Brooklyn and would love to attend the potential meetup.

  25. Come on.. surely you could run a meetup in Melbourne simultaneously and turn it into a video event. Both Rach and I will be in Melbourne when you’re in NYC. :)

  26. That will be so cool, shame I won’t be able to get there … maybe I can make the next one :O)

  27. Looks like it could be fun; would love to come along.

  28. If you’re ever in rural northern Iowa / southern Minnesota, I’ll be there!

  29. I wish you could also come to Toronto. You would be very welcome and it would be my pleasure to be your host. I am sure there are a lot of bloggers who love to meet you in Toronto. So please think about it and see if it is possible.

    I love to come and see you in New York but unfortunately I can’t.

  30. Darren,
    I work in midtown west right above Penn Station and Madison Square Garden as it turns out! I am interested in a meetup and will make an effort to attend that and any afternoon session.

  31. I’m in – just moved to the city, and it’d be great to meet you all! :-)

  32. Definitely interested. I’m in Virginia but could make a weekend out of it and visit some family if it’s on a Friday or Monday. Keep me updated!

  33. Hi Darren. I’m totally interested in the meetup. I’ll probably be just a few subway stops away.

  34. Ooh, send out a reminder, Darren. I live in New York and am always pumped for free drinks.

  35. Nancy says: 02/23/2007 at 1:44 am

    Great idea! I live in the West, so I won’t be able to attend, although a summary of the gathering would be a great read. I hope this starts a trend.


  36. I’d love to come. I live in Manhattan. See you soon.

  37. Hello, I am the Director of Publisher Business Development for Commission Junction and I would be interested in attending the event.

    I would just like to introduce myself, meet some of you and learn a little more about your interests and projects/activities related to the online advertising industry.

    Best, Cindy

  38. Marina says: 02/23/2007 at 2:47 am

    I was thinking of flying out to Manhattan that week for another conference — but if you’re there, that seals the deal. Definitely interested!

  39. Am very interested. Can fly in from Milwaukee for this.

  40. All NYC bloggers are invited to write post and link back to their blogs at http://www.nyc-blogger.com

  41. I would love to attend. I work in midtown and live in Queens.

  42. I would love to attend. I work in midtown and live in Queens.

  43. Just my luck, I’ll be out of town that week. I’ll look forward to meeting you at the next New York meet up though.

  44. I wonder if there are any cheap flights going across the pond…

    Anyhow Darren, just come over to the UK, and we’ll show you the meaning of ‘free drinks’. Huzzah!

  45. Excellent – please keep me posted!

  46. I can’t wait!!!!

  47. […] Problogger  has managed to gain a sponsor for his first gathering: “I’m really excited to announce that it looks like there will be a chance for the first ever ProBlogger readers meet up while I’m in New York in late March” Finding a sponsor is a nice extension of the usual ‘I’ll be in bar X for a couple of hours on the 6th” typemeet up. […]

  48. Was it Aerosmith whose first band name iteration was Free Beer? (I guess buzz marketing works sometimes.)

    Looking forward to meeting you all.

  49. I would love to come, please put me on the list, and thanks for setting it up!

  50. I’m living in New York now and I’d love to come to this! Let me know the details if the meet-up takes place. Thanks :)

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