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Performancing Partners to Add New Advertiser Options – Beta Testers Wanted

Posted By Darren Rowse 9th of November 2006 Advertising 0 Comments

Performancing are Looking for a few beta testers for a new feature that they’re adding to their new Partners Ad Network. The test seems to be allowing advertisers to use text ads instead of having to make the 125 x 125 pixel ads currently in the system. While I quite like the 125 x 125 ads as they currently are it makes sense to offer advertisers a variety of options as an incentive to use their system.

I’ve been lucky enough to attract 4 advertisers so far using Performaning’s Partners program (there are still two ad spots left for sale for the month) but am hearing that this is not the norm for most publishers so far. From what I can see there have been new advertisers taking out ads over the last few days but I would think it is going to take a number of months for things to really ramp up and would advise publishers to be patient and not pin all their hopes on the one ad system. My approach has been to add a couple of my blogs to give them the opportunity to attract advertisers – but to also run other ad programs simultaneously (including BlogAds). In time I’m hopeful that advertisers will continue to come on board as it is a system with real potential.

I’m also thinking of becoming an advertiser also. I’ve previously used BlogAds to advertise key posts on my blogs and had real success. As I look around the Performancing advertisers section I can see some real value on offer in terms of potential sites to place an ad and in the coming days will probably dip my toe in the water and give it a go. I generally look for medium sized blogs to advertise on – blogs that are highly targeted to the niche of the site I’m advertising, blogs that have the ads in a good position (the higher on the page the better) and blogs that are well priced (I notice quite a few bloggers are choosing to price their blogs attractively in the hope of getting advertisers interested). I’ll give it a go later in the week and report back how I go.

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