Welcome to day 1 of the 31 Days to Better Blog challenge.

As I explained in yesterdays welcome episode this 31 day challenge is all about giving you short challenges to do that will bring a little life to your blogging.

Today my challenge is for you to create an Elevator Pitch for your blog.

Todays podcast isn’t long but the activity can really bring a lot of clarity to your blogging which has many flow on benefits to your blogging. In fact what you do today will help a lot in future days of this challenge.

In This Episode

In todays episode I’ll share:

  • What an elevator pitch is
  • Why you need an elevator pitch
  • Where you’ll use it in your blogging
  • 9 Simple tips on how to Write one
  • 5 Questions to start with to get some clarity on your elevator pitch

Share Your Elevator Pitch in Comments Below

One of the things I’ve always loved about 31DBBB is that participants share what they DO as a result of each days challenges.

Once you’ve created your elevator pitch – please share it in comments below (feel free to leave a link to your blog too so we can check it out) and have a look at the elevator pitches and blogs of others too.

This challenge works best if we tackle each day together so please get to know your fellow 31DBBB participants!

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A HUGE Thanks for an Amazing Start

Lastly I wanted to take a moment to say a big thank you to everyone for your encouragement, comments, shares and reviews of yesterdays first episode.

The podcast made it to the #1 Podcast in numerous countries iTunes store and I’ve been quite overwhelmed and very humbled by the feedback already.

Please take a moment to leave us some feedback in a review on iTunes.

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  • Great tips today! Here’s my elevator pitch:

    “Starter Culture is a blog about finishing things. I’ve chosen five major life goals and will post three days per week until I’ve accomplished them all.”

    • I would read this!

      • Thanks! It’s at starterculture.net.

    • Sounds like I could do with reading your blog! Just followed you on Twitter, would be good if you could include an email sign up form too 🙂

      • Thanks, Rob! I’ve been thinking about a sign up form. Thanks for the tip!

    • great work Eric

    • I love this because not finishing things is one of my big issues. I toyed with the idea of writing a blog where I just do something new every week because I love to learn. I’ll be following along

      • Anna-Maria Sviatko

        On my blog I have a category called ‘Finish it off Friday’, where I (try) to finish one unfinished project a week. Fell free to steal the idea 🙂

        • I like that ideas Anna-Maria!

        • love that.

        • Alison Lange

          I love that idea! That would be a great thing to start in September or January when people make new resolutions. Right now, I post 3 days a week: Tuesday parenting, Thursday finance, and Friday everyday life topics (I started a series on Christmas planning in July today, so I need to wait before I could change my Friday schedule). Thanks for the great tip, though!

      • I think that’s a great idea for a blog, Cynthia. I know I’d read it!

    • Jerry Everard

      Great topic Eric – I reckon you’ll have plenty of followers with this pitch 🙂 I’m already looking forward to seeing those five life goals!

      • Thanks for the kinds words, Jerry!

    • Great focus Eric!

    • Wow, Eric. This is like meeting a guru in India. I love the concept and your intentionality. Do I love you or hate the power of your focus and challenge? I picture you in running shorts, carrying that Olympic torch. I am confident you will make it. And then what? Just eat Indian food, all sweaty in your saffron robes??

      • Well, I wouldn’t mind heading to Costa Rica and living out my days on a hammock…

        • Dan Gaskell

          Eric, that’s exactly what we’re doing! We are heading to Costa Rica in August this year. It’s getting close!

    • Ian Mulholland

      I’m surprised my wife hasn’t signed me up to your blog already. I love your elevator pitch, it’s much more succinct than mine.

      • Thanks, Ian! It may be a bit too audacious, but that just puts pressure on me to do the stuff, which is the whole point 🙂

    • Pete Reece

      Simple and most importantly understandable. Tells people like me what the blog is about and has awoken so much interest in me that I’ve been to your blog, found it really interesting, have commented and liked it on Facebook! Not a bad result. 🙂

      • Thanks, Pete! I really appreciate your comment. Typing up a reply over at the blog as we speak.

    • Excellent pitch Eric. It motivated me to check out your blog, subscribe to your feed and follow you on twitter. Hopefully none of which is too creepy 🙂

    • Great pitch, I think it’s intriguing because reading about others accomplishing their goals gives the sense that we can do it too, it has this empowering undercurrent.

    • Rebecca Brown

      Eric, I also have a blog about finishing projects. I love the concept portrayed in your pitch, and am wondering how things are going? Does this pitch still work with your blog or have you revised it?

    • My blog is similar but about the distractions that get in my way of my goals. “My Distracted Life” Because I am a habitual habit breaker.

  • Jerry Everard

    Thanks for the tips Darren – here’s my elevator pitch:
    “The FogWatch demystifies the art of planning, packing, surviving and recording your trip – through stories and photos. I will share practical tips that worked for me, and some mishaps I’ve made along the way.”

    • Great pitch. I could use this advice.

      • Jerry Everard

        Thanks Eric 🙂 I’ve just started this blog, but have loads of notes and ideas – let me know if there’s anything you’d like in particular

    • great concept

      • Jerry Everard

        Thanks Darren! I just started that blog a few days ago – but I’ve also applied the same thinking to my about page in the fogwatchphotos.com blog too – I’ll be trying the 31 day challenge on both 🙂

    • Lynn Gowdy

      Nice Jerry, I really get it. Look forward to reading your blog!

      • Jerry Everard

        Thanks Lynn – it’s off to a great start thanks to readers like you 🙂

    • Pete Reece

      Hi Jerry. Very clear what you’re doing except it doesn’t clarify what kind of trips? Like the personal touch in there i.e. about what’s worked for you and the honesty about the mishaps. “Planning, packing, surviving and recording …” – I think one fewer item in the list would help it to trip off the tongue better. 🙂 Pete

      • Jerry Everard

        Hi Pete thanks for that feedback – yes, in retrospect probably one less in the list would work better. Still finding my feet with the niche – so I’m not sure myself about the kinds of trips – I travel for business and for recreation, so I guess there will be tips for short and long trips and dealing with multiple climates. I’ve been doing a fair bit of travel and I’m aiming the blog probably at the 30-50 age group – a bit older than the audience for World of Wanderlust, for example 🙂 Thanks again – Jerry

  • Build. Brand. Manage. Success.

  • Nuno

    Thanks for the tips.
    My elevator pitch is: Epic Wishes, Connecting People to Their Dreams.

  • Huge Profits Tiny List teaches new online entrepreneurs how to get started with a lucrative business, using business models and strategies that you can do from home, or from anywhere in the world you have an Internet connection. This is all based on my personal experiences over the past nine years.

  • “If you and your family, friends, and coworkers click on my affiliate links and buy stuff, I can quit my job!” 😛

    • LOL at least it’s honest! 😉

      • Marie-Claire Allington


    • Definitely honest 🙂

    • Heather Samantha Hummel

      The truth always comes out anyway, so may as well start with it. 🙂

    • simplywebly

      I love this one. You tell it like it is and you make it fun and raises my curiosity to visit your website.

    • This brings to mind a poem by Emily Dinckenson:

      Tell all the truth but tell it slant —
      Success in Circuit lies
      Too bright for our infirm Delight
      The Truth’s superb surprise . . .
      The Truth must dazzle gradually
      Or every man be blind —

      Maybe she was wrong after all.

  • Florden
  • John

    Darren, what is probloggers elevator pitch?

    • I need to refine it as it’s one I’ve used for a while now but it’s currently ‘ProBlogger helps Bloggers Build Exceptional Blogs’

      I think I’d like to tweak it a bit though!

      • The merrymaker sisters

        Oh! Nice one Darren… what are you thinking? Adding something about monetizing? WE think you should add something about changing people’s lives positively. For example, the content on PB inspired and educated us to be able to quit our boring life sucking corporate jobs to build the life we’ve always dreamed. <3 <3

      • John

        Nice – one sentence. Mine is: Learn English and make new friends

  • Kate Boyden

    Thanks Darren.

    I help women start over with confidence, courage and grace.

    • Love it Kate

      • Kate Boyden

        Thanks so much Darren – I am just about to launch so your comment means a lot!!

  • I partner with solopreneurs who are building soulful, thriving businesses with fun and ease.

  • Helping you control your blood sugar and reduce internal inflammation to prevent disease through nutrition, weight loss and movement.

    • Big topic there with lots of people needing to read it!

  • IMSMe

    Mine is “I intend to live for a very long time. So far, so good.” (seeing as I write about health, it should be a good fit :)) http://ireland-ms.com

  • Julie C

    Hi Darren, thanks for this new series. Looks like it’s going to be really helpful. I did buy your e-book a couple of years ago, but have to admit I didn’t work all the way through it. Now’s the time, as I’m just finishing up with a new blog design and after two years of treating it like an occasional ‘hobby blog’ I really would like to start to grow it and spend more time on it. I’m a journalist, and have no problem interpreting other people’s messages but have a hard time with my own, and thinking of my blog as a brand. It’s a lifestyle blog called Life and Chai, and the tagline is ‘ideas for delicious living’, but I do realise I have to get quite a bit clearer and more intentional than that! Some food for thought in this podcast, so thanks. http://lifeandchai.com

    • thanks for being involved Julie

    • Julie, I’m in a similar boat – I’ve written a bazillion words for magazines and websites but have trouble finding my voice on my own blog. Kind of like the best barber with the worst haircut syndrome.

      • I totally know what you mean Cynthia!

  • derekneuland

    http://www.quietandconstant.com is a photographic conversation that explores the ordinary and the intricate aspects of life. We are here to share our findings and our experiences and examine the differences and similarities of what is ours and that which we discover.

  • Great podcast. My blog teaches individuals how to SHINE in their personal and professional lives through branding and success tips.

    • Diana

      LOVE your site and message Rana, so glad I found you, and thanks to Darren for creating this podcast and bringing us all together!

    • Marie-Claire Allington

      That is a cool site.

    • Great message Rana

  • Our pitch is simple: “We make it easy to find and book great campsites in the UK!”

    • Definitely simple and to the point – good one!

  • I am an artist focused on abstract watercolor and illustration. I also manage executives schedules.

    • that’s an interesting combination Glenyse!

      • Thanks Darren!

        My executive assistant salary is currently my secret angel investor in my art business. I’m still trying to think of something “catchier” that is short (and not so darned serious :)!

  • Anne Wayman

    Resources to help freelance writers earn more money, be of more service and have fun.

  • How to get elected without losing your soul.

    • wow – that’s an interesting one, makes me want to know more for sure.

  • I help you decode the mysteries of your soul + bring abundance to your daily reality.

  • At Real Mom Life, my passion is to provide resources and reassurances for moms facing the surprising challenges of family life. In my writing and speaking, I explore solutions to unexpected issues in adoption, homeschooling, special needs, and more while encouraging moms to extract the maximum joy out of each day. Christine Field, http://www.realmomlife.com

    • Good one Christine

    • Pete Reece

      Well done Christine.

  • strugglinginvestor

    “Use the right tools and strategies to help you break free of the struggles we all experience when starting out as real estate investors.” https://StrugglingInvestor.com

  • Church Website Ideas Helps Small Church Web Workers Build Websites That Look Good & DO Good (http://www.churchwebsiteideas.com)

  • “Keeping the spirit of the Beat Generation alive through strange tales of travel.” – The Vagabond Beat – http://vagabondbeat.com

  • You know the smile that spreads across your face when you think about a past holiday? Well, that’s Journey Jottings! We all know that our
    memories fade – I’m here to show you how to highlight your holiday adventures, forever 🙂

  • Paul Oaten

    We build modern, responsive websites that help you get more customers.

    • nice – direct and to the point. Love that it has a benefit in it.

      • Thanks Darren – looking forward to next episode…

    • Pete Reece

      Lovely, succinct pitch Paul. As Darren says it has a benefit but I’d like the benefit to perhaps be a bit more specific. It sounds a little too generic at the moment as though anyone could say it. Hope you understand what I mean. Pete

    • I like the direct focus.

  • Take Me to the World is a blog focusing on discovering various performing arts while traveling. All the world’s a stage and I’ll show you what to watch.

  • Diana

    LivingBodyWellness.com brings together the 3 pillars of what health-conscious working parents care about: health, family, career. No fluff, just inspiration, motivation, and peaceful balance.

  • I offer intuitive spiritual guidance for Earth angels and lightworkers, and practical support for spiritual entrepreneurs.

  • Darren,

    Thanks once again for your very valuable blogging help. Here is my first cut at an elevator pitch, which I think I may use on my website. I will appreciate any comments or feedback from you or any of the others who are doing this 31 Day event.
    Ted Lang

    Is your website costing you money or making you money?

    Are you spending precious time, money, and other resources on your website, but finding that you’re not getting the return on investment you expected?

    Well, anyone can create and host a website today.But, turning that website into a real profit center is a different challenge. It takes more than design and technology.

    At BusinessWebsiteStrategies.com you’ll find the tools, tips, and tactics to turn your website into a real marketing powerhouse. Learn the best practices that Internet marketing experts use to create profitable websites for any type of business.

  • Chris Prakoso

    Great to hear you start Podcasting Darren! Good luck with this! I’m going to try to follow the blogging challenge this year, so here is my Elevator Pitch for my Moblivious.com blog -> Moblivious is a blog that covers the latest news, reviews, tutorials, and tips & tricks from and around Mobile Photography.

    • Good one Chris – sounds like a pretty happening niche!

  • Lucy Mills

    Parenting adventures from a natural minded, knowledge seeking mom! http://www.latchedonmom.com

  • “Beyond the Box celebrates educators who blog, by connecting and amplifying ripples of reflective teacher-led change” ?? http://www.LeahKstewart.com this is where I’m at so far… I’m grateful for this challenge, it’s got me thinking hard about this.

    • Glad it’s got you thinking Leah – this is an exercise I always find does that for me too.

  • Jodi Murphy

    My Elevator Pitch: A ROAMING ARTISTS JOURNAL – A blog by a plein air artist, Jodi Murphy, to share her quests and journeys to locate “Places Seldom Seen” in America with which she will create landscape oil paintings. She will share the travel experiences as well as the painting experiences and tips. http://www.jodimurphystudio.com

  • Renee Rivard

    Hi, I’m Renee Rivard. I help you take control of your genetic destiny by understanding how to use food to impact your genes, prevent disease, and control your weight. Learn more at http://www.IsDiseaseHereditary.com.

    That’s my pitch 🙂 Launched my site in March. Working on my first course, planning to release it before end of July.
    Would love to know your thoughts!
    Cheers, Renee

  • Streaking Toward Greater Married Intimacy
    This is my elevator pitch I use on my blog at letsgostreaking.wordpress.com/
    Great podcast. Thank you!

  • Katherine Harms

    My blog “Living on Tilt” has changed over the years from information to apologetics to spiritual formation. I am still figuring out the balance, but at the moment I think this pitch is truthful and perhaps intriguing. “I help confessing Christians internalize, verbalize and actualize a Christian worldview with confidence, wisdom and grace.”

  • The More With Less Mom helps fed-up moms who are feeling
    like they are struggling and overwhelmed to become fabulously productive and content
    through advice, tips, and encouragement. Words of wisdom to live frugally and
    well. http://www.morewithlessmom.com/

  • Lauren Arbogast

    As a consumer just like you, I want to know where my food comes from – with out scare tactics. Paint The Town Ag takes a look inside a modern beef and poultry farm to share our chapter in the book of agriculture.
    Darren – thanks so much for this series, I’m looking forward to it! Lauren http://www.paintthetownag.com

    • Marie-Claire Allington

      Like this. I am a farmer too – this kind of site is brilliant .

      • Lauren Arbogast

        Thanks Marie-Claire!

    • thanks Lauren – glad you’re joining us.

    • Maureen

      I am so interested in this = My blog is: “The Tasty Companion – helping you make deliciously conscious food choices.” So many scary stories about the meat industries and it will be nice to have an inside look!

      • Lauren Arbogast

        So glad we connected Maureen! Thanks for checking out my blog – I’ve enjoyed yours, especially your in-depth “About Me” section. Sounds like your family has a fun time globe trotting! 🙂

  • So spot on: I DO have a version of this on my blog!

    My pitch:

    If you’re more of an introvert, you’ll be inspired and find practical tools to navigate the rules of work, your way – on my blog, in my book, in my coaching and video courses online. If you’re not more of an introvert, you know someone who is.

    • Nice – as an introvert I think this would appeal to a lot of people 🙂

  • Marie-Claire Allington

    I don’t have a message as such or a service to offer but I will publish my books on line – I want my blog to support book sales from the blog – I suppose it might be something like ‘Try these books – get lost in another world.’ Not sure that IS really a pitch though…

    • thanks Marie-Claire – good to have you on board. Hope this helps you refine what you’re launching.

    • Marie,
      This is part of my struggle. Primarily, I’m an author but the market is so tough, I feel like I need an additional income stream like a course to make the kind of money I’d need to keep going.

