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Blogging is Alive and Well and Remains Relevant

Today, there are so many new mediums that people often ask if blogging is dead. I certainly don’t think blogging is dead, but it has changed. Today I’m going to talk about why blogging is alive and well, and the benefits of blogging.


I received this listener question on Anchor, from Marcus Boswell. What does the modern blogger get out of blogging? This question is common, because there are so many other things we could be doing with our time.

Let’s explore why blogging is still relevant today. If you have a business or are starting a business, the reason to have a blog really boils down to this quote by Bob Burg.

“All things being equal, people do business with, and refer business to, people that they know like and trust.”

In This Episode

  • How to be known, liked and trusted
  • Blogging generates trust – people actually talk to you like they know you
  • Creating and publishing useful content on a regular basis creates relationships

Besides building trust and relationships with readers, there are many secondary benefits of blogging.

Secondary Benefits of Blogging

  • Blogging is great for SEO
  • It can drive traffic to your business
  • Great for converting traffic to leads
  • Great for building authority and credibility
  • Blogging helps personalise your brand
  • It provides fuel for social media

These secondary benefits are fantastic, but the relationship building and showing your customers that you really understand their problems and know them is really why blogs are so powerful.

“Honest and transparent content is the greatest sales and trust building tool in the world. Period.” Marcus Sheridan from Sales Lion

Creating great content on a regular basis that changes people’s lives helps us, but is blogging the only way? Podcasting, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other social outlets can all help build trust.

Why Blog?

  • Your style and voice should dictate what medium you use to create your best content.
  • Where is your audience? How do they prefer to consume content?
  • What medium works best with your topic?
  • Always consider using a blog. You can embed any medium on your blog.
  • With a blog you have complete control, avoid using a third-party for a home based
  • You can always use other hosts, but point back to your home base

Examples of people using different mediums, but pointing back to a blog as a home base:

  • – Gavin has created a home base for his preferred medium – cartoons, all based around a blog.
  • – A blogger using YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to highlight her make up examples and tutorials.
  • – A speaker and author who uses podcasting to drive traffic back to his blog and content.
  • – You can find Brian Fanzo on every live streaming network, but he posts the replays on his blog.

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