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ProBlogger Paternity Leave Plans

Posted By Darren Rowse 12th of June 2006 ProBlogger Site News 0 Comments

A few people have asked me what I’ll be doing with ProBlogger in the days and weeks after the birth of Mini-Rowse.

It seems that every time I go on holiday or take time off I do something different with my blog (here’s 7 things I’ve done with my blogs while on a vacation) and this time will see me try something a little different again.

I’ve decided to do a number of things this time around:

  • Aaron Brazell from Technosailor will continue to do some posts in my absence. He’ll probably write a few more than his normal one post per week column.
  • One Question Interviews – yesterday I sent emails out to a number of fairly high profile bloggers asking them to participate in a ‘one question interview’. I won’t reveal the question at this point but it’s one that allows them to answer with anything between a one liner and a more comprehensive post. So far I’ve had a number of great responses from bloggers that I admire. I’ll be posting these responses throughout the week or two after Mini’s been born.
  • Guest Posts – I’ve also got a couple of other one off guest posts lined up from regular readers. One has come from a comment that a reader left that I thought should be elevated to the main blog and another is something a reader submitted especially.
  • Miscellaneous Posts – there will be a few other miscellaneous posts scattered among the interviews and Aaron’s posts. Some I’ll do as advance posts, others I’ll write as normal between all the baby things that I’ll be doing. My own contributions to ProBlogger will be a little lighter than normal but I’ll still be here.

Hopefully between all of these posts ProBlogger will continue to be a place of learning and inspiration until I can get back into the saddle again full time (I’m planning this period to go for around 2 weeks). When it starts I’m still not sure – if all goes according to plan it will be in the last few days of June but it could also kick in any day now.

On my other blogs – some of my other blogs will be taken over by guest bloggers, others I’ll continue to write (at a lower frequency) and a few will probably lay dormant over the week or two that I take off.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Well good luck to you Darren. I am right there with you. Atleast our kids made it past being born on 6/6/06

  2. Best of luck, Darren – sounds like you’ve got things well in hand.

    (As for the picture in the previous post, don’t fret, I’m sure he’ll grow into the look. )

  3. Oh, gosh, I thought that meant the blog wouldn’t be posted to and I was in shock. Nice headline, I guess. ;-)

  4. Good luck to you and Mrs R. I hope it all goes well and you can forget about blogging and enjoy those first couple of weeks with the family.

  5. Darren you can almost guarantee that it will all start in the wee small hours of a very cold and very wet morning.

    All of mine arrived between 1am and 5.30am on mornings when normal people stayed in bed :)

  6. Sounds like a plan. Good luck with the birth.

  7. Mine started in the middle of a hurricane. :D I think you guys are not at risk of a hurricane though. :)

  8. […] It looks like he has Problogger.net suficiently covered though by using a variety of blog filling methods: […]

  9. Darren brother… My wife and I are expecting our 5th child in January and I am still blogging like a madman. Once you get over the initial shock you’ll be hammering away on that keyboard once again. It is good to have a plan during that adjustment period.

  10. hey, i’m just wondering, u gonna be blogging about net neutrality? Would be good to lend ur voice to the crowd. See here. -> http://i-am-a-comedian.blogspot.com/2006/06/network-neutrality.html

  11. oh, btw, i think this does have some sort of relevance to the topic of this blog here. Just think what’s going to happen to our streams of revenue, when these big guys take over…

  12. congrats on the baby and thanks for the help and all the great content of your blog

  13. Today, I tried to psot my comment two times in this thread and failed both the time. So, I decided to go ahead with registration. However, I was simply amazed to see the simple registration process at problogger.
    Darren try to give all of your time to your wife these days and you have our best wishes and prayers.

  14. soooo goood

  15. You may need to start a dad blog :)

  16. Congratulations! I hope that you will have a nice break. You can share with us your adventure later on when you come back. Just don’t get near the sharks!

  17. Shhh. No more comments. You might wake the baby and Darren needs his rest.

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