      • Marie-Claire Allington

        What subjects would you have in mind for your own work?
        Because my work in the stories is horse/outdoors based I am loath -especially with the young adults – to run any kind of ‘how to advice’ stream re horses I don’t want the responsibility TBH ditto farming and smallholding type stuff – I personally would struggle with religious advice which seem popular in the US – UK not so much – and whilst I am a team player and by nature supportive of others – the mistakes I make are pretty bog standard beginners stuff – i recon every one else gets them too – before the interesting blog worthy ones! My current one would be ‘So where do I find out who has signed up for my non existant news letter?’ ( It turned out to be me testing it but the site didn’t tell me that :O)

    • Pete Reece

      Hi Marie-Claire. Sometimes it’s really tough to refine your elevator pitch. It’s taken me years to work out exactly what I wanted to blog on and even then describing I found difficult. My advice is that this is a learning experience and that eventually, perhaps when you least expect it, it will all become clear.

      • Marie-Claire Allington

        Thanks Pete – The last few days I have found my self brainstorming quite hard and making progress.

  • “Keeping Elocution Alive: for those who strive to achieve clarity of voice and for those who are interested in their own voices. ”
    Blog is https://midwintertutor.wordpress.com/
    Podcast links here http://www.midwintertuition.co.uk/Podcast.html

    • thanks for joining in – will check out your podcast

  • Darren,

    Thanks again for your great blogging help. Here is my first cut at an elevator pitch, which I may use on my website. I would appreciate any feedback or comments on this from you or any of the participants in this event.
    Ted Lang

    Is your website costing you money or making you money?

    Are you spending precious time, money, and other resources on your website, but not getting the return on investment you expected?

    Well, anyone can create and host a website today. But, turning that website into a real profit center is a different challenge. It takes more than design and technology.

    At BusinessWebsiteStrategies.com you’ll find the tools, tips, and tactics to turn your website into a real marketing powerhouse. Learn the best practices that Internet marketing experts use to create profitable websites for any type of business.

    • Nice – I wonder if you could create a 2nd one for shorter uses that fits it into a single line. This is great though – just would love a 2nd version that’s more a tagline?

  • The Leadership Diet is written for current or aspiring ‘C’ level leaders (CEO, CFO etc). It is a distillation of the very best leadership practises, a collection of what the best leaders actually do and don’t do, a go to resource if you want to be an effective or even brilliant leader.

  • The InteriorStyleHunter.com is where I educate and share interior design inspiration. My hope is that you leave the blog feeling more confident about designing your space.

  • Judy von Kleeck

    What wonderful timing for this! I am in the process of setting up and writing my blog (it has been a few years coming!), and I’m so excited! My blog isn’t live yet, but here is my elevator pitch: Reuniting with Nature is a place to reconnect with the simple pleasures of being outside with peaceful moments and visualizations for those of us who are short on time, long on stress, and really miss the feel of cool grass on our bare feet.

    • Sounds cool, more people need to appreciate the great outdoors!

      • Judy von Kleeck

        I hope my blog encourages them to do so! Thanks Rob!

    • Zoe

      This sounds wonderful Judy :), link us up when it goes live!

      • Judy von Kleeck

        I sure will Zoe – I’m having some “technical” issues right now, but hoping they will be resolved shortly!

      • Judy von Kleeck

        I am live – still tweaking design elements, and writing more content, but, I am live! http://www.reunitingwithnature.com

    • ‘cool grass on our bare feet’ – that’s great. It really evokes some strong imagery – for me at least!

      • Judy von Kleeck

        That really means a lot to me Darren, thank you! The blog will be evoking strong imagery in words, along with photos that may take you back to a favorite place in your memory.

  • Okay, here’s my first draft. Feedback is appreciated! This was hard for me.

    “I equip moms with encouragement, resources and strategies to help them deepen their faith, find balance in life, and grow as women.”

    What do you think??

    • I think that’s a good start. I like that it mentions the ‘who’ but also the ‘benefits’.

      • Thanks for taking the time to reply, Darren! I guess that was actually my third draft… I have more to go 🙂

  • At Sweets and Greens I create healthy vegan recipes even non-vegans will love. I share sweet and savoury recipes; answer common and not so common questions about being vegan; share what’s in my kitchen; as well as tips and tricks on transitioning to more plant based eating.

  • Jennifer G

    CreateTeachGrow.com is a place where creative entrepreneurs and etsy shop owners learn how to grow their businesses through creating and teaching classes.

    • good one!

      • Jennifer G

        Thank you Darren. I am really looking forward to this. Love the idea of short challenges!

  • Lutetia Flaviae

    Hello! I had created my elevator speech some time ago. It doesn’t match all your tips but I like it. What do you think? “I offer practical tips to those who, like me, aim for an healthier and smarter lifestyle. I also share my discoveries and thoughts to anyone who seeks inspiration, motivation or education. Deep research help me learning how to become more aware and responsible while remaining free and creative.”

  • Hi Darren, thanks for doing this podcast series, a real ‘kick up the derriere’ for me having neglected my blog for so long, looking forward to getting back to it! Here is my elevator pitch:

    ‘Are you looking to develop an online business? Searching for advice without being pitched to about the next get rich quick scheme can be tough. So much to learn and where to start? http://www.totallydigitalmarketing.com has one aim, to provide reliable, actionable digital marketing tips for small business owners and aspiring online entrepreneurs. Learn something useful with every post.’

    Some great elevator pitches on here! Looking forward to the next podcast

    • thanks Rob – hope the kick up the derriere isn’t too painful 😉

  • theraggededge

    “http://tarot-study.info/ is where I share thoughts, ramblings and useful tools to explore the fascinating subject of tarot cards. Come join me on my ‘Fool’s Journey’ and you could discover a new layer of meaning in your life.”

    Thanks, Darren.x

  • “We design functional and beautiful garden spaces that help you get the most from your outside space” – http://www.rosewarnegardens.com/gardendesignblog/

    • nice – although reminded me I have some weeding to do 😉

      • We could help with that too, even in your neck of the woods!

  • Hi Darren, looking forward to the rest of the 31 Days to a Better Blog Challenge. We encourage and help people to travel more often for less over at http://worldtraveltribe.com

  • Meg Dowell

    We’re here to help you bring your ideas to life, learn where you can best use your skills and refine your writing style. http://megdowell.com/

  • Steph Redhead

    Thanks for this! My elevator pitch for bravegirl.co.nz
    “Helping women find courage for their journey.
    We inspire, equip and encourage women to rise above their struggles, situations and selves and live their best life.”

    • a very worthwhile pitch and focus there Steph

  • Looking forward to making the most of this challenge over the next month. My focus is helping people understand the power we each have to create the quality of our own life experience by strengthening emotional resilience. My tagline / elevator pitch is “Build inner strength and take charge of your life.”

  • Angela Howard

    As an author, speaker, minister and blogger I empower women who are looking for authentic encouragement and Biblical perspective for their imperfect lives; so that they may know there are NO ORDINARY DAYS, only extraordinary opportunities to live with purpose and meaning. http://www.noordinarydays.com

    • thanks for joining in Angela. Love the idea behind that pitch.

      • Angela Howard

        Thanks for the encouragement Darren! I appreciate your time and insight.

    • I love your site, Angela – an encouraging place to land 🙂

      • Angela Howard

        Thank you Sandi! I enjoyed your article “If you’re uncomfortable, ask why.” Very insightful.

  • I have to adjust my elevator pitch depending on who I talk to. Here is one of them: “I write a blog about Greek weddings and other Greek traditions. I also sell beautiful handmade wedding and christening products online. Have you been to a Greek Wedding Before?” You can answer my question or read my other elevator pitches in this 31DBBB blog post: http://siasplace.me/2015/07/01/create-an-elevator-pitch-for-your-blog-or-business/#more-5538

    • Loving that you wrote about this on your blog Sia – great idea.

      • Thanks Darren. I plan to do a few more throughout the next 31 days.

        • that’s inspired me to do something similar, thanks Sia

          • Great to hear 🙂 I look forward to reading your blog Rosalind

    • Shrek

      Windex comes to mind when I hear Greek Weddings, cool niche!

      • Haha! According to the movie, windex fixes everything 😉

        • Haha… in that case your elevator pitch could be: “The Windex” lol.

    • Anne Bevan

      Great blog post Sia. I am so new to all this and also have multiple factors to include, so reading your report is very reassuring that there will be a good solution.
      Best wishes with all your endeavors!

      • Thanks so much Anne! I appreciate your comment. What type of Art do you like best?

  • Amanda Paul

    “Bargain Chick is about helping people achieve their bucket list by broadening perceptions of savings techniques, marketing strategies, new technologies and chatting about business in general.” http://www.bargainchick.com.au

    • great topic Amanda – thanks for taking part!

  • Do you support child labour and encouraging climate change with your yarn choices? TONOFWOOL = local, thoughtful, ethical cormo wool for handknitters.
    Usually what I pitch is what is happening with food – ie the slow food movement, needs to happen with wool. Wool is one of australia’s largest exports, and it doesn’t need to be that way. So, TONOFWOOL is about local wool, 1 ton at a time.

  • Hey Darren, so THRILLED you’ve finally kicked off the podcast. Kudos, congrats, & thank you!

    And what fun that you’re launching with an audio reboot of 31 Days. I’ll be dusting off my copy and rereading after listening each day. Perfect timing, too, as I was just ramping up to launch my own new blog this July. My first-draft Pitch/Tagline (afraid it may be a bit long but …):

    “Experiment your way to success—in creating an online business empire, mastering the money game, and benefiting the world!”

    • Great to be podcasting – thanks for participating!

  • WOW! I went to bed and there were 2 elevator pitches here and now there’s so many! Loving this thread!!!!

  • I decided to do this 30-day challenge to help me get my blog more focused. Once I’ve done this, I’ll be able to upgrade the theme to match that focused intention.

    So here’s my elevator pitch: “Yarn Over, Pull Through: The Heart and Soul of Crochet, where advanced beginner and intermediate crocheters take the next step in their journey to become more confident, creative, and flexible crocheters. ” Where “confident and flexible”means being able to alter patterns to suit specific needs, and “creative” means beginning to create designs of their own.

    • thanks for being involved – looks like there are a couple of Yarn bloggers involved so far!

    • Now, this is something I’d be very interested in!

  • Mine is: LMB web design: affordable websites for small business, creatives and bloggers.

    I’m really looking forward to these 31 days. Often the type of people I build sites for – small creative businesses – are not keen on blogging for their business or probably don’t know where to start but it’s crucial. Though, ahem, I may fall short there a bit myself! So I’m going to write a short blog every day using myself as a case study to help them. I’m at http://lmbwebdesign.com.au/

    • thanks for being involved Lisa – writing about what you do every day is a great idea. Looking forward to reading on!

  • Thanks, Darren, for this opportunity to s-t-r-e-t-c-h!!! Here goes….

    “We all have our story. Often many are surprised they actually do have something to tell. The more we make the effort to share our stories, we discover something electric…not only does our story impact another…we are also impacted by theirs. Stories shared and treasured so as not to forget.

    • Stretching is good! Well done on putting yours together

  • Nell Regan Kartychok

    Rhythms of Play is a green living family lifestyle blog – Parents and caregivers can begin to create household rhythms that support their families, find things to do with the kids all day, and learn simple tips to help make this world a greener place to live.

  • Lesley Keao Glenn

    Living Authentically Lesley shares how I thrive with stage IV metastatic breast cancer by living my best life, through the spiritual practices of gratitude, art and climbing mountains. I hope to encourage and inspire others to lives to do the same. http://livingauthenticallylesley.com

    • thanks for writing that and for sharing your journey!

  • The blog is the content marketing channel for my business selling websites for Bed & Breakfasts. The elevator pitch for the blog is “I help you give your B&B a boost by distilling complex strategies into specific steps you can take today.” I’m not sure how to marry an elevator pitch for a blog with a pitch for a service that is sold as well. Suggestions? http://www.boostbnb.com

  • Sansar

    Thank you mr.Darren Rowse sharing your knowledge on blogging. I am very looking forward to know great blogging hints from the program.
    My name is Sansar from japan. Just 4 months ago i started my blog about mentalism on japanese. And wWant more people to know about my site.
    http://www.mentalism-learning.net on japanese.

    • great to have you with us Sansar

      • Sansar


  • Leanne Cole

    So I had a go at it, might be a bit to airy fairy, if you know what I mean. It is a hard thing, maybe something to work on over time,


    • Sam Walker

      Hi Leanne, I hope you get this blog up and running, I would love to see more of your work.

      • Leanne Cole

        Thank you Sam, I hope so too, will just have to make it happen.

  • Bridget Towery

    Happy Healthy Homey is a blog about sharing simple tips for a homemade life.

    • I love the sound of your blog! Very simple sounding for a simple concept

      • Bridget Towery

        Thank you Mardi. I have been indecisive regarding placing my tagline on my blog header. I feel those three words: “Happy Healthy Homey” says it all. I am not sure whether I should add it or not. I just realized I did not put my blog url in my post. http://happyhealthyhomey.com/

        • I would add it – or at least “sharing simple tips for a homemade life”. Love that.

          • Bridget Towery

            Mel, thank you for your thoughts. After giving it some thought over the weekend, I agree that it needs to be added.

        • Not just a homemade life…but also a gluten free life (me too!)

          • Bridget Towery

            Thanks Mardi. I have been trying to work the gluten free in the tagline. Simple tips for a homemade gluten free life. Needs some more work! 😉

          • Pete Reece

            I don’t have any suggestions off the top of my head as to how you can do that Bridget but I’d agree that it needs including since it is a main part of the blog. 🙂

          • Bridget Towery

            Thanks for your thoughts, Pete. I appreciate it.

  • ruthie denise

    Sharing my country lifestyle as a new retiree. Recipes, reflections, reviews, and money tips.

  • Russ Grayson

    Thanks for these podcasts.

    Listening tio the sponsor’s acknowledgement I was reminded of the early days of radion when announcers would read out the ad.

    Here’s a draft elevator speech for my blog:

    PacificEdge is a ‘zine made up of blogs offering insight and inspiration for those engaged in developing resilient ways of living and the resilient neighbourhoods, cities and societies that are the places of opportunity those lives are lived in.

    The ‘zine reports and examines the ideas, actions and practices of individuals and organisations and offers educational content and publications.

    • Pete Reece

      Intriguing Russ. You’ve hooked me.

  • Thank you Darren, Mine is – Recycled Interiors is all about helping you create a happy, healthy home, business and life

    • What an inspiring blog, Helen. This is off the pitch topic, but I just learned this so I thought I’d share… I noticed you don’t have a favicon on your site and if your blog is on WordPress, their recent update made it simple to add one. It’s in “Customization” under “logo”. And you can create or get a logo for free on http://logomakr.com/ they’ve really simplified it.

  • Thanks for the great tips Darren. Here’s both my elevator pitches:

    Professional Writer – I help small businesses to attract and engage their customers.

    Seize The Day Project – Are you living a life you love – or feeling a little blah? If you’d like to enjoy more travel, adventure, creativity and fun, hop onto
    http://www.Seize the Day Project.com, where you’ll find stories to inspire you and I to get up off the couch and enjoy the little things, as well as the big things in
    life. Won’t you join me?

  • Matthew Davies

    Here was my attempt at the elevator pitch:

    “Provides new and useful information for aspiring and new professional photographers. Topics include sales, marketing, pricing, products, equipment, processes, techniques and more. An ever-growing resource guide that helps you find products and services for your photography business. We are committed to providing information that will help you and your business grow and succeed.”



    • oh I’ve started getting really into photography since starting my blog. I’ll have to check out your site Matthew to get more tips.

    • Pete Reece

      Hi Matt. A little too wordy I would have said. I’d say the most useful sentence is the third one. Have you considered starting with that one? 🙂 Pete

  • The merrymaker sisters

    Here we go…. The Merrymaker Sisters will inspire you with real food and mindfulness and help you find and follow your bliss. 🙂 🙂

    • nice work sisters! great Periscope before – I watched on replay as I just missed you live

      • The merrymaker sisters

        Thanks Darren! We were on both of yours today except that we kept dropping out of your walking one! 🙁 We are LOVING it! Though it is a little distracting! 🙂

    • You two seem like you have this blogging thing down, good work!

  • Successfully helping people reduce or eliminate pain from fibromyalgia, arthritis, surgical repair and injury. All natural, organic and 100% pure product. Interested in eliminating pain? it’s a total body repair at http://www.protbr.com

  • EcocultureVillage.org is rediscovering, rejuvenating, & reinventing small rural communities… ecosustainable, selfsufficient, ethical… preparing, surviving, living!

  • Prepperguy.com brings a Minimalist approach to Prepping. Having a Simple Bug Out Plan is key to your family’s survival, no different than a home fire escape plan. It really is simple, keep an eye on things that affect your life and your ear to the wall. Read more on Mindset, Skills and Gear without all the doom and gloom hype.

