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  • I’m heading their now, because I’m always looking for new plugins that can make my blogs better!

  • I will try these ones too! Thanks for sharing, I really love professional and related WP plugins!

  • Something about that page crashes my Firefox every time I try to view it.

  • I recommend the “Thank me later” plugin as its very effective in interacting with your readers after they have already left your blog – I recently added a post on my blog on the tricks to getting more comments where I talked about this pllugin..

    heres the link:

    -Ruben Ricart

  • Good list, thanks Darren. And BTW, Happy B-day “V”. ;)

  • Thanks for sharing. I am just about to install my first wordpress blog.

  • Andy’s list is truly worth the link. He’s listed a couple of plug ins that really are “best kept secrets” – until now!

  • @ infmom

    Site works just fine for me!

  • Thanks for the two lists, Darren.

    I am always on the lookout for plugins to make my blog better. That said, I’m also looking out for plugins that are faster than my current ones, too.

  • LGR

    A relatively new plugin that I have been using and recommending to people is the WP-GreetBox plugin. It works well with caching and is easy to add new refers. It easily replaces several other plugins like WWSGD.

  • Thanks for the plugin lists.

  • Good list of WordPress plugin recommendation

  • I’ve been looking for something for my feed footer. Have to try that one out. But to be honest I feel like I’ve seen that list before. About 100 times before. Not exactly that one, worded exactly that way, but the whole “X wordpress plugins you’ll die without!!!” thing has kinda been done to death.

  • Thanks for the link. I knew about a few of those, but there were definitely some that I’d never heard of.

    And thanks LGR, I’m going to check that one out.

  • wp-email is one of my personal favorites and, just like Andy said – you’ll be surprised how often people use it

  • Darren,

    This is getting great. Thank you so much. You saved me a lot of time looking for good plugins.


  • eric


    speaking of plugins, what plugin do you use on the problogger homepage for the ‘best of problogger’ widget? The one that lists the best posts by ‘all time, ‘this month’ etc?

    On the marketingpilgrim blog, there’s a similar plugin being used in the right sidebar – with the ‘fresh’, ‘popular’, ‘pilgrim’s picks’ tabs – anyone know what plugin that is?

  • Yeah, and like Andy’s blog too.

    All these plugs are compatible with 2.7 as well.

    Man I love 2.7!

  • I like the No Pings idea.

    Any idea if it’s better SEO-wize to self-ping or not to self-ping? (I would imagine it doesn’t matter — since it’s probably norel and the link juice would flow from the post that links)

  • I’ve been using SimpleTags for ages as well and really love it for the semi-automation of post tagging.

    On blogs where I post via email, RPC or pre-load scheduled posts I had my own TagPiG Autotagger plugin built. It’s a fully automated tagger so is very handy but should be setup well to get the best out of it.

  • I’ve written my version of recommended plugins for WordPress in November 2008.

  • Thanks for linking over there, I’m always looking for new plugins to improve my site!

  • I saw this list yesterday and tried to install CommentLuv but I couldn’t get it to work, but I did like the CommentLuv (and connected) websites. I will try this plugin again when I have more time because I like the idea of it.

    No Self Pings sounds good and Related Posts is an absolute must.

  • How many plug-ins do people typically have on a WP Blog? We use about 9. I always come across new plug-ins that seem exciting, but always reluctant to add more. Any reason for concern? We have a list of the 9 we typically use and about 8 more we want to try on our newest blog at but I am concerned. Thanks for feedback.

  • Are there any interesting “pay” plugins or at least freemium type plugins that have extended service for a fee?

  • I have noticed a lot of these lists of late so I have compiled a list of 10 great WordPress plugin lists!

  • Andy Beal is always popping up on the first page when I am searching Google for wordpress plugins. This list is a must read for anyone that has not added many plug ins to their blog yet. I even found a couple that I had not found before.

  • What a list…I think I’m running out of room for more plugins though!


  • Darren, you are the master. All you have to do is put up a link and people will comment about where the link goes to. impressive kind sir, impressive.

  • Thanks for sharing with us. :)

  • I found a great plug in recently which is called post teaser
    Those of you that use it will agree its pretty neat as it gives that i want to find out more feeling and therefor gets your visitors interacting more on your blog posts.


  • These are some very nice plugins!

    I will have to add a few of em… For instance, the SEO Title Tag and the Redirection plugins are really useful!

    Thanks for sharing ;)

    Joshua C.

  • Thanks for sharing this list.

    Without this I would not have come to know about some of the greatest plugins which make our lives easier.

  • The website has given me a few suggestions. I’m definitely going to download a few tonight!

  • Thanks, iused some of them.

  • I didn’t know about the existence of this plugin – Ad Rotator. Actually I used UBD ads plugin. Which would be better?

  • Awesome. Thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas.

  • Thankyou for sharing the list. I am always looking for new plugins.

  • Max

    I saw this post via twitter originally, and now I released my own WordPress plugin which I think should be quite helpful to WordPress newbies and not only.

    The plugin’s name is Simple Sidebar Navigation. Since there is no easy way for PHP illiterate people to create custom navigation block/widgets in the sidebars, this plugin allows to create custom sidebar navigation basically with a few clicks of your mouse. I think it can be especially useful for small business blogs and WordPress based web sites.