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Pheedo launch RSS Powered Ads

Posted By Darren Rowse 14th of February 2007 Advertising, RSS 0 Comments

Heather Green has posted that this week Pheedo will be releasing an RSS Powered Ads product.

No it’s not an ad product to put in your RSS feeds – but one to promote your RSS feeds with.

Heather explains:

“Pheedo pulls the RSS feeds from marketers, retailers, and publishers into a skyscraper ad that is distributed across sites on in Pheedo’s network or other ad networks. Within the ad itself, you can subscribe to a feed, email an item, or submit the item to Digg,, and other aggregators.”

Sounds similar to what BlogAds released a few weeks back and what Techmeme has been doing for a while now.

You can see examples of these ads in action on Pheedo’s home page.

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  • Thanks for mentioning our new product. Yes very similar to BlogAds and Techmeme on the surface. However, yet very different.

    1. The FeedPowered Ad Platform is just that a platform. The ad units are totally portable. They can be run in our network or on any site/network.
    2. They can be tracked using any third-party ad server like DoubleClick or Atlas.
    3. Our stats go way beyond just click-through data. Not only are we tracking the ad performance, we are tracking the interaction of the entire ad unit. There are two sets of data available – campaign data – information you might expect (Clicks, Impressions, Ad Spend) plus we create a “heat map” of the ad that provides the marketer a detailed analysis of where users are clicking within the ad unit. Plus, how many people emailed an article or added tags etc. The second data group is post campaign campaign.

    Post campaign data includes all the RSS subscribers and how they are interacting with the content. This is where Pheedo’s roots are – RSS data analysis. The data helps the marketer determine what their audience likes or dislikes. They can even serve up-sells/cross-sell offers in the feed.

    Bottom line is we provide a complete view of company’s RSS marketing efforts.

    Thanks again,
    Bill Flitter
    Founder, Pheedo

  • when did problogger become techcrunch!… :(

  • Thanks Bill – appreciate your adding that information

    Fasion06 – you don’t want me to cover new types of ads for publishers on this blog about making money from such ad programs?

  • i couldn’t find information about the network they will use to promote the feed…

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  • I am using FAN, now if I try this too will it work or i can just use FAN or this one.Any suggestions Darren?

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