  • writeofthemiddle

    Apologies if you’re seeing this twice! I posted an hour ago but can no longer see it so posting again. Writing an elevator pitch has turned out to be much harder than I had anticipated but clarity is something I would like more of so I have given it my best shot. Here it is: “At Write of the Middle we give you permission to be a little bit selfish, to benefit the well-being and happiness of yourself and those you love. We show you the what’s, why’s & how’s via a variety of snaps, crackles & zen!” How did I do?

    • writeofthemiddle

      Ok – so my pitch is still banging around in my head and I’ve come up with an Option 2: “At Write of the Middle, we give you permission to prioritize yourself, to benefit the well-being and happiness of not only yourself but also those you love. We show you the what’s, why’s & how’s via a variety of snaps, crackles & zen”.
      Hmmm … Option 1, 2 or neither?

  • Amanda Hoffmann

    BUSINESS – “Helping property investors save time, money and find their AH moment with bookkeeping and record management. What would you do with 15 hours more a week? That is what I have achieved, let me show you how….”

    NEW VENTURE – “Creating a mastermind community where bloggers help each other through education, encouragement, support and collaboration.”

    This was inspired by your last year’s Problogger conference Darren, when you suggested that we should create our own mastermind groups. We have a small facebook group of 64 members. It’s been challenging with two of my parents dying Oct 2014 and March 2015, but I still was able to get the page built and go live last month. Have an amazing free webinar hosted by Ronsley Vaz on why bloggers should become podcasters and a interview with Alexx Stuart. I am in the process of sharing the profiles of some of our members and uploading them on a daily basis.
    My goal is to grow a vibrant, supportive environment for all bloggers seasoned or just starting out. Providing interviews, podcasts and webinars that support and encourage all to achieve their blogging goals.
    http://www.bloggersupport4all.com – Apologies in advance as it’s very basic, I still have much to learn….

  • Melinda McQueen Design blog is about helping you create an affordable, joyous & stylish home.


    Hello Darren,

    Thanks for re-starting the 31 DBBBC and opening the comment section!

    I have tried to write an elevator pitch for my blog:

    “TO ABHA (http://theoff.info/) is a collection of adventure travel experiences in the Himalayas. Come and see the mountain online before planning your trip.”

    If you could spare a few minutes, I would like to know what do you think about the pitch.



  • This was a really great exercise, Darren. At first I thought “yeah yeah yeah, already know my elevator pitch, blah blah blah” but once I sat down and start to articulate what my blogs / business are about, I realised that I don’t have a razor-sharp vision and that has been causing me to lose momentum. Oh my! This exercise has given me a good grounding, a return to basics, and I can’t wait to see how my future work will encapsulate my refined elevator pitch.

    I have two blogs – one is an online business and the other is a kind of hobby blog, but one that I’m quite passionate about would like to monetise in the future. Here goes:

    Silk Interiors is about creating beautiful spaces in which to live, play and work. We sell beautiful wallpaper, but also offer information about creating a space that reflects your personality, that you feel great about and if it happens to feature our wallpaper, great! We’re about homes, not houses. We strip back the hype of reality renovation shows and decorating magazines and get to the heart of the aesthetics that matter most to you.

    Heading for the Hills is about experiencing the joy of the great outdoors and passing on a love of hiking and camping to your kids. I document family-friendly places to hike around Melbourne and share tips and information about hiking and playing in the great outdoors and the many benefits that can bring to you and your family.

  • Darren you’re pod casts are fantastic! Thank you for this resource 🙂
    Ok…here’s my first draft pitch:

    Love Wednesday is about keeping the passion in housewife life. It’s tough to preserve the love affair of your marriage when you’re busy parenting your brains out! My hubby and I date every Wednesday and I inspire other couples to do the same.

  • (Might be a little long. . . )

    Remember those things that used to get your really excited? For me, it was TV and writing. After years of moving in the wrong direction, I finally figured out how to turn my passions into a paycheck and I can help you do it, too.

    Whether you’re fannish about TV shows, rock groups or roller coasters, I can help you figure out how to turn your fandom into a
    full-time job. http://www.cynthiaboris.com (or http://www.thefandombiz.com) because I can’t decide if this needs its own blog.

  • Your tips and taking the time to really think about this has helped a lot Darren. Thank you. Mine is ‘Potential Psychology helps business and working parents to thrive at work and home’. I’ve not previously been able to pull together a pitch for my blog and consulting business. This is still evolving but it’s the closest I’ve managed yet.

  • Kali Mason

    Hey! I’m gonna be blogging about it on my personal blog and my new video gaming walkthrough blog (my personal needs a big rehash I know but I’m getting there, will post the link later.. probably with a revised version of my elevator pitch), so here’s mine: “Enter the world of gaming with Kali’s playthrough journeys”.

  • Darren

    Ah, I was wondering when you’d be on the pc bandwagon 😉

    My pitch: How to retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging. It’s my life, my blog, my brand, my experience, and I am taking a bunch of folks with me.

    Keep up the inspired work!


  • EP: Flip Our Class is an online resource for educators who desire to
    integrate technology during instruction. My goal is to save my audience
    time and frustration with tips and strategies for innovation that boosts
    student engagement and academic achievement.

    Site: http://www.flipourclass.com

  • “Sharing travel experience: where to go, what to see, what to do, where to say” – http://www.shorttraveltips.com

  • Ben Arnot

    Hi everybody,

    A friend put me on to this and I love the idea. I’m going to do these daily challenges for the next thirty days! Okay, here’s my elevator pitch:

    “Smoking Hot Confessions is about bringing sexy BBQ back to the everyman.”

  • Excellent podcast Darren and well structured content. I’m always a fun of that particular book and of your insights! Thank you! In any case my elevator pitch for the concept of Leadership Initiative I sported is:

    “Leadership Initiative is a blog for learning how to assume the initiative to lead in your personal and your professional life”!

  • Miller

    Thank you i really liked today’s podcast as i’m about to change career so this has helped me define what i’m doing. Health starts in the mind. my journey from chronic ill-health to vibrant energy

  • First podcast I’ve EVER listened to and already I’m addicted! My website, The Trusted Traveller (http://thetrustedtraveller.com), has had the tagline “Reliable travel tips and inspiration” since day one. I love it so for my elevator pitch I’ve elaborated on it further. “Reliable travel tips and inspiration to get you out there discovering the world in the most prepared way possible”.

  • “Building young entrepreneurs and helping them create the lifestyle they want on their terms.”

    Any thoughts? Awesome podcast! I love how it’s action-oriented.

  • Thanks for the great start to the podcasts Darren. Here’s my elevator pitch:

    ” Party Ideas in a Box delivers themed party games, activities and supplies to your door. Families will have a ready-to-play party in a space where children
    feel at home”.

    • Great service Mardi!

    • mommypalooza

      love this idea!

    • Love the idea! Have you toyed with the idea of Parti Mardi or Mardi Parti or Mardi’s Parti’s or Mardi Parti Pack, etc. for a brand? Sorry but I’m a branding nut and I can’t help myself! 🙂

      • Thanks Michelle for your fabulous ideas. When I first started to think about a business name, I did consider the whole Mardi’s Parties name. But it just wasn’t helpful search engine wise, as the name Mardi is very much associated with Mardi Gras. Considering that my business is for children, I just didn’t think I was reaching the right search engine customers because in Australia, it is the gay and lesbian Mardi Gras. I also do rainbow themed parties for children, so again, I would be reaching to the wrong clientele!

        • Well, I definitely did not know all that, so that would definitely change things in your online branding and marketing! I’m not a Mardi Gras kind of person even in the U.S. so I did not even think of that when I saw your name! 🙂 Well I wish you amazing success in your business!

    • Pete Reece

      Excellent Mardi. Really like it.

  • Shrek

    For people interested in Spearfishing who want to be better Spearos, Noob
    Spearo is the Online Community providing entertaining and educational content via
    our Podcast, Blog, Video’s and Social Media. Thank you for the 31 day challenge, I will do my best!

  • Cricket. It’s a blog about cricket. Done Differently.

  • I’ve secured hundreds of thousands of dollars in sponsorships for a small group of clients in the past few years. I want to help more bloggers, podcasters, and online entrepreneurs, so it’s probably about time I launch my blog! This challenge will definitely help. 

    “The Influence Files is where I’ll offer straight-up, sensible insights into understanding, building and leveraging your influence. I’ll share lessons learned from helping passionate people monetise their influence through sustainable long term partnerships.”

  • We try to keep our elevator pitch very simple and succinct: We do the tasks our clients don’t have time to do, want to do or know how to do. We make our clients superhuman – http://www.usource.me

    • I really liked your elevator pitch, and you might come in very handy 🙂

      • Thanks Mary! We hear that from a lot of people. Then after they start using one of our VAs they say, how did a manage before?! 🙂 We can help with on-demand tasks through to full-time virtual assistants. Wishing you the best with your business ventures.

    • oooh that’s a goodie!

    • Pete Reece

      Nice with a bit of quirkiness at the end.

    • Straight to the point. I also like the superhuman bit at the end. 🙂

    • Hunter Floyd

      I could definitely use those services. Great Site Keep it up!

    • Who doesn’t want to be super human? Nice pitch and great site!

  • My (newly created!) elevator pitch is: building and inspiring an international community of people who are interested in modern dolls’ house miniatures.
    My tag line is: works in miniature.

  • Serina Huang

    Thank you so much – I am enjoying the podcasts immensely. No excuses as I can listen while making sandwiches and doing the dishes.

    My elevator pitch: “Weekendparent is about my frugalista journey. What is a frugalita? I make frugal living fashionable and fun.
    I write about how empowering, fun and creative it can be to get the most out of money. Including $5 Friday meals and motivation, from a recently single mother, on how to get over financial bumps and regain control.

  • Tara Midwood

    My elevator pitch:

    Supporting women of all ages decrease the effects of mood imbalances through nourishing their soul with self-love, nutrition & positive image

    Loving this podcast already thank you Darren!!!!

  • I use a tagline on my blog and think my pitch is a little extension on that: ‘Sublime Finds is a curation of delightful discoveries to create your most fabulous version of you’

    I’m so excited about this challenge Darren! Last year was my first Problogger Conference and I didn’t know what I was walking into! So glad to have this to get the head in the game a bit beforehand! Thank you 🙂

  • My blog is quite new so I’m still working on it. But here’s my elevator pitch: Peaches & Iron – an honest perspective on life as superwoman. Peaches & Iron is a blog for career women that want a no-fluff approach to building a holistically awesome lifestyle.

  • I’ve had mine written for a while “At Hardwood Digital we work with motivated local businesses to both nurture and grow their client base and business through development and implementation of solid social media strategy and online marketing solutions.” so I made my challenge to break mine down and write about creating one for a small business http://www.hardwooddigital.com.au/elevator-pitch-business/

  • Surabhi Surendra

    Here’s mine:
    Womanatics is a blog that helps you in enriching your relationships and living a life full of love and happiness. In times of technology when people are drifting apart, it is my humble effort to tell everyone that true joy of life lies in having great relationships.

  • lisainlouisiana

    How to Escape from the Corporate Cube and still live a Juicy Life: financial freedom tips, tricks, education and support. http://www.moneyinreallife.com

    • That sounds like my kind of blog!

      • lisainlouisiana

        thank you Maria! I escaped from the cube for the last time about two months ago and haven’t looked back. You CAN do it if I can!

  • Time to get committed and take action on my blog! Excited about the first challenge, here’s my pitch – Narrative Marketing: helping business’ deliver their unique story to the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

  • At fermentingfood.uk I share my journey learning to ferment food so I can eat healthier and so you can too.

  • I can’t find the comment I had entered about an hour ago, so I hope this doesn’t turn out to be a duplicate. First, thank you Darren for this challenge. I had lost my domain name & am literally starting over with my blog. I decided to take this time to research/review how to become a better blogger. Glad I found you. Here’s my pitch:

    “Hi, I’m Shirley (extend hand to greet). I’m retired. After I downsized from a house back to an apartment, I found myself on another adventure. So I write about the fun and challenges of apartment living. That includes solving problems with decorating to cooking in a small kitchen, to gardening (yes, gardening in an apartment) to tracking down resources, even to where to creatively put the pet bowls. My focus is to inspire others (and myself) on how to create a home in a rental.”

    Elevator door opens and ….

  • Oops: my blog is called Annsliee at http://www.annsliees.com/journal

  • Well this was indeed an intriguing proposition and a great way to really get to the heart of the matter quickly.

    My elevator pitch:
    Want more wealth and success? Change your beliefs, change your life… it’s an inside job! http://wealthstrategieswithmary.com

  • Here’s my elevator pitch:

    “Success With Gerald is a blog about internet marketing and how to make money online. Every week, I’ll blog about new and proven strategies to make REAL money online.”

    • Pete Reece

      Very clear Gerald but my second thought is “Why would I come to Gerald when there are thousands of people offering the same thing online?” 🙂 Pete

  • I’m looking forward to this experience. I created this tag line from my elevator pitch:
    Haartfelt.com Learn, Live, Love the Art of You!

  • Vicki_collegeparentcentral

    OK, this was harder than I thought. I suspect this isn’t the final version, but here’s my starting point. I “sort of” did this process when 31DBBB first came out on your blog several years ago, but it’s going to be really helpful to do it again now. Thanks for these podcasts!

    “College Parent Central provides information and resources to parents of high school and college students to help them validate their changing parental roles and to help them help their students succeed by understanding the delicate balance between support, guidance, and knowing when to get out of the way.”

  • Hi Darren,

    Perfect timing with this challenge! I need to get going on my blog/business, and this is a perfect way to get me going! My new business is Find Yourself on a Horse, (www.FindYourselfonaHorse.com), and my elevator pitch is “Empowering Women – In the Barn and Beyond!”

  • Claire Banks

    This programme couldn’t come at a better time for me. In September my youngest starts school so looking to use the spare time to step the blog up a notch. But I need focus for my content, for my business plan! Here’s my elevator pitch: “BrightonMums.com is a hyperlocal website with features, events and inspirational ideas for mums the Brighton and Sussex area. Are you a local business? We believe in supporting the local economy so ask us about our options to be featured on the site.”

  • Lucy O’Donoghue

    At Craic & Banter (craicandbanter.wordpress.com) I share my insights on public health, aid work, family life, living abroad and womanhood, weaving in my love of philosophy and theology, plus a half-witted dash of humour. My writing is both light and serious all the same, seeking to explore the ‘Things That Matter’. I write for others in the hope of hitting that ‘sweet spot’ where what I have to say reflects the experience of many around me – that’s always a great feeling when that happens.

  • -Pet Product Review helps you make the right choice for your pet by sharing product reviews and featuring fun, useful and must-have pet products.-

    I’m not really loving the second part of after right choice for your pet. It sounds just a bit boring.

  • Retha

    My elevator pitch for my blog Bible Study Quest – Exciting and truthful way to study the Bible with quizzes, quests, and challenges

  • MarciLoehner

    I’m going to try and stick with this! Here’s my elevator pitch that I’ve been using for a few days now:

    Marci Loehner created a online cookbook to share with friends and family. Loehner prides herself in creating recipes that use fresh wholesome
    ingredients. Once the recipe is made three times and there are no complaints from the family the recipe becomes published on MyHeavenlyRecipes.com. So you know they’ve got to be Heavenly if they are kid tested and Husband approved!

  • kwalsh1

    Here’s mine, “EmergingEdTech is a blog focused on instructional uses of technology and teaching techniques that can increase student engagement and improve learning outcomes – getting more students be motivated and inspired to learn and complete their courses and their degrees.”

  • Elevator pitch: “The Truth is…There is No Box” is about discovering that the greatest limits we have are those that we place on ourselves. A single source for busy professionals interested in pushing their envelope in obstacle course racing (OCR), being more health conscious, eating more nutritiously and improving their overall fitness.

    Perfect timing for this Darren. Looking forward to it!

  • deannagibbons

    Learn to Launch is a blog that teaches ambitious teens how to start their own business and gain some independence by earning their own money. http://www.learntolaunch.com

  • Heather Samantha Hummel

    Love the idea of an elevator pitch for a blog…after all, it is a business.
    I have two blogs –
    1. My Photographer Friends educates aspiring photographers on the craft of photography through informational articles and guest posts from
    top photographers. Need new gear? My Photographer Friends keeps readers updated with Best Selling cameras and gear.

    2. Heather Hummel PhotoNovelist blog educations aspiring writers on the craft of writing through informational articles and guest posts from authors. Looking to advance your career? Heather Hummel PhotoNovelist keeps readers updated on publishing trends.

  • Thanks Darren, this is just what I need to get my blog moving to the next level. My elevator pitch is: I believe life should be full of experiences, not stuff. So I’m decluttering my house and my life and changing the way I spend my time and money. I’m embracing the idea of experientialism. Come with me on my journey. My blog is http://www.pollyunsaturated.com Looking forward to sticking with the program!

    • Brilliant, memorable domain name! So inviting. So “Broca’s area”, eg is there an octopus in your soup?

