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Problogger ‘Issues’

Posted By Darren Rowse 18th of June 2006 ProBlogger Site News 0 Comments

Apologies to readers for the outage of ProBlogger today.

I’m not really able to say what the problem was but hopefully we’re back up and running and won’t have another long outage like we had today.

After a long frustrating day I think I might go watch Australia take on Brazil in the World Cup – wish us luck (we’ll need it)!

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  • Have some faith in our boys buddy! Watching Brazil’s sluggish display against Croatia in their recebt “Group F” World Cup match has me extremely hopeful, that the talents of Cahill, Kewell, Viduka, Aloisi (to name a few), including (IMHO) the world’s best goal keeper, bar none, Schwarzer are going to give the “Boys From Brazil” something to think about — for many years to come. I ‘ve even staked a bit of money on it.

    I am more worried about a match with Croatia.


  • Thilak

    Yes Darren, I was on the move and I was feeling bored. So I pointed my browser to to read some of your old SEO tutorials. And the page refused to load, I thought that it was due to my cell phones GPRS connection.

    And one more thing, Please add subscribe to comments plugin to keep a track of comments.

  • Roseanne – I’m otimistic in my heart but a little more realistic and dubious in my head. Should be fun either way though – nice to see our boys performing on a worldwide stage like this though.

    Thilak – I had that plugin before but when I upgraded WP it caused some problems so I had to remove it unfortunately. Will consider putting it back in at some point in the future though.

  • “After a long frustrating day I think I might go watch Australia take on Brazil in the World Cup – wish us luck (we’ll need it)!”
    As long as the Australians do not embrace the word ‘football’ instead of ‘soccer’, I see little hope for the Australian national football/soccer team. Passion is the main thing Darren.

  • Darren just don’t forget to feed the hamsters next time :)

  • Roseanne

    Mark might be one of the best goal keepers but unfortunately he’s not the highest paid goalie. Mark gets about 30k a match while the Italian goalie’s transfer fee was 32 million pounds.

  • razib – it’ll never be football here as in Australia we have a game that truely is football called Australian Rules Football :-)

    Stuart – good tip!

  • Darren: Ping me sometime about that Subscribe to Comments plugin.

  • I missed the whole thing. I looked at it a couple of times yesterday and last night (my time) and never had any trouble at all.

  • Darren, if Aus will have some luck today they will not get more than 3 goals… just kidding. Hope your team will dance Samba after the game is over.

  • What is Australian Rules Football?

    I’ll have to wikipedit.

  • To bad the Austrailians couldn’t put it in. They had some really good chances there. Brazil has not looked that sharp over the last 2 games.

  • Australia looked very good against Brazil and if they will play so good against Croatia they will sure get a point to go through first stage.

  • Brazil-2, Australia-0, no luck for australians this time :-)
    Regards from a Brazilian ProBlogger reader and a soccer fan of course…

  • Hi Darren!

    Brazil 2 x 0 Australia. Yes, it’s not this time that Australia beat Brazil. But do not get upset, it was a very nice game to watch.

  • Marino

    Hello Darren.
    I read your blog almost every day and I’m from Croatia. I hope we will win the next match, which is against Australia. :)
    BTW, nice blog. Greetings from Croatia.

  • I think Australia can win against Croatia and go through. I actually like the way they play a lot more than Croatia’s.

  • it wasn’t a total disgrace for Australia to lose. We did well but just couldn’t finish it off and put the ball in the net. I think we can beat Croatia so hopefully it’s not all lost.

  • If Kewell wouldn’t have missed with the free goal in front of him, the result might have been different.

    Anyway, when the replacements came for Brazil, they really dominated. Right now, Australia has its own faith in its hands: they win or at least make a draw, they are qualified.

  • Hi, I’m a Brazilian reader and I was very pleased with the game I watched today. Australia was a great tem and, in my opinion, we were lucky to leave the stadium with the victory.

    Australia is a mature team with some great (and strong) players, that played very good and scared us in Brazil for a moment. I’m sure if they play against Croatia like they did today, Brazil and Australia will move to the next round of the World Cup.

    And I’ll be cheering for Australia too, because the people from there are very nice and fun. Very similar to the brazilian crowd!

    Good luck against Croatia…!