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How to Work Out How to Brand Your Blog

Today’s episode is all about how to build your blog’s brand. Many bloggers don’t think about branding, they let their brand happen to them, instead of building it. Your blog brand sets the scene for the relationship you will have with your readers and how they will perceive you. If you have a clear brand, it also has a flow on effect of making it easier to make the right decisions about your design, your content, and the way you build community. I share my tips and some exclusive advice shared by Clare Hillier (from Checks and Spots) recently at the 2015 ProBlogger Event.

In This Episode

clare-hillier-checks-and-spots-about-me-smlYou can listen to today’s episode above or in iTunes or Stitcher (where we’d also LOVE to get your reviews on those platforms if you have a moment). In today’s episode:

  • What is a brand? What is a blog brand?
  • Why does having a brand for your blog matter?
  • Exclusive excerpt of blog branding tips from Clare Hillier’s presentation at the 2015 ProBlogger Event
  • How to define your blog brand

Further Reading and Resources for How to Work Out How to Brand Your Blog

Clare’s Questions about Building Your Brand

Questions to ask about your Brand Essence

  • Who are my readers?
  • Why do people visit my blog?
  • How do people feel when they read my blog?
  • How do my readers benefit from my blog?
  • What do I do that makes me stand out from everyone else?
  • What would people miss if my blog was no longer there?
  • What do I want to be known for?

Questions to ask about your Brand Values

  • What values do you express?
  • What values do you want your blog to live by?
  • What values do you think resonate deeply with your audience?

How did you go with today’s episode?

What did you learn from today’s episode? Do you already know what you want your blog to be known for? If you’re still developing your blog brand statement, what brand essence or values are you planning to include?

We’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Don’t forget to share a link to your blog.


  • Very useful episode. I clearly see the value of blog branding. Clare said it pretty well – how people see me & values I express.
    Personally I try to express it by topics I cover and wordds I use. But also by illustration style I add to my blogs post.

    Clare mentioned that the logo and look is less important. I generally agree, but I think the overal graphical style of the blog should reflect those values. I wonder how do you see this role of blog’s visual look in context of blog branding, Darren? You as being a photographer 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment Peter. I definitely think the visual look of a blog is important – I guess based upon this podcast it should flow from the values/essence of your brand. I think Clare’s blog at is a perfect example of that.

      We’re currently working on an overhaul of the ProBlogger design and trying to incorporate this kind of stuff. It’s a big job!

      • Hi Darren, you’re right, the flow should be from values to visuals. However, values are quite subjective, not so easy to express. Actually it can be pretty iterative process to write down the values and rewrite them from time to time, to find better words perhaps.

        Interesting to know you are working on redesigning your website. I will be curious to see in what direction :).
        By the way, if I can be of any help (I am in computer graphics design), I will gladly do so.

  • Scott

    It really resonated with me that it’s important to build your brand rather than “let it happen to you”. Definitely something worth thinking through as I’m working through the 31 days to a better blog (I’m currently on day 25). I know it’s not written text but we’ve focused on this in particular with our instagram over time. We’re very careful with the sorts of things we post up and whether or not it’s “on brand”. That said, if something doesn’t perform well it’s still a lesson to us on what our readers like. Similarly with new products on our site we take great care with the sorts of things we put up on the site. In the early days when we catered too much to PR companies, in trying to please, we really find our viewership and the quality of our site/brand suffer. Sticking true to what we are passionate about and the products we truely love has been important for us. Not saying we can’t still work with PR/Products/Other Brands but we need to ensure the content remains true to what our readers expect and what we ourselves enjoy. in other words, “on brand” 🙂

  • Just finished listening to the new episode! You know Darren, I’m quite hooked to this podcast! I check iTunes every day to see if you have a new episode available for download. On a recent episode on the blogging mistakes, I mentioned branding as one of the key ones so I’m quite glad you talked about this topic!

    Personally, my blog’s brand is all about “Live to Eat!” As for my reader journey, my readers come to Chef Jay’s Kitchen to improve their relationship with food because we want to have honest, objective conversations about food in the blog. I think this resonates with a lot of readers because they know i’ll speak my mind and be genuine with them.

    Love this episode and I’m looking forward to the 50th!

    Chef Jay

  • Darren, Of course I listened to the podcast and it was great. I realized when I started my blog I wasn’t crystal clear on where it was headed and the ” why, but I am taking this podcast and applying what you suggested, I know what I would do different when I started another one, but still going to make this one work. I had the idea of my Brand , but I needed to incorporate a ” Fixed Niche” and I couldn’t establish the audience until I went directly where they were and what made them tick. Thanks Lori English

  • Cafe Conversation

    Hi Darren, I adored this podcast. I had been blogging for a few years when a couple of years I threw in the towel so to speak. I had a personal blog, lost my way and perhaps felt a little burnt out, wasn’t this supposed to be fun. After more than a year off I’ve been motivated to go back into blogging and whilst it’s personal, I wanted to know my why, what my values were, what I was giving to the reader.
    I’ve been listening to your podcasts and this one especially resinated with me because I’d been wanting to add a set of ‘Core Values’ to my blog. Something I’ve admired in my work place, core values really sets the tone for who you are, what you want to share, what you hope to achieve.
    I’ve created a page listening my core values, as well as my one line ‘why’ and I’ll use this as my tool to help guide me along the way.

  • Paul Ebbage

    G’day Darren. this was incredibly helpful for me as i’m just about to hit the Go button on my website. What was particularly helpful was about brand values and essence. It’s certainly gives you food for thought. Btw, i love this format. It’d be great to get some snippets from your conference weaved in to the podcast when you can.

  • I have branded by blog,, by using a caricature of me in the blog’s logo. I get many comments about it. I carry the branding to my LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. I will carry it to a Facebook page, if and when I decided to go that route.