  • Wow, so succinct but your clarity got me!
    “I take your website from boring to BOLD by crafting content that attracts your perfect clients!”

  • DHoehne

    Found this a little challenging, would love your thoughts.

    “We use rope access techniques to get to hard to reach places in a safe, fast, cost effective and efficient ways. Hows your structure looking?”

    • How about: Spiderman’s Cousin: Rope techniques for accessing hard to reach places.

  • Survival of the Singles is a blog about personal growth through dating and entrepreneurship.

    • Stephanie Boon

      Love this!

  • beautyholicsanonymous

    Loving all these elevator pitches! Here’s mine:
    “Beautyholics Anonymous is a beauty blog that feeds your beauty addiction 5x a week since 2007”.

  • Sonya Forrest

    My elevator pitch is “Sonya Soul Food is designed to help nurture you mind, body and soul. I believe in balance and creating a safe space for users to learn, share and experiment. Sonya Soul Food is designed to help you craft a life you love and a greater sense of wellness.”

  • Just found your challenge. Of course I subscribed, couldn’t wait.
    Here goes: “Helping people lead more sensical lives, in spite of our non-sensical world telling people otherwise.”

  • I’ve been planning a rebrand, so this is great timing for me:
    Surprising God is about the imagination, creativity, and inspiration we need to rouse us from a zombie faith.

  • DeDe Bailey

    Great tips! I am late to the party but better late than never! Here is my pitch: I am a creator of a home and decor website/blog which helps solve your home deocr and diy needs. I also repurpose unwanted furniture and sell them in a retail shop. http://www.designeddecor.com

  • I am so happy I found this! My elevator pitch : “Tiny LIfe Treasures is about living a life of no regrets by making tiny tweaks that lead to massive changes”.

  • Del McDougall

    can i just ask where are you hosting your blogs, I have passion for vintage and classic cars and would like to become a freelance writer about vintage and classic cars but as i have seen i would need a portfolio and was wondering if a blog and your podcast could help me with this?

    • I had originally started a free blogspot blog, but then wanted to create more credit/presence and went with a hosted blog. I’d love to check out your blog once you get it up and going. I’ve got a passion for classic cars as well (and have considered a blog too. but 1 thing at a time! lol), and would love to check it out. You’re more than welcome to check out my website and view my resources page for a link to the hosting site i went with after some significant research. They may not be the cheapest, but they proved to be top notch!

      • Del McDougall

        Thanks for the info Albert i already have a business website which is hosted with a company and i still have space to add on software solutions thought there installer. I have seen bloging stuff on it it has i have been reading stuff online and wordpress gets good reviews for bloging and articles alike and it is one of the software solutions that is supported by my hosing company’s installer.

        Seeing as your a fellow classic car enthusiast i have added a photo of my 1963 Hillman Super Minx

        • Cool car! Definitely WordPress is one of the top platforms for websites, blogs especially. Well worth checking out, and quite simple IMO to learn too!

          • Del McDougall

            Yip i have installed WordPress just need do add a static page and some posts about vintage & classic cars.

          • Awesome. When you get that thing up and running, drop the URL back in here! 🙂

          • Del McDougall

            Will do Albert thanks for the help.

          • Don’t have a blog setup for my car hobby either, but, here’s a pic of mine (white camaro) and my dads (yellow chevelle) cars:

  • Loved this, and love the podcasts. I have been listening to them while getting ready for the day.
    My elevator pitch is super duper short (maybe too short)…but sums up exactly what I do. Pretty Wee Things – “Healthy living made pretty”

  • Kim

    Day to Day Adventures is about how WE live “normal” life. What is that anyway? We pursue peace and celebrate joy in challenges as we grow & make our favorite foods, learn through home schooling and grow in character through God’s guidance. http://www.daytodayadventures.com Too wordy?

  • The Swish Design blog is all about relieving the overwhelm small business owners feel when it comes to marketing their businesses. I aim to show that many small marketing actions, consistently performed, can add up to something BIG for a small business.

  • Loved the first challenge! Eco Green People is about sustainability and sharing new ideas that can make positive change for a better future.

  • Kent McDonald

    Thanks Darren for focusing your first few podcasts on the 31 days to a Better Blog. I had started going through this a few months ago, and the podcast will keep me honest.

    My elevator pitch:

    BeyondRequirements.com helps product owners determine the right things to deliver in their IT projects or product development efforts.

  • Anita Palmer

    Thanks for the challenge, Darren. I heard your interview with Michael Hyatt. Here’s my first-draft pitch:

    “Naomi’s Sisters is for unmarried Christian women over 45 who want to share love, laughter and biblical resources on the single-lane highway of life.”

    • Anita Palmer

      Pretty narrow in scope, yes, but that’s my tribe! 🙂

      • Sounds like an excellent niche!

      • Amen, sistah. And will there be a companion blog, Naomi’s Krones–for those of us over 65??

  • Idea Crib is a blog for individuals with healthy and active lifestyles. My blog’s tagline is, “Live healthy. Celebrate life.”

  • OK, my first elevator pitch is in 3 graphs, so I can share more, depending on how long the ride is!
    Longer versions which include the positioning and branding will only appear in the About section of this new unposted blog.

    My first draft, Elevator Pitch for JoCo Post.

    JoCoPost is Johnson County’s only online news blog—your long-awaited free source for underreported NEWS, honest and candid VIEWS and revealing PROFILES–of the folks who make the largest and most prosperous county in Kansas heaven or hell on Earth—depending on the day or the lane you’re in. Be sure to weigh in on each post’s survey, and share with a friend. JoCo Post may whisper the truth or giggle in your ear.

    Johnson County is a purring hybrid Prius engine just a dozen minutes west of a great place to visit: raucous but dysfunctional Kansas City. Life is good here in our often ‘Lenexa beige’ land of “There’s No There There”. JoCoPost dares to peek behind the Stepford curtain of our veneer; poke a few dead elephants, and send you to lunch or dinner finally with something fun or engaging to talk about.

    JoCoPost.com fills a vital niche, inspired by the micro-blog PVPost as well as Arianna’s global Huffington Post. We share the news and insights the dying newspaper and our weather and crime obsessed TV stations refuse to report. And unlike the quirky but essential newsgatherer, TonysKansasCity, instead of nudes and rude commenters, naked and frisky cats and dogs will serve as your bookmarks. Now please subscribe!

    • I just listened to Day 2, make a List Blog. And watched the Mona Lisa post. So it’s going to take awhile to construct, and illustrate with photos, but I am going to start by interviewing and doing a profile, (as promised) on my oldest puppy.
      10 Things My GoldenDoodle Puppy Loves About Living in Johnson County.

      • I’d also like to observe, I love the energy here. And my question for you, Darren, is: Aren’t some of these submissions actually just a Tagline or a branding statement, but way too short to qualify for an Elevator Story? PS, Darren, so glad you have finally shared your charming and engaging voice, via podcast. You could read me the cereal box, and I would swoon…

  • Great podcast, Darren. Thank you. I am very new at everything about blogging.I have started developing my personal blog, but I have as yet to make it public for the simple fact that it lacks content and the little content I DO have needs a lot of editing, which brings me to why I am attempting the 31 day challenge. The following is what I have come up with thus far for my blog’s elevator pitch. “Severed Ear is a blog about how application of the Law of Attraction and The Secret can improve and maintaining a balanced mental health.” My blog’s handle is “Healing the madness with the Law Of Attraction.” I would really appreciate constructive feedback from you or anyone reading this. Thanks!

  • deb svanefelt

    Thanks for your brevity and focused tips for a blogging elevator speech!
    Here’s my current one: “It’s a super-stressful world we all live in, and I’m passionate about helping people reduce their stress. I blog about ways to take quantum jumps into joyous living, using the science of sound healing.”
    Is this too long?

  • I’m a little behind but here goes – This is my blog about getting away from it all by getting outdoors, exploring my surroundings looking for fun things to do, see and taste.

  • You’re the first Podcasts I’ve ever listened to, and I’m looking forward to joining in with the challenges! Here is my elevator pitch:

    The Purple Pumpkin Blog is all about capturing food, travel and life. It’s full of ideas and inspiration for your next adventure, wherever it may be!

  • Only day one, I’ve already learned a very useful tip to improve my website. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next 30 days.

    I am making a blog of my 31 day challenge, so here is a link to my elevator pitch


  • I’m making time to join 31 days to a better blog! Two days lae, but I’m here now!

    Here’s my pitch:

    We all want our kids to love reading, but some kids would rather make stuff than read. I want to help parents teach their kids to read through art.

    What do you think?
    Thanks for reading.

  • I found the podcast today and I am loving the content! I am trying to get caught up, so here is my elevator pitch and tagline for my blog seanlabs.com …

    Tagline: Teaching new Android developers to connect the dots, so that you can create and launch your Android app like the pros!
    Elevator Pitch: SeanLabs is a staunch believer that you learn best when you apply the concepts in real life, so we create step-by-step lab guides to allow beginners the info they need to get up and running fast! Have you ever wanted to learn how to write an Android app? If so, follow along as we show you how to create apps that would make the pros jealous.

  • Here’s my elevator pitch.

    I teach aspiring entrepreneurs how to buy a business and instantly replace their job income.

    Thanks for the great info, Darren!

  • Always struggle with this one… have two ‘sort of’ ones so far – for The Owner Builder magazine:
    We provide information and inspiration to help owner builders achieve the goal of creating their dream home.
    Helping you determine the most suitable way to go about building your home as an owner builder.

    • I tweaked these to be slightly more ‘personal’, and decided to put it to vote with my Facebook followers.
      1. Helping you to determine the most suitable way to go about owner building your home.
      2. Sharing real owner builder experiences to provide you with inspiration for yours.
      3. Take your owner build project from idea to reality with our help.
      So far the result is overwhelmingly for 2, with a few for 3.

  • Okay… here goes… “At Perfect Enough For Us I help empower and inspire women to create a life that is perfect enough for them.”

  • Ok, This was quite a challenge to nail down, and I would REALLY appreciate some input. My website (www.techcoachalbert.com) and My elevator pitch: “Helping parents take the frustration out of learning how to use your computer and smartphone. Simple, easy to follow information to teach you how to get the most of your tech gadgets without having to call your kids for help.”



  • Kerry Goldring

    Thanks Darren (I am a bit behind but catching up rapidly) This sucks because I had a bi-line worked into my logo and thought I had it all figured out when I started – yes yes… I hear you are all laughing at me now… because of course what I write about has evolved quite considerably. So herewith the elevator pitch:

    *The b-line incorporated into my logo is: Moving with Meaning
    *The tag line on my landing page is: Move toward the life coming at you… with meaning… not the one behind you
    *My short elevator pitch is: Leaving women torched, moved and inspired… by themselves…
    *My longer pitch might be: Who inspires you? We are always inspired by people who turn a challenge into a triumph. Yet we all have our own daily challenges. So why not be inspired by yourself. Inspired people change the world.
    I would really realty welcome feedback – is it too much? (because the truth is I have more)
    My website is: http://www.intothemeltingpot.com

  • It’s a bit wordy. Does it sound interesting? Suggestions for paring it down?

    Revolution You helps creatives & conscious entrepreneurs develop confidence and self-awareness in who they are and what they have to offer. Our programs and products help them understand the value of being adaptable and resilient, cultivating creativity and connecting to intuition through introspection and intentionality. We talk about life, love, work, the cyclical nature of all things and connectedness.

    • Hello Ella
      I think your elevator pitch would be stronger if you talked directly to the people you are hoping to reach. The site is called Revolution You, but then you talk about your target audience in the third person, as in ‘our programs and products help THEM understand the value of being adaptable and resilient. It would be much stronger if used the word ‘you’ and made everything relate to your audience.
      It would then read something like this…
      Revolution You is a site for creative people who want to be adaptable and resilient. We can help you develop confidence and self awareness by connecting with your inner self.

  • Mahrukh Murad

    Here’s my elevator pitch :
    “Authors Insight is about any author struggling from failure. Join us as we walk you through failure to success through our experience and insights”
    Would love some suggestions.

  • Chris Fetterly

    As someone who is literally on day 1 of his own blog, I am sincerely grateful for the timing of this great podcast. Thanks Darren!
    Here’s my pitch:

    “How will 3D printing, machine learning, AI, and the $100 genome change medicine as we know it? Join Exponential Body as we examine the ways disruptive technologies like these are dramatically improving our health and longevity.”

  • Thanks, Darren! I’ve been following you for a few years, but this is the first time I’m putting your advice to practical use. Thanks for the podcast series!

    Here’s my elevator pitch:
    At Virtuosa Gyn, we are redefining the way women experience surgery through a multi-modal
    approach that minimizes pain, speeds recovery, improves outcomes and
    maximizes the patient experience.

  • ticiaM

    I always go back and forth on what I want to do, but always go back to the offhand answer I gave to someone years ago:

    “Adventures in Mommydom is providing learning adventures at the speed of fun.” If I’m asked to expand that I’d say, “I share hands-on learning activities for kids from preschool through middle school. As my kids grow older the activities are aimed towards older kids.”

  • I have just listened to episode 1 and it was great! my blog can be found at http://www.helentheuma.com/positive-thoughts/ and I think that my elevator pitch should be
    “Lost your passion for life? Learn how to beat depression and take back the control.”

  • Katherine Martin

    Thanks so much Darren! Really enjoying the podcast and Inspired by you stepping out and doing it!
    Here’s my elevator pitch…
    #CreativeWorldChangers is a blog for people who don’t fit the typical boxes in life because they were created for something more. I help Creative World-Changers live their dreams with God and change the world in their own unique way.

  • williedillo

    Really enjoying the podcasts, Darren. Here’s my blog purpose and elevator pitch:

    My blog is called Lien Law for Laymen. Tagline: California Lien Law Without The Legal Bull$#!t.

    I teach people who work on construction projects how to use mechanics lien law in their business – without the legal bull$#!t.

  • LeighannM

    I’m a little late to the discussion, but my elevator pitch is that I write to “empower women to live free from fear, expectations and obligations by learning to live authentically with themselves and others.” I focus my posts on topics that educate, inform, and inspire others through self-reflection, learning to love who we are, and enjoying the little things in life.

  • Hi everyone! Getting in a couple days late, but better late than never, right? 🙂

    My pitch:

    “Mudlife Crisis is about helping people change their lives by taking on physical challenges they think they can’t take, and teaching them about how their age doesn’t determine their health status. I’m showing them that by upgrading their behavior and mindset they can not just reclaim their health but surpass what they thought was possible.”

    • Pete Reece

      Excellent, intriguing and quite possibly unique. The only thing I wasn’t sure of was what “upgrading their behavior and mindset” means.

      • Thanks Pete. That’s a good point and I have a change to make in response (as well as some different changes that have percolated to the surface in the past five months, as I get back into this):

        “Mudlife Crisis is about helping people who think they’re past their prime to change their lives by taking on physical challenges they think they can’t take, and teaching them about how their age doesn’t have to determine their health status.

        I’m showing them that by creating more positive and mindful behavior they can not just reclaim their health, but surpass what they thought was possible.”

  • Stephanie Boon

    Late to the party, but I’ve been following along (just short on time the last couple of days!) Great timing for me Darren as I try and transition my personal blog to a business. My elevator pitch: ‘Dawn Chorus Studio inspires quilt makers to fill their lives with colour and great design!’ It doesn’t feature on my blog yet, but my ‘about page’ is due an overhaul and it will definitely be there – thanks for the inspiration! Any comments welcome! http://www.DawnChorusStudio.com

  • Thanks so much, Darren. I’ve followed you for several years now, but this is the first time I’ve been ready to implement your teaching. Great idea to do this podcast challenge. Here’s my elevator pitch:

    “At Virtuosa Gyn, we are redefining the way women experience surgery through a multi-modal approach that minimizes pain, speeds recovery, improves outcomes and maximizes the patient experience.”

  • Great exercise! Here’s what I’ve got so far for my digestive health and self-care focused website… “This blog is devoted to the practice of self-care, and learning to receive the most nourishment from food and from life.” Looking forward to learning more!

  • Debbie (A Million Skies)

    Here’s my pitch: A Million Skies is a blog about inspiring women to be all that God created them to be, in life, love and faith.

  • Just launched my new blog at http://boldbrandfast.com … My elevator pitch is something like this:

    “I show entrepreneurs how to rise above the competition and shine online as an industry expert.”

  • Trynia Kaufman

    This was really hard for me! Of course, that probably means that it’s a good thing I started here with Podcast 1. Here’s what I came up with, please give me feedback – like it or hate it.

    “I am an adventure-seeking feminist blogging about travel, personal growth, and the need for societal change.”


    • Pete Reece

      Exciting sounding pitch Trynia.

  • Mikisha Ruffin

    Hey, I’m trying to decide between two elevator pitches.

    My blog is Sleepista.com.

    Here are the options:

    1. The first blog dedicated to the sleep experience at home and abroad.

    2. The first blog dedicated to luxury sleep at home and abroad.

    I would love to have feedback on these.


