Today your challenge is to create a ‘list post’ for your blog

list-postSince I started blogging back in 2002 the ‘list post’ has always been a popular type of post for bloggers. While you may not want every post on your blog to have this format there’s no doubt there are some definite advantages of using them from time to time.

As I look at my most popular posts over the years on my blogs many of them would fit quite well into this category.

So today I want you to create one. Here’s what to do:

  1. Listen to today’s episode (either here on the site or in iTunes or Stitcher)
  2. create and publish your list post on your blog
  3. please share a link to your newly published list post in comments below so we can see what you’ve done today
  4. check out some of the links other share, comment on and share the ones you enjoy the most

In This Episode

Here’s what I cover in todays episode:

  • 8 Reasons Why List Posts Work
  • A Warning on List Posts
  • 3 Types of List Posts to Try Writing on Your Blog
  • Examples of List posts that I’ve written that might give you some ideas

Examples of List Posts Mentioned in this Episode

All of these examples come from my blog at Digital Photography School but please submit your own new list posts below and check out the examples others leave to see them applied in different niches/topics.

Also mentioned in this episode as a tool to check was Buzz Sumo.

Show Us Your List Posts

The key to this 31 Days to Build a Better Blog Challenge is that you DO the challenges. So your challenge today is to write a list post and then to share the link in comments below.

Note: Please only share NEW posts that were written as part of this challenge and not old archived posts. This is about getting you to write something new!

Once you’ve shared your link please check out the links that others leave and get to know some other bloggers involved in this challenge.

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