Tips on Taking Your Blog to the Next Level With Embeddable Content

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Today I am talking about an opportunity to lift the quality of your blog posts using embeddable content. I also list a heap of resources for finding great embeddable content, and deciding which resources to use.



Using embeddable content is a great opportunity to lift the quality of your blog. Many bloggers take it for granted and overlook using it, but this content can increase the quality of your work. It will potentially serve your readers better and even help your blog to rank higher in search engines.

I was recently asked to help judge a blog contest by my friend Michael Stelzner from Social Media Examiner. The blogs that stood out to me were ones that were using embeddable content to really make the posts dynamic.

This is something that is often done on social media blogs and blogs about blogging, but there is a real opportunity to take advantage of this concept on blogs in other niches.

Last week, I was speaking at a conference in Sydney, and this concept was fresh in my mind, so I produced this slide on the 17 types of embeddable content.

Reasons Why Smart Use of Embeddable Content Can Lift Content Quality

  • It lifts the usefulness of the content
  • This content can appeal to different learning styles and personality types
  • Plus it shows your readers that you are willing to go the extra mile
  • It can also add other voices, opinions and experiences to your blog
  • It increases page time – gives you more time to create an impression and build your brand
  • Page time also helps with SEO – longer page time is a signal to Google to rank higher

imbd content img

17 Types of Embeddable Content

  • Video – YouTube etc. easiest and best way to add audio and visual
  • Slides – Slideshare easy way to turn list post into slide deck
  • Tweets – Every tweet can be embedded in a blog post
  • Facebook – posts, status updates, videos and images
  • Audio Files – Anchor –  file to quickly put thoughts out and reply
  • Cartoons – Andertoons
  • Live-Streaming or Replays – Periscope, Blab
  • Instagram – Pictures and videos
  • Slideshows – Flickr and from other photo sharing sites
  • Infographics –
  • Bookmarks – Pinterest and pins
  • Google – Maps or Google Earth
  • Polls and Quizzes – Qzzr
  • Mindmaps – MindMeister
  • Google – Docs, forms and PDFs
  • Podcast – Podcast players
  • Animated Gifs – GIPHY

You can create or curate embeddable content. I challenge you to create one blog post this week that uses embeddable content. Share your post links in the comments below or share any other ways you use to create this content.

Before you publish your next blog post, ask yourself these questions:

  • What can I create or curate that will add value
  • Make sure it is useful quality content
  • Don’t over do it. One or two embeds are fine, you don’t need 20
  • Think about what additional content would enhance the topic

You could also start with a piece of embeddable content and put it into a blog post and add to it. It becomes the “hero” of the topic. You can also curate and summarize someone else’s content with further reading etc.

Resources and Examples Mentioned

 How did you go with today’s episode?

Let us know how you use embedded content on your blog and leave a link below.

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  • Darren,

    I loved this episode of the ProBlogger Podcast.

    I’ve been embedding content on my Spanish learning site for a couple of months now, and it’s worked great for me. My viewers are staying for 4, 5 and even 8 minutes on my pages.

    Last week, I published this post:

    It’s episode 106 from my podcast. It’s a Spanish pronunciation assessment where I go through one of my students recording of a Spanish sentence. It’s been one of my most popular posts so far.

    Hope other ProBlogger readers get similar results. It’s really motivating seeing people appreciate your work.

    And I certainly appreciate yours, Darren.

    Thanks for everything you do. Gracias.

    Maria Fernandez

  • I’m all for embeddable content. I actually just wrote an article about why I love to embed a Tweet in my posts. It has helped me gain over 500 retweets, every time. Check it out:

    Thank you for all these fantastic ideas 🙂

    • carlingdoodling

      wow amazing results! I’m going to try that out too.

  • Great podcast- thanks, Darren!

    I like to write posts based on song lyrics that inspire me, and then close the post by embedding a YouTube video of the song.
    Here’s one from last week:

    I love the idea of making the embedded content the centerpiece of the article, and will definitely try that for this week!


  • Moshe
  • Sara Zenner


    Thanks for yet another inspiring podcast. In my post that went live today i embedded a YouTube video of a tutorial that my son and I tried. I documented with photos of our process and used the video to support our content.

    Thanks again and keep the information coming!!


    Sara Zenner (Bitz & Giggles)

  • Dirk Heimbürger


    this episode is really useful for me. I will try to use your advices.

    In my earlier posts i have embedded only YouTube content before.
    A few days before, i published this post:

    Next week i will try to use other embedded content.
    Thank your for these fresh ideas!!

    Dirk Heimbürger

  • Thanks for the good advice. Duly inspired, I included a YouTube video in my latest blog post!

  • Darren,

    Awesome tips on Embeddable content. All 17 forms of Embeddable content are very actionable.

    I have used a couple of them listed above, like Slideshare, JobsRoll API, infographics, docs, and YouTube. The ones I think I can take advantage of are audio files, animated gifs, bookmarks, and polls and quizzes. I hope to implement those on my site soon.

    Thank you for sharing your insights Darren. I greatly appreciate it.

  • Ann-Marie

    What is Anchor? Is this a service or a new social media platform? Thank you for your time, I really enjoy all of your podcasts.

  • Ranee Boyd Tomlin

    This was a fascinating podcast and sparked my passion for creative and credible curating. However, I would appreciate further discussion of how to handle giving credit and requesting permission when using others’ content.

  • Thanks Darren for another great podcast and the fabulous list of embeddable content. I tend to use YouTube videos simply b/c they’re so easy to embed and had never thought to look beyond that. I’m definitely looking into adding more ways to add audio. I had just published a post yesterday with an embedded video: Part 2 How To Satisfy A Serious Gardener’s Itch But You Live In An Apartment (how’s that for a long title!):

  • Amy Urquhart

    Thanks for another great episode, Darren! I published this post today after listening to the podcast. Thanks, everyone, looking forward to checking out your posts!

  • Thank you for this both reminder and prompt to explore many of these other forms of content! When I profile amazing women I’ve tried to remember to look for a video of their type of airplane at takeoff, and just started pulling out their key lessons learned to put into a separate “mission checklist.” But here are fifteen more types of content to try, and I can’t wait Thank you!

  • carlingdoodling

    I love the idea of embeddable content! I hope I did it right with my new post!

    I embedded an old video that I recorded when I was Lille France and a instagram vid. Darren, you are heaven sent to newbie blogger like me. I just let your podcast playing on my pc while I’m doing something else. hahaha

  • I’ve been listening to ProBlogger podcast for a while and getting lots of great tips for my blog. I like the idea of embedding tweets in a post. I’ll have to explore that in a future post.

    Here is a post I created in December around a video I shot when I was in Sri Lanka:

  • Spike Outdoors

    A lot of great ideas in this episode, thank you! It gave me a lot of ideas for my blog based on embeddable content. Here is my first post based on the ideas you gave.

  • Kevin Turner

    Another great podcast. The topic of embedded content has made me rethink how I create my content. I actually got excited about all the different types of embedded content that I could add. Thanks again for making me a better blogger. Here is a small post I created

  • Devon Lee

    I haven’t embedded anything yet as I was working on revising old content, setting up a social media scheduler, and getting my email list going. However, I finally have a handle on the three, for now, and I’m looking forward to implementing these in future posts. Thanks for the wonderful variety of ideas.

  • Sarah Murphy ND

    Wow, this has given me a whole new way to create interesting and informative content for my readers. I’ve taken your advice Darren and created this post about Keanu Reeves and controversial views on health. I included a Facebook post, some sound cloud audio AND a youtube video! Epic advice!