  • Hey, I’m trying to decide between two elevator pitches.

    My blog is Sleepista.com.

    Here are the options:

    1. The first blog dedicated to the sleep experience at home and abroad.

    2. The first blog dedicated to luxury sleep at home and abroad.

    I would love to have feedback on these.


    • Kerry Goldring

      I prefer the second option. As someone who is about to go travelling, I can confirm the second one had me instantly engaged and wanting to ask more questions

      • Dear Kerry,
        Thank you for your feedback. It is very relevant considering you could be a reader. Please take a look at sleepista.com and let me know if it resinates with you.

        • Kerry Goldring

          Hiya. Appoligies for the delay in reply. I agree with Margaret. Love the concept. Love your theme. It talks to luxury sleeping. I couldn’t find any tips of sleep when travelling (which I what I was hoping for) but perhaps that is still coming?
          Would love some feedback on my own blog: http://www.intothemeltingpot.com
          Elevator pitch: IntoTheMeltingPot is dedicated to helping women uncover and experience meaning in their life without getting derailed by their day to day challenges

    • Margaret Moon

      Hi there, I thought your elevator pitches were interesting and a bit intriguing so I checked out your blog which I think is fantastic. I’m not sure that either of your pitches hit the mark with me, but I love the idea of your blog. Have you given any thought to having an elevator pitch that was about sleeping like a queen at home and abroad? Or maybe a princess? I like the idea of luxury sleeping but I don’t think it matters that you’re the first. Just be the best 🙂

      • Thank you for your feedback and looking at my blog. I really want to appeal to men and women with my pitch. I want to talk about the humanity of it, as well as the craftsmen that dedicate their lives to making it an elevated experience. We should pay me attention to this very important part of our lives after all we spend 30% of our lives in bed.

        • Your choice of theme says a lot of these things. It’s very elegant and luxurious.

  • Chris Walter

    My E.P is: The Preventionist is a dedicated resource to nursing professionals interested in the prevention of
    Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs) in hospitals, nursing care facilities and outpatient settings.

  • Canberra Mummy

    Some great elevator pitches everyone, well done! Here is mine: “Canberra Mummy knows mummies and has everything you need to know about pregnancy, parenting health and lifestyle.”

  • Paula Kelly

    Hi Darren, thanks for your podcast, it’s given me the added push to get online now! I want to keep up with your podcast as I’m currently building my site, (Ulike2sing.net). The website/ blog is for beginner singers.
    My elevator pitch is: from dreaming to doing we help you find your voice.

    • Pete Reece

      Really like that Paula.

      • Paula Kelly

        Cheers Pete thankyou. I searched for your pitch but couldn’t find it. Have you added to the discussion?

        • Pete Reece

          Hi Paula. Yes but I’m running several days late so I think it’s right at the end.

          • Pete Reece

            In fact I can’t find it myself now! If you find it let me know!

          • Pete Reece

            If you click on my name it goes to my profile and if you scroll down you can find it there. Thanks for asking Paula.

          • Paula Kelly

            Hi Pete, I checked out your blog. You have some great info’ in your blog and I’m wondering if you put pictures into the page it would engage my eye a little better. Also your font size is a little small, I found it hard to read and had to enlarge on my mobile before I engaged, and the dot points could be spaced apart from each other to make it easier to read. I think there is some really great advice on your blog, it’s a shame your not getting more views. Did you do a Google search on keywords on title prior to posting?

          • Pete Reece

            Hi Paula. Thanks so much for the feedback. Apart from my wife, you’re the first person who’s ever done that! The list post is the first post on the blog where I didn’t include pictures. All my other posts I did. I felt like I’d rushed the list post a little so I may go back and edit and include a picture. You’re absolutely right about the font size. I realised just yesterday after analysing other blogs that the font is way too small. I think the paragraphs also need to be shorter. You’re also right about the bullet/dot points so I’ll change that. I’ve not come across the idea of a Google search for keywords though. How do I do that? Thanks so much again. You’ve no idea how much I appreciate the feedback. (I can see you’re very much in the building stage of your website. I guess it’s professionally done up to now and you’ve got to add the content. The design looks good though. Clean, fresh, spacy and most of all welcoming. I particularly like the button for “Get Started” on some new websites. Keep going, you’re on the right lines.) Pete

          • Pete Reece

            Hi Paula. I’ve altered my latest post along the lines you suggested. I think it looks a lot better. Thanks.

          • Paula Kelly

            Cheers Peter, I took another look and appreciate the changes you have made. Google keywords is by signing up to Google Adsense. You don’t need to place an advert’ but it does help to do keyword searches in your genre so you can head up to top of SEO and people will start checking out your blog. Most of this stuff is on Problogger website. Cheers,

          • Pete Reece

            Thanks for the help Paula. I must have missed it on ProBlogger.

  • Thanks for the ‘regrounding’ Darren. I went back and updated the elevator pitch for the blog/podcast. Last time was in 2013!

    ” The Joomla Beat Podcast aims to deliver great and insightful hints and tips in regards to designing, building, managing & marketing websites. We like to do it in a fun and entertaining way. We cater for designers and developers that are using Joomla! (but not exclusive to) to build websites for themselves or their clients and customers.”

  • Here’s mine: BASTE + GATHER helps sewists find joy through crafting and wearing a handmade wardrobe.

    • Anita Neville

      Love this

    • I love the design of your site and your header text, everything is aesthetically beautiful.

    • Rebecca Brown

      Love the handmade wardrobe focus 🙂

    • Your site design is beautiful. I love the white space.

  • My blog, Frugalforeveryone, is all about frugal living with style –how smart and frugal use of your resources will provide you with the interesting lifestyle you

  • Here’s my elevator pitch:

    My blog helps people share their ideas simply and clearly.


  • Em Rathbone

    I loved this, thanks so much Darren.

    Here’s my elevator pitch:

    “snowingindoors is a family photoblog, sharing practical advice to help you take better photos and video, as well as our tiny adventures and my parenting advice (and fails) along the way!”

  • ak_laura

    OK, here’s take 1 of my elevator pitch: “Sharing Our Knowledge” is an online community that provides cancer support, knowledge and stories to help change the story of cancer in our Tribal communities.

  • Diane Gribschaw

    I’m late to the party, but I’m exited to share my (current) pitch:

    I help schools, non-profits and businesses with a heart tell their stories in compelling and satisfying ways through directed, appropriate and tested content marketing. http://www.DianeGribschaw.com

    Really enjoying hearing Darren through the podcast – what a wonderful gift. Thank you!

  • Really appreciate all the great content you’re offering in these podcasts! Extremely valuable!
    So far, my “pitch” is the tagline on my website: Cindra’s Studio – where Image, Career, and Personal Reinvention Unite!
    But I am not satisfied with it and will continue to brainstorm better revisions. What it lacks is an obvious connection to my target audience – Boomer Women who are in some sort of a life transition whether career or personal. For instance, encore careers for those of us over 50 require a certain amount of re-evaluation of the image we present and I specialize in assisting with that. But I also help women simply build a more efficient wardrobe for their changing lifestyle. I also offer classes in career transition or encore careers. Finding a way to communicate the connection between my areas of expertise and service is the challenge.

  • Here is mine:

    “Do you know how amazing you are? Memoirs from Memory Lane is all about honouring you – your story, your life, your legacy. I show you how to record your life in bite size chunks in this time strapped world because you are incredible and worth remembering. You are a gift and deserve to be honoured.”

    {PS Sarah’s Heart Writes (in my signature above) is my personal blog – Just in case it got confusing 🙂 }

  • Here goes my pitch for my blog,

    Discover how individuals, small business and entrepreneurs effectively use online digital tools to operate smarter, more efficiently, work better with clients or customers and with less costs.

  • I am late to start this challenge but catching up this weekend. The goal of My Meow is to ‘inspire us to think a little more deeply in this busy busy life’

  • MY ELEVATOR PITCH: Travel tips for travel with kids – helping you have a better family holiday.

  • trixi

    At ‘Coloured Buttons’ you’ll find fun and creative sewing and craft projects to make with your kids.

  • The Fibromyalgia Awareness blog is about helping people understand the syndrome while providing information, updates and tips to help the warriors. Wouldn’t you want to know why it is called Invisible Illness and why it needs awareness? Visit http://www.fibromyalgiaawareness.com

  • I’m catching up on the first few days of 31DBBB whilst starting a new blog, so here’s my first pitch:

    Babe & Abode is a story about growing families and the places they call home. From rentals to renovations, we share how children influence both where and how we live.

  • I’m a little late joining this challenge but here’s my pitch: “Mamma Loves Travel shares advice, tips and info from one mother to another, on creating a memorable family travel experience”.

  • Such a great tip. I was aware of the concept of an elevator pitch, but never thought about using it for my blog. Will work on it now.

  • Frenchie

    Playing catch up on this one – my elevator pitch is: ‘Always plotting the next family holiday…” however wonder if it should have more in regards to what I can offer the reader ?


    • Great line! My pitch was a little on the longer side, but maybe the right length is somewhere between us 🙂

    • Pete Reece

      Adding a benefit is always good Frenchie but if I were of a like mind then I would be definitely attracted to your blog just on the basis of those few words. Pete 🙂

  • Hey gang, after reading some of the great pitches in here I now see I have to edit mine down a bit, but here’s what I came up with after listening to the podcast and before coming in here to see what everyone else got up to. My elevator pitch is….

    “Adventures All Around is a travel blog for intelligent and discerning readers with a sense of fun and a love for life. It’s all about inspiring and informing, entertaining and educating people who are either planning their holidays or just after a little escapism at their desk.”

    I’ve had “inspire and inform, entertain and educate” on the wall of my study for ages so I wanted to work that into the mix.

    As for the blog itself that’s http://www.adventuresallaround.com

    • Pete Reece

      Hi Amanda. It is a little wordy but I think it works. The alliterations help it to read smoothly so I would keep it as it is. Good one. Pete 🙂

      • Thanks Pete! That’s great to hear. I’m a bit of a fast talker, so I reckon I’ll keep the words and make them count between floors.

        Thanks for the feedback , I appreciate it 🙂

  • Ian Mulholland

    Hi, I don’t actually have a blog yet! I’ve just bought the 31dbbb book and this is day 1. I’d really appreciate any feedback on my elevator pitch:

    “If you want to be a genuinely outstanding reader and thinker then this is the blog is a great place to start. Each one of us now has access to vast amounts of information, around 5 times more than we did in 1986, yet many of us have never really learned how to interpret it. I believe that it is vitally important that we learn to critically analyse and evaluate what we read, hear and watch. Whether you’re writing an essay, watching the news or reading a business proposal it is crucial that you are able to skilfully interpret both the message and it’s source. In this blog you will learn the process I go through to closely examine all sorts of sources, how I read narration, and how I find things that even highly trained academics have missed.”

    • it’s a little long – can you condense it? However definitely use this in your blogs About us section as it’s great info (I would read your blog).
      what about xxx blog will help you become better reader and thinker by helping you interpret the information you read. or something like that – needs to be a bit more succinct.

      • Ian Mulholland

        Thanks so much Mel. I guessed it might be a bit long having read some of the others. I came up with “xxx, giving you the skills to to critically analyse and evaluate what you read, hear and watch”, but it’s still quite wordy! I’m used to academic writing so I think I might need work on making my writing more concise. I’m a little behind you on the 31 DBBB, I am going to try a list post today. I love your ’10 tips for getting the most out of a conference’ post, not only is it great advice for conferences, it’s also a really well written and inspiring list post.

        • Pete Reece

          Ian, I’d concentrate on the benefit. How is analysing and evaluating really going to help me? What is the advantage to me?
          Hope that helps. Interesting topic for a blog though. Pete 🙂

          • Ian Mulholland

            Hi Pete,
            That’s a really interesting question, and one I’m ashamed to say hadn’t occurred to me! I do it because I love doing the reading. In fact I’m doing my PhD based on close readings of science articles, but I’ve never tried to articulate the real practical benefits of what I do. Thanks so much for this question, I’ll get back to you when I can answer it!

        • I like that. I’ve done a lot of academic writing too and it can be hard to switch between such a formal, structured style and a sounds-like-you’re-talking-to-me style. You’re actually ahead of me as I haven’t done my elevator pitch yet – I’m really struggling with it as I’m changing my blog focus and trying to work out what. Glad you liked the conference post. thanks

  • My blog isn’t live yet, so I’m still developing the tag line and elevator pitch. The blog name is The Naturopathic Mama … merging medicine and motherhood.
    I’m thinking for an elevator pitch – The Naturopathic Mama combines my medical knowledge with my mama experience, providing information to support healthy families.

    I’d love to some feedback since this is all brand new to me. Should the tag line for sure be included in the elevator pitch?

    • Pete Reece

      I think that’s pretty good Nicola. I think of the tagline as the pitch for the elevator pitch if you like. It’s all about getting people to read (or listen( further. I think you succeed with that. If I were interested in this as a topic though, I would be straight away thinking “Is this person qualified to give me advice?” Can you combine your qualification into the pitch somehow?
      Pete 🙂

      • Hi Pete, thank you so much for your feedback. I see your point about the qualification. I am a naturopathic doctor, so it would be a question of how to weave that in. Maybe The Naturopathic Mama … a doctors view on natural living. A doctor’s contribution to natural living. A doctors contribution to natural families. ArrrrghhhH!!!!

  • Dan Gaskell

    Our elevator pitch: Chronicling our journey to selling it all, packing it up and moving to Costa Rica!

  • Sorry, I’m a little late to the game but trying to catch up! My blog is very, very new so quite light on content but here’s my elevator pitch – “Beauty-ByNature is about Empowering You To Be A Better You. It is a blog filled with tips on staying beautiful inside and out. It also links to my online store for naturally based makeup and skincare products.”

  • I’ve just returned from a trip…so am madly trying to catch up on the podcasts! Thanks for a great series, Darren. I’m looking forward to working through the 31 days before heading to Problogger in August. Focusing on the four keys points for an elevator pitch as you suggested really gave me clarity in what I’m actually doing with my blog. So here’s my new elevator pitch:

    “Do you want your next travel itinerary to be packed full of memorable moments? At Feet on Foreign Lands, I show you how to fill the days with experiences you’ll remember forever.” http://www.feetonforeignlands.com

  • Hi Darren. Thanks for great podcast and challenge, catching up now 🙂 Here’s my elevator pitch “At Everywhere History I’m sharing fascinating stories hidden behind buildings and places you’re passing by every day”.

    • Pete Reece

      Like that Maciek. Right up my street too. Pete

  • I’m playing catch-up so here’s my elevator pitch:

    “I help small business owners build a strong community around their business to bring them more sales, a wider reach and greater support.”

  • Simplify.Create

    I’m a bit behind but here’s mine: Helping everyday families to create, organise, save and simplify.

    It needs work but it’s almost midnight & I have a grumpy baby in my arms 😉

    • Pete Reece

      Good one. Create what though?

      Pete 🙂

      • Simplify.Create

        Thanks Pete. I do a bit of crafty type stuff like Scrapbooking. I could make it ‘be creative’ but not sure it flows so well. Or skip that part and hope they don’t find it unexpected that there is crafty stuff at times.

  • Pete Reece

    Hi All. Thanks so much Darren for the motivation and the guidance. I did my elevator pitch pretty quickly because I guess I already had sorted it out in my own mind what the blog was about. Anyway, the blog’s called Thrive (http://petereece.blogspot.co.uk/) and my pitch is short and sweet “How To Use Change, Challenge and Crisis as a Springboard to a Better Life”.

    I’ve also got a follow up to the pitch of:
    “It’s for individuals, families, teams and organizations who have been affected by any kind of troubles, trials or tribulations and who are ready to move on.
    It’s about experiences, ideas and inspiration which will show you that no matter what you face, someone has experienced something similar and has used it to improve their life, often in amazing ways.”
    “Make an ally of your adversity and a friend of your misfortune.”

  • Hi everyone, here’ my elevator pitch. 🙂

    So you bought all that stuff because you thought that’s what grownups did. Now you’re overwhelmed by clutter and nipple deep in debt. Kids in TV-land, you’ve been duped! Because the less you own, the more you have. More money, more time and best of all, more peace of mind.

    • Pete Reece

      Hi Angela. Interesting but how does your blog help with all that?
      Pete 🙂

      • Hi Pete, thanks for the feedback. Appreciate it! Here’s take 2. 🙂

        So you bought all that stuff because you thought that’s what grownups did. Now you’re overwhelmed by clutter and nipple deep in debt. Here’s thing thing: the less you own, the more you have. More money, more time and best of all, more peace of mind. I’m on a mission to declutter the world. Come along for the ride and I’ll show you how downsizing your stuff will automatically supersize your quality of life. http://www.angelagayehorn.com/

        • Pete Reece

          I love it! You make it personal, beneficial and a little controversial. I also like the way you’ve expressed it in a story-telling kind of way. It’s longer than most people’s but entirely warranted. Pete 🙂

          • Thanks Pete, I appreciate that you pushed me to make it better! 🙂

          • Pete Reece

            Ha! I didn’t realise you’re a professional writer. You should be able to write good copy then! Just looked at your website and it’s so interesting I’ve subscribed.

