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About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Testing! Darren, if you cannot block automated Spam you can use PHSDL Spam Filter http://www.phsdl.net Andy Beard using it with TypePad AntiSpam at the same time.

  2. Darren, I posted a message with my Anti-Anti Spam project url and it is holding it for moderation! lol

    Lara Says:WordPress tends to do that with comments that have a “strange” (ie. new) link in them, or have a link but are from people who haven’t left a lot of comments. The moderation queue isn’t a part of the AntiSpam… it comes with a standard install of WordPress, and you set the settings for it separate from any anti-spam plugin.

  3. Just for test…

    Lara Says: Miguel, thanks for the idea to test it, but your comment still showed up in moderation. Probably because it was so short, or because you haven’t left enough comments on the site yet. That’s a WordPress behavior, not any anti-spam plugin behavior. It’s pretty standard. But again, thanks for trying to test out the new spam plugin.

  4. Now trying on my own blog,no problems so far.

  5. Lara, I like the inline comments! Is that new? I am sure I left enough comments on this blog for the past few years! lol Maybe the url is new. I try not to post url’s unless they are relevant.

    It is good you doing a test! You do not want to have angry commentators if their relevant comments are blocked by Spam filter like Akismet does sometimes.

  6. It looks like the TypePad AntiSpam is very sensitive! Even for a regular poster it puts comments in moderating cue if consecutive comments are left by the same poster.

    Please keep an eye on your moderation cue, you do not want an angry Blogger saying that you banned them from your blog!

    Very important!

  7. I will write this one to see filter at work, am i bot ?
    :) I am spam sms. :)
    lol looks like goes true normaly, it’s not dump comment filter :) everything is ok!

  8. I began testing two days ago. Looks very similar to akismet. Found one bug – it bloks my own comment.

  9. Did I miss who Lara is? I’m not sure if she was introduced…

  10. We installed it too and it is working well so far – instead of dealing with large numbers of pending comments we get at most one or two a day that go into the pending queue.

  11. I notice its all open source, even to Spammers – once they figure out how it works will they be able to bypass it?????

    Its a clever way for 6 to start getting word press users to trust them and maybe even consider their platform for blogging? Ive not used Movable Type in a while, but it was pretty good to begin with then wordpress got better, its nice to have a few options i supoose.

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