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Strategies for Better Conversions with Tim Paige from LeadPages

Today I am speaking with Tim Paige. Tim is the conversion educator for LeadPages. With LeadPages, you can publish an optimized landing page in five minutes. They also offer other great conversion tools like LeadBoxes, LeadDigits and LeadLinks.

Tim is the guy that educates everyone about how to use LeadPages and its products and how to create the best performing landing pages.


On this show, Tim shares time-tested strategies for better conversions with or without LeadPages. Including Reverse Value Bomb opt-ins to really increase your subscriber count. He also shares how to use “content upgrades” as an opt-in strategy.

Tim discusses the latest emerging trends for marketers, and gives his best tips on email segmentation. He also shares a special offer with ProBlogger listeners.

In This Episode

  • How Tim as a Conversion Educator, shares everything LeadPages as a company has learned over the past few years
  • He speaks at live events, hosts the ConversionCast Podcast, and he has presented over 450 webinars in the last two years
  • Tim’s background from musician to sales to online marketing to LeadPages
  • The power of connection, John Lee Dumas introduced Tim to Clay Collins of LeadPages which led to becoming the conversion educator

Listener Questions

What exactly are landing pages and how do they fit in with blogging? What would be the advantage of LeadPages over just doing them in WordPress?

  • Primary function of bloggers is to take away overstimulation of information overload and too many choices
  • A landing page focuses on getting a visitor to do one thing like sign up a newsletter
  • LeadPages is a software tool built with billions of data points about how to get a visitor to sign up, buy or convert in some form
  • It enables a blogger to have a landing page that has already been tested and proven to get results

Types of Pages

  • Opt-in landing page
  • Webinar registration page – Webinars are a great way to connect with an audience and they convert really well
  • Home page – Let the first connection be something that can help your reader, offer a guide or resource

LeadPages Tools

  • LeadBoxes – Fastest way to grow an email list. It’s a pop-up opt-in form that is triggered by a link or image. Tested across 35,000 customers and it had a 32% conversion increase
  • Content Upgrades – Include a LeadBox or opt-in form that gives away something made specifically for that blog post, PDF checklist, PDF blog post, etc.
  • As an example the yellow button at the end of these show notes is a LeadPages LeadBox
  • LeadLinks – A tool that allows inserting a link in an email that adds the subscriber to a list or webinar, used for segmentation, webinar registration, and growing a list though partners by sharing a link on their list
  • LeadDigits – Allows collecting opt-ins via text message, great for public speaking

Can I use LeadPages to build up my list, while I’m in the process of the design and setup of my new site?

  • Yes, even if you don’t use LeadPages, grow your list with at least a simple landing page that speaks to your target audience
  • Giveaway a simple one page list of tools or resources that you use to accomplish your blog topic
  • Link your domain to a simple landing page and direct readers there
  • You will have a ready built audience when your blog launches
  • You can also use this tactic when developing a product
  • This method can even be used as part of your market research

Value Bomb Reverse Landing Page

  • You create something of massive value, tons of content, takes a long time to create
  • Once you have this content it will be a big lead generator for years to come
  • An example: Year End Social Media Report from Social Media Examiner
  • Create a big report, with a couple of pages free and then an opt-in for the rest
  • Create 2-3 hours worth of video, break them up into 10-15 videos, put them all on a landing page for free, take videos, plus audio, plus transcription etc. zip it all into a package and offer it as an opt-in option
  • Next step webinar and follow up course every three days, by email number four most people will buy will have done so

Common Mistakes Bloggers Make With Landing Pages

  • Not having an offer at all, subscribe for updates may not be enough
  • Having a thrown together landing page
  • The design, layout and structure of a landing page has a really big impact
  • Have something that makes people want to opt-in
  • Create copy that speaks to your audience, not just emotional keywords

LeadPages Offer For ProBlogger Readers

  • Go to and sign up for any annual or two year plan and get these awesome bonuses
  • Custom Designed One Page Resource Guide Lead Magnet ($197 value)
  • The Landing Page Course ($500 value)
  • The Webinar 2.0 Course ($197 value)
  • The Pre-sell Formula ($997 value) – program that tells you how to build a list, research and pre-sell a product before it is created
  • Special Darren Rowse opt-in Template
  • Special offer ends on March 31st

Example of an Opt-in Page

  • LeadPages templates can be sorted by conversion rate
  • Modern Webinar page is current best converting page
  • It’s a simple page with a headline, a subheadline, a countdown timer, and a call to action and basic copy
  • Simplicity in a world of complexity

What Is The Next Thing for Marketers

  • The power of list segmentation
  • Fun and unique strategies for finding out who people are and what information they want
  • Learn more about your customers preferences and what they care about
  • You can even segment by how often they want to be emailed
  • Market based on preferences


How did you go with today’s episode?

I hope you enjoyed this interview as much as I did. I was furiously jotting down notes.

Disclaimer: ProBlogger is an affiliate for LeadPages but it is also worth noting that were paid up users of the product and have used it in our own business as we believe it is a great tool. 

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