  • Great podcast. I’ve learned so much and have updated my blog because of this exercise. I welcome further feedback.

    Patiently capturing and preserving family history so they will know

    What do y’all think?

  • I’m starting to work my way through your podcast series Darren and am enjoying it, very much.

    So, here goes – a first pass at an elevator pitch for my blog, as I start to get back in to (and refine the focus of) my posts.

    “This Geek’s Goals connects one guys day-to-day interests with his Ultimate Goal List, demonstrating the power of goal setting and the joys of geek culture.”

    Now, if you visit my site today (www.thisgeeksgoals.com) you may not get all that as things stand 🙂 But, it’s good to have gone through this exercise in establishing clarity of purpose.

    Can’t wait for more podcasts, learnings and discussion on these threads,

    • I like the blog and pitch Mark. Looking forward to your content. I’m going to be doing something similar with my blog. Good luck!

      • Good luck to you as well Matt! I see our blog themes are by the same designer – he knows his stuff. Your site looks great. Sing out if you need any theme help that you can’t get through the wordpress.org support boards, and I’ll do the same. Keep well, M.

        • Thanks! I love all of Anders’ themes. Sometimes I feel like changing but I just cant find anything better for the style and content I want to produce. Plus, it’s free. Can’t beat that price 😉

  • Terry

    Haven’t come up with a tagline just yet, but here’s my longish elevator pitch:

    Food. How many people recognize the importance of food? Eating the right foods can reverse Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure, some types of
    heart disease, lower cholesterol. Why take pills that have negative effect? Spend a little time in the kitchen cooking food that helps your body
    heal itself. It’s easier than you think to make great tasting healthy food; we’ll share what we’ve learned with you.

  • Ohmei|#HG ’15

    Wonderful tips! Hope this sounds good:

    “Omooshodi blog is about my random observations of my society and the world. I analyse societal issues and proffer solutions on the blog”

  • This Morley Life encourages women to make the time for themselves and to not feel guilty. Plus I sell FABULOUS Travel Deals. Did you know that Holiday is actually my middle name! True Morley Story 🙂

  • “Imagine if you never had to read the Amazon and Ebay reviews just to get a good iPhone case anymore ?” “The Phone Society” is a tech site that provides news and accessories exclusively for iPhone. We test 99% of all accessories ensure its quality”

  • Here’s a question to the group to extend this discussion a little (a discussion I’m really enjoying incidentally – I’m blown away by the clarity and punch of so many of these pitches.)

    Does anyone have a real life story of a time they’ve wished they had an elevator pitch under their belt? or times they’ve put their ready-to-go pitch in to action?

    I’d love to hear some real world stories of the how your pitches and opportunities in the field have / haven’t come together and what came of things? (or didn’t, as the case may be.)

    Keep well all, Mark

  • If you don’t have an increase mindset you will begin to decrease. I share how to have the right mindset so that your life and business will increase at mhailey.com.

    With that elevator pitch, now I have some accountability to stick with it. I just found this podcast but have known about ProBlogger for a while now. I got started blogging a year or so ago and let life get the best of me so you won’t find a massive amount of content, yet. (Any bloggers out there good at consistency and goal setting let’s connect) I thought this would be a great way to get back into it and connect with other bloggers trying to build or better their blogs. Feel free to give any advice you may have on my elevator pitch as well as my blog. I will be playing catch up so I can be in sync with everyone else. I’m looking forward to reading some awesome content!

  • My pitch: My Scrapbook Evolution is all about the science of scrapbooking. My goal is help you learn to become the memory keeper you want to be.

  • Matt

    Thanks Darren. Here’s my elevator pitch:

    ‘Tantrum Travels – Toddler travel made possible’

    I only started my blog 2 weeks ago, so the timing of your 31 day podcast is perfect!


    • Great niche. I’ve done some research on family travel blogs and you are hitting an underdeveloped topic. I love how your tagline mixes reality with hope!

  • Nicky Way

    nickywaywrites is about me navigating life with Mr 5, Mr 2, Mr Miner and Goliath while I get back to work writing stuff for business, publications, blogs and social media accounts.  I love home design, yoga, blogging, writing, learning cool new stuff, travel, living in the northern Illawarra and figuring out life after being mum. My site will inspire you to try new things, learn new things and feel like you’re not alone.  I’m on a mission to live, love, discover and learn as much as I can before I die.

    I guess it’s a personal blog and I think my elevator pitch is constantly being revised because I havent yet figures out a more narrow niche. Having said that Mrs Woog Woogsworld writes about heaps of different things and it works for her and dooce I think.

    What do you think?? too broad?

    • Rae

      I think you’re pitch could use a little refining as it’s quite detailed. I think what you’ve written here is excellent for an “about” page.

      • Nicky Way

        Hi Rae, thanks for your feedback. I agree it’s too long. Maybe just the first sentence? I guess i was trying to give an insight into the types of things I write about. Do you have a blog?

        • Rae

          Hi Nicky, the first sentence tells me what your blog is about. “My site will inspire you to try new things…” is it’s value proposition. I think you can find a way to blend the two together. As a personal blog, you can write about any and everything (and don’t need to have a value proposition). However, profitable blogs and ones with a lot of subscribers need to offer value to the reader. Beth Woolsey offers humor and helps moms feel connected, The Pioneer Woman has minimal content, but amazing photos of life in the country and her blog really took off when she started sharing recipes. “Holistic living” and “motherhood” are generic and specific enough at the same time.

          I have just started a blog as well and put it up without having a hold on my topic. Thought I’d figure it out along the way. It grew out of a travel stories I’ve been doing for 6 years, but I’ve been wondering “why would strangers care about my stories?” It doesn’t offer them anything. However, I try a lot of things and step out of my comfort zone, so that’s where I started to see value. These are more or less the same pitch, but worded differently:

          I test-drive and share tips about travel, life, and work to help you live a life you love and love the life you live.

          An endeavor to make life more extraordinary through test-driving strategies in life, relationships, and travel.

          I’m your guinea pig who shares successful tools and awkwardly unsuccessful experiences in travel, life, and work.


          • Nicky Way

            Hi Rae, You’re right I think, that is what I’m trying to do. Inspire people to go and try the things I’m discovering and to help them when I discover solutions to things. I’m trying to find my point of difference, my selling point that keeps my blog and my brand top of mind with people. I’ll have another look at it from that perspective. thank you it is so great to have feedback from other people. Are you going to Problogger this year?? on yours. No.1 and 3 are my favourite because they have an emotional appeal. No. 3 shows how human you are. that you travel and it’s not all glamour. But I think it’s no.1 that really appeals to me because everyone dreams about living a life they love. It’s really aspirational. I would maybe simplify even a little more to read “Sharing tips about travel, life and work to help you live a life you love and love the life you live.” Because people know that you are trying the travel experiences otherwise you wouldn’t be able to give tips on them. Plus also this incorporates the tag line at the top of your blog. I can see a great t-shirt – white with Go.love.Do and the tag line underneath in bold black type. great on a shirt, business card, back pack.
            Also on your blog, maybe in the bottom footer where you’ve got the copyright add some contact details. If people love your blog and want to contact you I couldn’t see where to contact you? By the way what is your email? Email it to me through my blog contact page if you’d prefer not to share publicly. Thanks Rae really love the feedback. hope mine helps too.

          • Rae

            Thank you for your feedback. I changed my tagline when I was working on the pitch. Writing a pitch is quite difficult, no? I was thinking number one for business cards, etc. However, number 3 shows some edge. Most travel blogs I’ve read talk about how fun excursions are and my travel newsletters include funny cultural clashes, what I’ve learned, etc. Now that I’m building a blog, I want my site to be more than just travel (because I may want to be a little less nomadic one day) and more about big and small things one can do to add color to life. Kind of a blend between Gretchen Rubin and Chris Guillebeau.

            I’m still figuring out plugins and pretty much everything site related, but yes, I need to add contact details, an about page, pages, etc. I’ll add a contact page today- thanks for the needed pressure!

            I no longer live in Australia, so I will not be attending the conference. I would love to, though.

            Your site looks really good. Very visually appealing. I hope my site can look half as good as yours by the end of this challenge.

          • Nicky Way

            Thanks for the kind comments on my blog appearance. I’ve also shot you an email. I would stick with one tagline otherwise people might get confused. but i agree 1 and 3 appeal to different markets but they both let you write about other things beside travel. 3 is definitely has humour to it and a human-ness to it. I love Gretchin Rubin and she’s very aspirational. you’re site is visual too and I like the cleanness of it. I can’t wait to see it grown. I’m hoping to revamp my slightly by the end of the year.

  • I have 2.

    For http://www.ArthurCundy.com : “I help entreneurs use automation to build passive income businesses.”
    For http://www.stylewire.co : “I go behind the scenes of the fashion industry to help fashion entrepreneurs succeed.”

  • BeautyMommy is a blog about fashion and beauty for people who don’t have time for fashion and beauty – moms. I am a fashion editor stylist and mom who offers real world advice on getting dressed, every day.

  • Alison Lange

    Tagline: strategies for a simple life

    Elevator/social media pitch: Welcome to Tickling the Wheat, a website devoted to sharing strategies for a simple life. Enjoy reading about parenting ideas, financial strategies, and ideas to simplify your life so that you, too, have time to “tickle the wheat!”

    URL: http://www.ticklingthewheat.com

  • It is now Day 12 of this challenge. It took me awhile to come up with a Elevator Pitch I was happy with. So here it is:
    FrugalforEveryone.ca is based on my own life experience. It shows how a frugal lifestyle allows you to spend your
    time and resources the way you choose: not by being cheap – no fun in that – but through careful use of resources.

  • Nick Kizirnis

    I’m a little late to the party, but I’ll do my best to catch up. 🙂 Here goes: “Attention independent musicians: You don’t have to sacrifice your creativity in order to promote it. The Independent Music Playbook teaches you how to reach more listeners and turn them into raving fans.” … too much hype?

  • Wonderful series and podcast! Here’s mine for basteandgather.com:

    Elevator pitch: BASTE + GATHER helps sewists find joy through creating and wearing a handmade wardrobe.

    Tagline: Finding joy through creating and wearing a handmade wardrobe.

  • Tammy Adams

    I feel like I’m late for the party. LOL. I have been listening this past week but today I decided I need to log in and catch up with those that started on day 1 as well. …. I have several projects but the one I’m focused on is one I started last month that I’m really excited about.. DuckyQuotes.com. We all LOVE quotes so I want to build a new experience for those who love quotes like I do but I hope in the next 6 months to create good content for not only the random quote person but those looking for tools for presentations etc.

  • I have just started this challenge and also just started my blog so there’s not much to see on it yet. I think this 30 day challenge will really help me start my blog properly and keep me heading in the right direction. This task has already focused my mind on who I am talking to and what I want to say.

    My elevator pitch is: “Hen House Farm is an Australian, suburban farmyard and homestead. It’s a place to visit for real-life, practical advice on self-sufficient living to show you how fun and easy it can be.”

  • The ReFeathered Nest helps empty nest moms learn to repurpose and redesign their lives after the kids have flown the coop. It’s not about surviving the empty nest but surTHRIVING in the empty nest!

  • I’m a little late jumping in….I just started the 31 day challenge. Here’s our tag line…. Mended and Blended together with the Thread of the Word of God. A blog about balance, family, life and honoring God in all we do. Here you will find a safe place to look for encouragement, find resources to help you along your way, and to just be yourself. I have looked at several blogs listed here, they are all nice and put together well. I’m seriously enjoying listening to the podcasts! Wonderful tips!

  • PersonalProfitability.com is all about helping you earn more, spend mindfully, grow your wealth, and live a better life through mindful personal finance.

  • allendurance.com is a blog and resource based website for endurance athletes across the globe. The aim is to provide a one stop site for all things endurance.

  • Mark Guldbrandsen

    Just started listening in today, i have a lot of catching up to do. But liked this podcast episode very much.

    Here is my elevator pitch:

    “I’ve always been interested in the question of “why do we consume brands?”, and have spend more than 3 years now investigating exactly that. That led to creating this site, writing my upcoming book, and ultimately started consulting a handful of companies on how to communicate properly.
    This site chronicles my journey learning to create the best advertising possible. All while teaching others to do the same.”

    Cited from: http://markguldbrandsen.com/#ixzz3fxXBTSeX

    How do you guys think is sounds?

  • TheButlerJournal.com . A place to get learn about debt, travel and side hustling.

  • I’ve just download all the podcasts so far and started today.

    Here’s my pitch, “North of here is a fitness and lifestyle personal blog. It’s a mix of running, Crossfit, fitness trends, interviews and more. It’ll leave you inspired to get off the couch!”


  • I’ve built on this learning a little more and have now popped my Elevator Pitch near the top of my about page (www.thisgeeksgoals.com/about) and a more concise tagline version near the top of my sidebar. I’m pleased to have these in place now and think they’ll focus my readers (and me!)

    • Rae

      I love what you’ve done!

      • Thanks Rae. I’ve checked your post about the elevator pitch task and my vote is for your third option – it’s short, succinct and benefit focussed. Love it. Best wishes, M

        • Rae

          Thank you so much for checking out my site…it definitely needs work. I’m torn as to which pitch to use. I’ve asked a few people and there doesn’t seem to be one leading pitch. Thinking I may create a survey.

  • Aaron Hymas

    Great podcast. Thank you so much for starting this podcast. I am just starting out to blog and these tips will be very useful. Here is my elevator pitch on what I do and what my blog will do for people: “I help people learn the skills they need to be successful in a technological world.”

  • Veronika Pasalic

    @darrenrowse:disqus I’ve just discovered your podcast and have started listening today. I’m keen to come to the Problogger GC Event but I don’t have a blog yet… would it still be worth my while? Here is my elevator pitch, would love some feedback from whoever reads it! I am a recovering perfectionist and passionate about helping women overcome unrealistic expectations to move towards their goals by taking small, sustainable steps.
    Or would it read better as “Reset and Rise is about helping women… etc”?

  • Manny Matsakis

    Darren, Enjoyed the Elevator Pitch idea. Here’s mine: “I give high-achieving football coaches an insider’s perspective to my life so they can win on the field and in life.”

  • Hi Darren, thank you so much for your podcast. I’m using it to make improvements to 3 of my sites, as well as one more site that I am starting. Today I’d like to share the elevator pitch for my consulting practice – LINE Consulting Singapore. We used to have a tagline “Winning Strategies in the New Economy” but we find it quite dated. We have since updated our tagline to “Helping Schools Become Great”. And as I listened to your podcast, I am beginning to rethink why would this be of use to my audience: so taking a cue from episode one: who, what need/problem, my solution, impact. Who: school leaders who want to bring their schools from good to great. What need/problem: they want better (teaching & learning) strategies, they want to better develop their people, and they want better processes to help them bring their schools from good to great. Solution: we enable schools to learn and adapt best practices to help them become great. Impact: greater engagement of students and staff that brings about greater performance.

    So, here’s my elevator pitch:

    “LINE Consulting helps schools become great by enabling them to learn and adapt best practices that brings about greater engagement of students and staff”

    Any help to refine it? Thanks in advance. 🙂

  • Anne Bevan

    Thank you so much for doing 31DBBB, Darren. I’m sorry I’m late jumping in and it will be difficult for me to keep up, and I’ll probably make a lot of mistakes … but, since I’m so new no one will notice anyway 😉 I am an artist and would like to reach my clients, potential clients and other artists. Judging from responses I have received in social situations, I think my elevator pitch should be something like “Curious about art and artists? Tempted to sample the artistic life? Sign up for “Today in the Studio” with Anne Bevan. Always something different, interesting and entertaining – works in progress, lessons, interviews, invitations, videos and, occasionally, something surprising.”

  • Rae

    Go-Love-Do.com: I test-drive and share tips about travel, life, and work to help you live a life you love and love the life you live.

    As this is my first elevator pitch ever, I’d love to hear your feedback.

    Thanks a bunch,

  • Coming a little late to the party but I always was a crammer 😉
    The Allergy Kid is a blog aimed at making the process of getting healthy, entertaining. It contains tips, suggestions, thoughts and advice from a gluten/dairy intolerant who wants to save you time without putting you to sleep.

  • simplywebly

    Great tip. My elevator pitch is: “Tech Maven helping you dominate your website and nail it on Social Media.”

  • Considering this fashionably late.


    Simply put, Reel Parables is about sharing God’s story with Movies.

    More specifically,it is my desire to:

    Educate and Encourage believers through God’s story.
    Engage the world with God’s story.
    Equip the Church to do the same.

    Simon L Smith

  • Thanks for the inspiration. My elevator pitch about my blog called The Tidal Wave Leader at TheTWleader.com is enabling potential leaders to be a tsunami of action in their lives.

