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ProBlogger Job Board vs Craigslist – Guess Who Wins?

Posted By Darren Rowse 11th of July 2007 ProBlogger Site News 0 Comments

JobboardheaderLast week I was saying to myself that I needed to get a testimonials page together for the ProBlogger Job Board. It’s on my to-do list (along with 60 or so other things) but today Michael Gray over at GrayWolf posted a post that I think will make a great start. In his post he compared the results of advertising for Bloggers ProBlogger Job Board vs Craigslist.

I think it’s safe to say that ProBlogger’s Job Board won out.

“I started getting responses from both websites almost immediately. Once 24 hours had gone by I started evaluating the applications, and the results were pretty clear. The job applications I got from ProBlogger were consistently higher quality than the ones from Craigslist. The applicants had more experience and were better qualified. At the end of the process, 6 of the 7 bloggers I hired came from the Problogger Job Board.”

Add to that that Craigslist costs $75 per region that you want to advertise in and our Job Boards cost $50 to our global audience of bloggers and you’ve got some decent reasons to try the ProBlogger Job Board if you’re looking for an experienced and qualified blogger!

Also – just a note for bloggers and advertisers – we’re in the process of updating the back end and adding a few small features. There shouldn’t be too many noticeable differences in this next update from the front end but stay tuned for a few ideas that will make the boards more useful.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Sounds good… When will the update be ready?

  • in time :-)

    probably a couple of weeks but it’s mostly a backend update and won’t be too noticeable from the front.

  • Ali

    I almost got a job too once from your job board. Though the pay was on par with entry level and I couldn’t justify taking it. But yes, it does work.

    Plus I’ve noticed in the past that craiglists gets you less responses back from job posters than from more niche topic job board, such as yours.

  • Does Craigslist only charge money for certain cities?

    It doesn’t seem like the Vancouver board charges, because of all the spammy ads (and posts re: spammy ads) in the job section.

    I too, once had an almost job from the ProBlogger job board :D and will definitely use when hiring for great bloggers!

  • I’m with Ali on this. I’m more apt to visit your board than to drill down through Craiglist to view their offerings. Niche is it.

  • Who would’ve known? Great job!

  • Why does this not surprise me.

    Ever thought about advertising the jobs board on craiglist? ;)

  • Craigslist only charges in a few select cities. There is only one city that it costs $75 to post a job in and it’s San Francisco. It costs $25 for NYC, LA, DC, Boston, Seattle, and San Diego. Everywhere else, it’s free.

  • Congratulations Darren! I’ve missed that feature of your site.

    Think any business out there could use a senior network admin with 2 solid years of blogging expertise? Or are most looking only for bloggers?

  • Targetted traffic wins in the end.

    I assume Craigslist has a lot more traffic, but that traffic is unfocused and not targetted to the topic of interest in question. On the other hand, you’re not going to be caught dead at a place like Problogger unless you are serious about blogging or are starting to think you want to get serious. There are almost no casual window shoppers here.
    Better targetting = better results.

    Thanks for offering such a useful service Darren.

  • Your board does have some interesting job. I notice the one on blogging the Beckhams isn’t there anymore. Has the position been filled?

  • Victor

    The trick to not paying Craigslist is posting under the gigs section. Probably not as many eyes as under jobs, but it’s free.

  • It’s funny this post came up today because it was just yesterday that I noticed that feature! There are some really interesting opportunities on there, hopefully sometime soon I’ll have the time to look into them.

  • Jon

    I’ve hired bloggers from the ProBlogger Job Board, from Craigslist and from eLance and all three have been good for different circumstances.
    For the overall number and quality of responses though, I agree with the article your Job Board is the best.

  • Although I have never used craiglist. I can attest that your job board is the great. When I posted my job offering there (which has been filled). I was inundated with applications, and I wished I could hire them all. Obviously I could not, but at any rate it gave me an awesome pool of people to choose from.

    Shane Coffey
    CEO Cellounge Media

  • Makes sense that you’d get more quality bloggers here. However, I wouldn’t hire another blogger/freelance writer unless I knew them for at least a year. I guess you never know whether they’re just dipping into the e-zines for content or something. But…

    If you’re going to find a good blogger through an ad, it has to be here at ProBlogger.

  • This makes sense to me though I’m experiencing it from the blogger seeking jobs side.

    I keep an eye on the board for possible additional gigs and I’m really pleased with the quality of the jobs offered. I don’t have to wade through a lot of junk like on Craigslist.

    I’m going to post about this at ProHipHop, not to tell people where they can get blogger jobs cause I’ve already done that, but in hopes that even more companies will use your board cause that benefits me.