  • I am loving these podcasts. Here’s my elevator pitch:
    Orange Marigolds is a lifestyle blog for women who maximize their lives. It appeals to readers looking for the most for their money, family, relationships and free time. With honest product reviews, heartfelt stories, behind-the-scenes content, food, travel, and pet articles, this blog offers the modern woman a bit of everything.

  • Foreign Geek

    Hi Darren, I have been listening to your podcast and truly love it. It’s inspiring and packed with helpful info and tips. Thank you for sharing it with us.
    I am a travel blogger and here’s my elevator pitch : ” Foreign Geek is a travel journal that awakens cultural curiosity in people and inspires them to explore corners of the world. ” – http://www.ForeignGeek.com

  • Red

    Ready, set, go…
    Reviews by Red highlights the products and strategies women use to create their dream lifestyle. Women know what they want. When the right tool isn’t available, it’s time to Red the wrong. Red does the research, gets your feedback and goes to work creating a Red label product. Our mission is to help every woman achieve their dream lifestyle & enjoy the journey.

  • Riya

    Hello Eric Sir,

    Excellent post it is ! I loved the concept an it motivated me to do blogging more nicely.I am also a blogger you can check my blog link here and give your valuable feedback to me. http://ibot-solutions.blogspot.in/2015/06/digital-marketing-strong-footprint.html


  • Bukolaoriola

    I heard about you through Rainmaker a few weeks ago when you started this podcast. It was timely because I was working on a book to help people start their businesses with blogging. When I came here, I listened to the 00 blog and I have listened to it twice now. So, I decided to use your site as a reference to the people I wanted to reach because you are an invaluable resource that they could use to get them going, especially, having the 31 day blog challenge. And, the blog calendar you created was just perfect to share with those kinds of people. I have completed the short book and will be uploading it on amazon. But then, I thought, while I am preparing to launch, I should take the 31 day challenge to give more practical example. I created my own rookie editorial calendar today. Although, I have more than one website, but I have decided to start my 31 day challenge on my blogger site, http://allthingsbukolaoriola.blogspot.com/. I also just wrote my elevator speech by editing the description on the site to, “Real life events, stories, business ideas or techniques. Hair braiding to human trafficking advocacy.”

    Thank you for the wealth of information you are sharing here.

  • Anthea Solomon

    Ok, I’m a late starter on this and diagnosed myself as a going to do person quite some time ago… but am working really hard to change this. Hungry4GOLF – A light hearted and sometimes serious look at the golfing scene with snacks to satisfy a hunger for golf visit me here: http://www.hungry4golf.com.au

    • Hey, better late than never right?! Good luck as you work your way through the challenge. I look forward to seeing your contributions to future comment threads as you make your way. Best wishes, Mark.

  • Dan Frigo

    I am a bit late to the discussion, but just started listing to the podcast and wanted to participate anyway. Here is my elevator pitch!

    “Are you prepared to survive and thrive if tomorrow we were thrown back into the 1700’s? Shit is going to hit the fan sooner rather than later and the Bugged Out Prepper Blog is here to help you get prepared for the end of the world as we know it.”


  • Thanks for providing such an awesome resource, Darren. I’m starting 31DBBB today for my new site ventureimpatience.com and I’m planning to measure the progress along the way. Excited to share my results with you in 31 days.

    Here’s my elevator pitch:
    “In business, impatience is a virtue. I launched VentureImpatience to develop and share creative, relevant content with anyone claiming/hoping to be innovative, entrepreneurial, or impatient. Do you want a new business virtue to live by? Join me.”


    My elevator speech: “I help inform and educate users of appraisal services so that they understand why and how appraisers do what they do.” Here is the link to my blog: http://www.BirminghamAppraisalBlog.com.

  • David

    My new blog is about sports technology. More specifically helping athletes, coaches and sports business professionals understand and best utilize all of the new smart tools available to them today. My primary focus is on sports analytics, but I will delve deeper into other areas of sports technology as I see fit.

    I am a long time IT professional who also happens to an insanely passionate sports fanatic. I am deeply interested in and have a great amount of respect for those athletes and coaches who are able to out think their competition instead of using brute force to win.

    Since this is my first blog I am very interested in getting as much feedback as possible to help guide me through my new endeavor. Thanks.

    • David, I’m in the same boat as I recently launched my first blog. Happy to read/check yours out and give you some feedback. Share a link?

      • Sorry Ethan it took so long to get back to you. I had a lot going on with working full time, starting a new blog, etc. My new site is http://www.intelligentsportssolutions.com. I just posted my 2nd post today. When you get a chance check it out and see what you think. Thanks

  • Hi guys,
    Great show, btw. Here’s what I’ve come up with. Feedback is definitely appreciated.

    My show is focused on providing advice to entrepreneurs, specifically from the trenches. I’m focusing on CoParenting Entrepreneurs in Season 2, so my tagline is:

    The Consultant in Jeans Podcast: Exceptional advice, first-rate denim.

  • Don Kitchen

    Just stated with the podcast today so I’m a month late. Anyway, I’m working on launching my website soon. The site is SmartOnlineTips.com – My elevator pitch is “Demystifying the online landscape with smart and simple tips, tricks and tutorials. We provide smart tips, to build a smarter you!” I’m not crazy about the word landscape but am struggling to come up with a better alternative. Also my tagline is “Smart Online Tips – Smart tips, smarter you!”

    I will cover various topics that benefit the online user ranging from building your own website/blog, advanced Facebook topics for consumers and businesses, and various online security, utility and financial related topics (deals, etc.).

  • Sarah Matthews-Laurence

    LOVE the podcast, Darren! I’m Sarah, and I blog at http://www.sarahevelyn.co.za/. Sarah Evelyn believes that you can make every day beautiful, and provides simple ways to get it all, one day at a time.

  • I’m starting my 30 day challenge a little late…better than never though! 🙂 Here is my elevator pitch:

    “Twitchetts is a blog that offers realistic tips and tricks for moms with young children.”

  • Megan Gonzalez

    Hello! I just discovered your blog two days ago. I know I’m a little late but I hope I can still test out my pitch: “In high school, life, like your locker, is messy. My blog offers quick and quirky insights on topics like boys, family, and faith to help you find Beauty in the Mess.” megdgonzalez.com

  • Dan Hennessey

    I am very new to blogging and am working on my content. Here is my first attempt at an elevator pitch…..AgingwithDan is about sharing my
    journey into life past 60. I will share personal observations I make on health, work,
    fitness and life in general. I want to debunk myths and pass along what I find
    through experience and research to help my readers better understand what to expect as we enter
    this next chapter.

  • Great blog post.

    I am a web developer using the Sitefinity CMS platform, a system for managing websites similar to WordPress, but with more focus on the enterprise. I have over 10+ years experience as a developer, 3 years experience as a Sitefinity developer, and I am also a certified Sitefinity developer. I am starting a new blog to teach new Sitefinity professionals tips, tricks, stories, and the how to.

    My elevator pitch I have come up with is… “Training Sitefinity professionals how to make their website a success.”

  • The interesting thing about this topic is that I’ve been coaching our staff on the elevator pitch for The Firecracker Press. You never know who you’re going to meet and one must always be prepared to communicate the purpose of your business. Our pitch: We are a letterpress and design studio in St. Louis, using both antique and modern technology to create things people love to see and feel. Thanks for the podcast series Darren! http://www.firecrackerpress.com

  • Cindy Ryland

    I’m in the process of re-invigorating a blog focused on trading the stock market. After a few fits and starts, with lots of ideas but no real clear direction I stumbled upon this site. I’m looking forward to this series as this first podcast has definitely helped me with focus. Here’s my first cut at an elevator pitch for what I help people with.

    “Do you desire financial freedom? Can you drive a car? If yes, then come along for the ride to translate the current skills you use to drive your car, into skills you can use to successfully trade your way to financial freedom.”

  • Frank Gumley

    Hi Darren. Loving the podcast mate. Here is my pitch… It might be a bit long but i didnt know what to get rid of…

    With our modern day lives being consumed by screens electric light and we passionately believe “Light off, Candles on” has never been more important. Our artist’s custom design wax lanterns to emulate the colour, style and general vibe our customers want. Creating sexy, fun and romantic settings that have a very personal touch.

  • Just started! Here’s mine – Lena Talks Beauty is where I write reviews and tutorials about makeup, skincare, hair, nails and more. My blog is http://www.lenatalksbeauty.com, I think it’s a good summary of it! Looking forward to working through the rest of the course.

  • Emma

    My Family Meals is a meal planning service to help busy mums (and dads) put delicious, family friendly meals on the table week in week out.

  • Toby Soto

    Just found your Podcast today and was hooked since creating a blog site was on my career bucket list. I’m developing my Blogging plan and here is my Day 1 Elevator Pitch:

    “MuniGovGuy is a blog site about leveraging Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Strategies, Technologies, and Techniques stimulating an Entrepreneurial Spirit to generate opportunities to advance GIS in the public sector.”

  • Prabhu Krishnamoorthy

    Thanks for your teaching Darren Rowse. Here is my elevator pitch

    “On average we spent 20 hours of a week online. Is it worth to spend that time? Yes, if we spent in sites which adds value to our growth. Get introduced to sites and products which helps to fuel your growth.”

  • I’m writing from Chef Jay’s Kitchen and my elevator pitch is “Let’s Live to Eat: the quest for tastier food. I will be writing about noteworthy restaurants, nice, simple recipes, kitchen tips, and food news. Since I’m passionate about third wave coffee expect a lot of that too!”

  • Emmalee Pepar

    I’m a bit late to this conversation, but still keen for input… Can you/Should you have a blog elevator pitch that is the same as your small business? “From the ‘What’ to the ‘Way’: Get clear about the future of your business” is my business name and tag line, but I was thinking to call my blog elevator pitch: “Helping Business Owners find ways to make this busy, demanding and fulfilling way of earning a living just that bit easier.” So my writing is focused on things that help them get through the day/improve their businesses and maybe get clear about the future of their business as well! Does this make sense?

    Any thoughts appreciated… Just getting going on turning this from a sleeping blog to a living breathing one! thanks!

  • Well, this was hard! 🙂 Here is my new elevator pitch:

    “Somewhere between the status quo and constant striving is contentment, where we don’t just exist, but where we truly live. Let’s find that place! Whether you are conquering the daily grind or pursuing long-held dreams, “Why Not?” be intentional…learn…be still…create…be grateful…thrive!”

  • Anita Neville

    Better late than never. Am starting a new blog at the organisation I work for. Am not being coy but it’s not live yet so not adding name but here is pitch:

    XXX helps business unlock the value of sustainability.

    Additional info:
    Helping producers and companies that are seeking to embed sustainable practices in their business or demonstrate their sustainability commitments to do so by providing expert insights into sustainability assurance, internationally recognised sustainability standards and the process of certification, as well as how to communicate sustainability policies and practices to stakeholders and consumers in an authentic, transparent and compelling way.

    XX is a world leader in operationalising sustainable business practices. We work with land managers, operations managers, product developers, and brand managers to help them move from sustainability strategy to delivery. Technical assistance, supply chain assessment, corporate strategy development and sustainability assurance are all tools we use to help companies and producers along their sustainability journey.

  • Dan Orozco

    Thanks for the tips. Here’s my Elevator Pitch:

    “Whether you’re a headbanger living or travelling in Asia or just looking for something new to hear, Asia Metalhead’s your go to place.”

  • Dan Orozco

    Here’s mine: “Whether you’re a headbanger living in Asia or simply looking for new music to hear, Asia Metalhead is your go to spot for the Asian underground metal scene.”

  • Debora

    You want a quilt. Should you buy a quilt, design a quilt, or make a quilt? Let Studio Dragonfly Quilts help you make, design, or choose the perfect quilt for you. We have ready made quilts for purchase, will work with you to design a custom quilt, or will instruct, mentor, and facilitate you through the quilt making process. Let us share our love of quilts with you. StudioDragonflyQuilts.com

  • brainB4body

    I’m excited to power though these 31 days to build a better blog. Thanks Darren! “My main focus with brainb4body.com is to make the mindset component of fat loss (or Body Gain as I prefer to call it!) simple and implementable.”

  • Berin Kinsman

    I’ve got my tagline down to “simplify – create – thrive”, which I hope conveys the basic concept and implies even more.

    I’ve incorporated the elevator pitch into the About page: “A Minimalist Abroad is the story of how living a simpler life got me the sorts of outcomes I’d been looking for my entire life. Sometimes minimalism was a conscious choice. Other times it was just the best way to play the hand that I’d been dealt. It hasn’t always been easy, but I’m living my dream of being self-employed doing something I love, and living abroad amid beautiful forests and lakes.”

    I appreciate all feedback and suggestions.

  • Darlene Pawlik

    Thank you, Darren. I’m learning and teaching at the same time because of your great content.

    “I am a blogger, speaker and activist, serving victims of child sex trafficking and the pro-life community. I clarify misconceptions and confused compassion, so that hope and healing are restored. I teach pro-lifers how to rescue those considered throw-away by society and the people rescued how to use the Word of God and compassion to heal and thrive in relationships.”

    Is that too long?

    My website is under construction. It should be launched before the end of September 2015. http://www.theDarlingPrincess.com

    Thanks again, Darren et. al. May God richly bless you all ways.

  • I just listened to this podcast.

    My blog is Carrie L. Lewis Horse Painter (http://www.carrie-lewis.com/). Originally started to promote my portrait painting, it’s currently in transition to a teacher blog. Here’s my elevator pitch.

    Carrie L. Lewis Horse Painter is a blog dedicated to providing artists with the tools, tips, and techniques to take their colored pencil drawing and oil painting to the next level. We feature weekly posts, personalized critiques, and online courses in colored pencil drawing and oil painting.

    I’m considering a redesign, too. Any thoughts on that?

  • Scott

    Hi Guys, the current tagline on our blog Man of Many is “The latest in Products, Culture & Style” but after listening to the first episode it doesn’t really address any of the things Darren spoke about. To outline things more clearly I thought about changing it to:

    “Man of Many is a blog dedicated to helping men discover cool products and gear.”

    What do you think?

  • Tim

    Here is my pitch.

    Dads are superheroes. My blog will be about dads being super just by doing the the dad things i.e love, praise, time ect. Dads possess the greatest power of influence. This influence has a direct impact on kids lives.

  • Lisa Mck

    I’m late to the podcasts, but I’m getting so much inspiration — thanks, Darren. Here’s my elevator pitch: etcblog: Pretty pictures and simple ideas for gardening, cooking, knitting, traveling, etc., etc. My blog is at https://etcfarmsblog.wordpress.com/

  • Hunter Floyd

    A little late…but here I go. I want to be a youth-ish Inspirational Speaker.

    “Encouraging Every Generation to align their passion into a daily purpose and helping them overcome the obstacles along the way.”

  • Hi I’m Jovanhanna creator of http://www.msjkristina.com a personal, lifestyle blog. I am an advocate of positive forward movement and write to inspire others to achieve their dreams.

    This is my first elevator speech. I am enjoying this challenge.

  • Nicolle

    Fantastic tips Darren. Thank you so much for taking the time to share. My elevator pitch is: “Brand Us Healthy, delivering beauty, nutrition and lifestyle news and educational services to achieve optimum health, in a cost effective and ecological sustainable way”.


  • Thank you for the Course. I’m excited to wrangle my content into something more manageable and concentrated.

    Here is my Elevator Pitch:

    Helping moms go from feeling Frazzled to feeling Fearless in Mothering.

    Here is a link to the Elevator Pitch page on my blog – not sure if I’m supposed to do that, but I have the Short Version, and the more Detailed Goal written out on this page. Thanks so much and I look forward to feedback.


  • Darren, thank you for this podcast. I’m still trying to fine tune and am very curious if this sparks any interest : “Rousing
    people to be healthy, think deep— to create something and explore everything.” I’ll be very grateful for any tips or opinions. http://www.therussian.org

  • Euri Giles

    Hi all! I know I’m late to the party, but… I just found the ProBlogger podcast and was inspired. My elevator pitch for my blog – http://clareifi.com/ is: #Clareifi is a blog that I created after my father’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis. It’s about sharing the lessons I learned from him, as well as my own experiences as a father. #Clareifi is about kids, family, & parenting, as well as (dad) style, beauty, health, technology, science, writing, and business. Mostly, it’s a blog about how to be a good daddy! read my day 1 post @ http://clareifi.com/31-day-blogging-challenge-day-1/ Thanks again for the inspiration! Euri 🙂

  • Hi everyone!
    Wow – there’s so many great pitches and feedback comments here. I’d love to hear what you think of my pitch if you have time:

    “Dedicated to helping 1,000 emerging entrepreneurs grow successful businesses by crowdsourcing their co-founders, customers, distributors and backers.” – http://www.CrowdHatcher.com

    The mission is to provide an open platform & blog for entrepreneurs to profile themselves and their innovative business ideas, product profiles, company profiles or slide decks / pitches.

    We’re still yet to get most of the site live so I’d really appreciate your thoughts? Also do you know any innovative companies / products that would be ideal to seed the site before we ‘officially’ launch (we only need 20).
    Thanks everyone and thanks Darren! Joe

  • Mark Etter

    Just started blogging and I am looking forward to learning from you about the process. I found your podcasts on itunes and really enjoyed the first one. I blog at http://32daysdevotions.blogspot.com/2015/10/the-story-10-commandments-create-little.html

  • Lauren Antley Wynn

    Very late to the dance, but thesharedartexperience.com is about celebrating and unleashing the hidden artist inside each and every one of us.

  • My blog’s name is Itty Bitty Foodies. Here’s my pitch: “Itty Bitty Foodies is geared towards modern parents who love cooking at home, eating out and traveling with the whole family.” I pick places that people don’t usually think of as kid friendly eg a Spanish restaurant or travel to Napa and help them navigate thru the experience.

    • Sandi Cimino

      Hi Cheryl,
      I love your blog. I have a 14-year old who had some health issues when he was younger. As a result he was on some powerful medication that (I believe) affected his sense of taste. He’s just now getting adventurous with food, not to mention interested in cooking, so I’m excited to have found your blog!!

    • I love your blog – I subscribed today. So, yes, your elevator pitch is doing the job.
      And your header is absolutely adorable. Did you design it yourself?

  • Sandi Cimino

    Hello everyone! I’ve had the ebook for awhile and am happy to finally get started!! Here’s my pitch: “The Well-Made Bed helps people reimagine their daily lives and create less stress and more joy for themselves and the people they love.” You can check it out here..excited and scared to share!! http://www.thewell-madebed.com.

  • angel

    Hello! I’ve been lurking on Problogger since last year but it’s my first time to comment. I’ve had the ebook for a while but I didn’t start on it until this week. I have two blogs- one’s three years old (Purple Pen in Japan) and the other is really new less than a week. I’m hoping I could do better with my second blog cause I didn’t take blogging seriously on my first one. Anyway, here’s my pitch for my new blog. The shorter one: “Loud Lady is a personal blog on a woman’s world after her 20’s” http://www.loudlady.net..

  • It’s always good to get specific and really thread the needle, so to say, when creating an Elevator Pitch. Even when selling a service or having a website in general, the more specific you are the more of a “Guru” you seem to be to your audience. After some thinking the past couple of days, here’s my elevator pitch:

    “Helping WooCommerce shop owners reveal unseen profits in their website”

  • Rebecca Brown

    http://loxihandmadebows.com/blog The bullet points of my pitch:

    -Hobbyist turned entrepreneur, patent pending bow designer.

    -Lifetime learner serving crafters.

    -Helping others make and package gifts that tempt.

    -Building a blog to demonstrate how projects are done, a resource for tools and tips.

  • Fantastic tips! I’m starting the Day 31 challenge rather late, but errr, better late than never?

    Here is my pitch: ‘Travelling Ides of March is a travel blog from India that encourages female solo travel. Apart from first-hand tips, I share personal narratives of adventure and culture.’

  • The Bucket List NOW!

    Loving your blog Darren! Just starting up my blog and here’s my pitch:

    ‘The Bucket List NOW! exists to inspireothers to live their lives at their highest level possible by living my Bucket
    List while providing useful tips and motivation for others to live their Bucket Lists.’

  • Prevention, awareness, action. Integrating lifestyle medicine, holistic care, modern medicine, and education to optimize the health and wellness of my clients. I’m taking the 30 day challenge and have made it through episode 7. I listened to them all earlier but it doesn’t help if you don’t take action. 😀 http://www.wellnesswithamanda.com/about/

  • Faithe Creations is a blog about discovering yourself and what makes you unique.

    I am at the very first step of creating a blog. Right now my website is simply an online store. My first blog post should be published this week!! The whole idea is that, through experimenting and reflection, we can uncover our true selves, exactly who we were created to be (not who people say we are or should be).
    Website URL = http://www.emilyfaithe.com
    And you can follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook (search Emily Faithe)

  • James Fuata

    Hi Darren and fellow bloggers. Sorry, I’m late to the party. I just listened to the podcast this morning, and here’s my pitch so far: “Make a happy family” is my life’s purpose and it’s what my late Dad advised me to do early in my marriage. Here, I share the journey of my purpose and how overcoming fears and failure and the achievement of physical, academic and financial goals are contributing elements.” http://www.bizoncommute.com
    I know it’s two sentences, but it takes less than 20 seconds to read. The site/blog is a WIP (Work In Progress), and I generally work on it during my 4.5hr daily commute to work (hence the original name, ‘bizoncommute’). I will update it on my commute home today. Cheers, Jim 🙂

    • James Fuata

      Will now listen to the 2nd podcast. Cheers 🙂

  • I’m starting the 31 Day Series as part of my 2016 “get my blog off the ground” goal.
    I enjoyed drilling down the comments and reading everyone’s elevator pitch.

    Here’s mine:
    A Living Laboratory is about being intentional in the time we spend with our family, seizing every chance to make a memory and bring joy to the maintenance of life.

  • I blog about leadership and communication at http://cooperjason.com. I wrote this “value proposition” a while back and it is my personal elevator speech. I just ran across the 31 days series podcast before the holidays, and am now trying to work back through the steps (I listened to all of them in a bout a week).

    “I am a communications professional and a leader. I help leaders and communicators in small businesses, churches, and non-profit organizations (who can’t afford professional communications staff) improve, streamline, and align their communications so they focus on their core mission.”

    Any suggestions on how this might be tweaked specifically for my blog?

  • Sue White

    Babies Who Travel is a newborn website covering the A-Z of practical tips and advice for travelling with baby under 1 – talking everything from airport lounges to ziplock bags plus inspiration on family-friendly destinations and activities.

  • Christy

    At Eat Clean Live Simple, my passion is to show others how to live in simplicity. Whether that is by helping you nourish your body with clean whole food or giving you tips on de-cluttering your home to find order within chaos. I strive to give you obtainable solutions to unattainable expectations, bringing happiness and balance between mind, body, and soul. http://www.eatcleanlivesimple.com

  • Bill Reinicke

    I have been a long time follower of Problogger, I have read the book and while this is my first time to comment I want to say up front that I appreciate the value you and your team offer. This first podcast was not a new concept by any means. In fact, I have been working on an elevator pitch for a long time and have run into a number of little road blocks.

    What was different and helpful about this podcast was that you provided some great examples and fresh ways of thinking about one’s elevator pitch. This was really helpful for me. I now have not only an elevator pitch but for the first time I am able to see my avatar. The post I wrote this week and the one I am working on for Friday has a slightly different voice because I feel that I am talking to a friend.

    It will take me much longer than 30 days to get through this process, but I am not worried because I look forward to being a better content marketer and blogger in the end.

    Thank you for taking such an interest in helping people in this most amazing space!

  • Mom Elite

    I’m a little late to this challenge, but I think it’s fantastic and look forward to going through it. Here’s my elevator pitch:

    Mom Elite helps moms live fit and healthy lifestyles and helps moms become financially fit through blogging.

  • Mauricio Gonzales

    “We are a marketing company that helps you shape ideas, reduce risks, and create product conversations in the Hispanic market.” Thank you!

  • Mauricio Gonzales

    “We are a marketing company that helps you shape ideas, reduce risks, and create product conversations in the Hispanic market.” Thank you!!

  • Amar Jassal

    Just started a blog and found the podcast. Would love your comments and feedback on this personal blog http://www.amarjassal.com.

    Elevator pitch “An individual who has started to work out what life should be about. An individual taking bold steps. An individual sharing observations and learnings. Want to jump with this individual?”

  • Sunita Rajwade

    Thanks for these great tips. I live on the 23rd Floor of a building with a very old and slow elevator which helps me get some more time to give you my elevator pitch – Here’s how I would pitch my blog –
    As a housewife, mother and grandmother, living on the 23rd floor of a building in very busy city, I have a view of the world which I’d like to share – to bring a smile to my readers with memories and tips that help ordinary people with ordinary problems

  • Darren Goerz

    I have finished a novel that I am getting ready for sale. I use sale, not publishing because its only a success if it sells I am creating a blog to promote my stories but more importantly to create a community where I can share information with other hopeful writers out there. I know I am late out of the gate, but here is my pitch:

    Have you got a story to sell? So do I, and so do a lot of other people out there who know how to tell a story but don’t know how to sell a story. With so many options to choose from it is hard to decide how to proceed.

    What if you had access to a community of people in your position? Aspiring writers. Some who are just starting out. Some who have seen some success. All who are willing to share what they know. All we ask is that you share too.

    Like my Dad always told me; Everybody always knows something you don’t. Lets get together and learn from each other.

    Let’s sell that story.

  • Mike Monfredi

    I just discovered the blog and then podcast and I’m very excited about combing through the archives. I’m just starting out with my blog now so the timing seems great. Thank you for the site and for the information, Darren.

    Here’s my shot at the elevator pitch:
    MikedUp blog is about finding a better version of yourself through improvements in fitness, finance, and family. 

  • Kahlid Tapia


    I just started my new blog a few months ago and recently began doing research on how to make it better. I believe I have a great niche. I listened to this blog and created my first elevator pitch. Please let me know your opinions. Be honestly blunt, as much as you can.


    Stop thinking outside the box. Start thinking outside the country.

    #TheSeoulBrotha Blog, provides strategies to working actors to grow and train in an overseas film industry.
    Redefining success with methods leading to being business savvy, artistically equipped—Expat Thespians.


  • Great podcast! Here’s my elevator pitch:
    Planning a trip to Disney can be overwhelming. On my website, Frontierland Station, I help vacationers become Disney experts through sharing vacation tips, as well as, Disney history; Knowing the stories behind many of the popular attractions adds to the overall magic of a Disney vacation.

  • Zanna Shirmana

    This is where I get tongue-tied. I’m a creative writer, namely a screenwriter, so one of the purposes of my blog is to eventually sell screenplays, so…if I were in an elevator with J.J. Abrams, I would say, “Basically my website showcases all of my creative writing, including childhood anecdotes, short stories, lyrics, commercials, and screenplays. I have an idea for a new television series. In fact! I have ideas for several series that interconnect with each other. They take place in an… Oh. I get off on this floor. I loved getting lost in ‘Lost’ and was hooked in the very first episode. It was nice meeting you and thanks for asking about my website.” That took about 30 seconds; I timed it.

  • Jen

    This is a difficult task for me, because my blog isn’t quite a business and doesn’t have a coherent focus or a problem to solve. I’m a freelance writer, but this blog is an assortment of my own personal posts and doesn’t focus on writing (or anything else – it’s just whatever I’ve had on my mind).

    My tagline is “My brain on the internet,” which I’m quite happy with, but the pitch is harder because I don’t know what I’m *selling.* So far I just have a description of the blog on the About page, so folks know what they’re getting into: “Part memoir, part feminist manifesto, part science education, part mommy blog – I can’t separate out those parts within myself, so I’m not going to try to separate them here. This place is a fun little collection of everything I have to give, and I hope you enjoy your stay.”

  • Christie Adams

    Hi, BRILLIANT podcasts – checking them off one by one.
    My comment has disappeared and I’m not sure why, I hope I didn’t break any rules?
    My tagline is ‘A lover of literature, travel and imagery
    Elevator pitch? I love literature, travel and imagery, I’m a great storyteller with an ever growing strength in social media and blogging. My career in risk, research and intelligence has provided me with a wide range of skills and I enjoy putting these into practice sharing knowledge with others. Whilst bringing up my family and working full time, I completed a BA in Literature. I have two novels in the edit stage and have been self published within a short story anthology. I am now pursuing a solo career in blogging with emphasis on sharing my passions and enabling others to pursue their dreams through travel and the arts. My future path is unclear other than to take full advantage of the opportunities created by my can do attitude.

    My elevator pitch is in first draft – I”d appreciate feedback?

  • Melissa Luxmoore

    I know I’m late to this but thought I would share my elevator pitch anyway. I never quite feel confident with it but this is the one that I’m happiest with:
    “I take ‘not quite well’ women and turn them into Healthy, Happy Super Heroes …that SPARKLE.”

  • Thanks very much for the advice. My elevator pitch is:

    Do you want to develop and enjoy your garden, but need ideas and inspiration? Follow my garden blog as I grow my own, explore new plants and design an outdoor space for my family and friends to enjoy.

    My blog is at http://www.dogwooddays.net
    Feedback gratefully received – thanks.

  • Lex

    Thanks, really useful info

  • Becoming 7

    Becoming 7 explores the joys of childhood via: Adventures, Activities, Games, Special Days, Memories, Books, Health, Safety, Food, Nature, Toys, and Products.

  • Laura Saillard

    Sustainability is a well known problem with poorly understood solutions. Sage Passive Buildings provides homeowners with easy to understand sustainable solutions to everyday building challenges. We talk about both design strategies and product ideas keeping cost and value for money front of mind at all times.

    • Luisa Gastambide

      Your blog sound really interesting and to be addressing a very important need. I will tale a look at it!

  • Carol M Green

    Running Granny Green encourages women, especially grandmothers, to gain greater fitness by providing tips and inspiration to insure long years of joyful grandparenting. The cookie recipes are a bonus!

  • Carol M Green

    Running Granny Green encourages women, especially grandmothers, to gain greater fitness by providing tips and inspiration to insure long years of joyful grandparenting. The cookie recipes are a bonus! http://runninggrannygreen.blogspot.com/

  • Luisa Gastambide

    I am really enjoying the web information and podcast!!

    I think I got my pitch: “My blog brings travel and lifestyle inspiration to mothers who are rising their kids within certain social and environmental values and are concerned about the challenges their kids will have to face in todays world. I share my thoughts and my travel discoveries by promoting a more conscious and environmentally friendly lifestyle.”

    Any feedback is welcome! Thanks!

    • krista

      it is a little long – I think you should shorten it up.

  • Trish Trejo

    I loved Day One of the challenge. The day’s activity made me formulate a plan for my sad little neglected blog. Elevator speech:
    Just a Few Thoughts by Trish is my intentionally positive blog. Each time I sit down to write, I mine for an upbeat tale, not necessarily one full of sunshine and hummingbirds but one that nurtures the goodness of life even through daily trials. In Shakespeare’s day (I throw this in because I’m an English major!), a lighthearted and rambling tale would be a comedy. I claim no connection to the bard, but with each entry, I keep the story as light as the topic will allow. My goal is to leave the reader with at least the hint of a smile.

  • Do you want to experience the world?
    I encourage you to get an early start at living a full and adventurous life by providing tips for living your “what if” #WhileYoung.

  • Although I bought the ebook a number of years ago, the podcast has inspired me to finally start working on these steps. I have an outdoor cooking website at http://www.outdoorcookingmagic.com.

    My elevator pitch is: “Outdoor Cooking Magic provides tips, trick and recipes for cooking delicious food outdoors. We show you how to cook on the grill, in a smoker, using dutch ovens, over an open fire, and a whole lot more. Outdoor cooking is not difficult. It just takes time, a little magic and is well worth the effort. It always tastes better when it’s cooked outdoors!”

  • Karen Ballentine

    “Forgotten News” will be a blog about recovering a wide variety stories lost in 19th century newspapers that are worth reading again. I say will be because I’ve been doing some of this on a blog already but plan to start over and do it right this time with the outstanding advice given on the ProBlogger Podcast! Thank you!

    • Dillon Dale

      Feedback on “Forgotten News” blog idea:
      Great concept. Consider a descriptive “hook” in the title; something that attracts your avatar. Example: The erudite reader who missed history class or wishes to impress friends and colleagues. Another idea; position the blog as a retelling of important news stories that deserve a place in the current American lexicon (such as 1970 Kent State shootings, or TBD). Hope this helps!

  • Renee Writes

    I have just started 31 days to a better blog, so here is my elevator pitch.

    Renee Writes is all about my love of food, my love of travel and my not so love of my visitor, bowel cancer. It is all about my experiences in life.

    You can check out my latest work at http://www.reneewrites.net

  • I Recently this so here’s mine: “Photography for Business Owners at http://nickkatin.com/, is aimed at helping SME’s to take, edit and publish their marketing images with an easy to understand approach”

  • Dillon Dale

    Late starter…. I just found the podcast. I welcome feedback on the elevator pitch below. The blog not yet started, and I can shift this to be more appealing if needed. Here you go:
    “Optics Sourcing” covers strategies & best practices for buying build-to-spec (custom) products from suppliers in Asia. Using the proper tactics, Supply Chain Managers and entrepreneurs keep the benefits of low-cost foreign suppliers, without the financial, quality or lead-time risks.”

  • Revisionist Vintage is a resource helping embolden vintage
    fashion enthusiasts to curate their perfect wardrobe through a combination of
    handmade garments from vintage patterns and curated fashion, both vintage and

  • Great first episode! Here’s my pitch:

    SG Books and Travel is about living a rich life through books and travel.