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Performancing Closes Partners Advertising Network

Posted By Darren Rowse 23rd of January 2007 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

Another big announcement over at Performancing’s blog today (seems to be one a week at the moment).

New CEO, Chris Garrett, has announced that they are closing Performancing Partners down.

This comes of server woes, the resignation of Nick Wilson as CEO, the calling off of a sale of Performancing to PayPerPost and the ending of their metrics program.

Wow – it’s been quite a month!

With Performancing Partners – any ads currently running will remain until the end of the month when the program will be discontinued.

I feel for Chris – he’s a great guy who seems to have inherited a leaking (sinking?) ship.

I’m also saddened that their Partners system didn’t work. I suspected there was trouble this past week when their server problems were causing some of their publishers sites not to load (it brought ProBlogger to a standstill for a few hours) – but I had hoped they’d be able to work it out as it was an ad network with potential.

What is the future of performancing?

They still have their firefox plugin (although they’ve rebranded that) and there is still the blog and forums. To be honest – I loved Performancing the most when it was just a blog. They produced amazing content and generated wonderful conversations. Perhaps it’s time to go back to that?

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. I predicted the start of the fall of Performancing from the day PayPerPost got their hands on them, or part of them. I love(d) their blog posts and discussions, but I think they expanded to many different fields too fast.


  2. Never was a “Performancing” (what a stupid name) fan.

  3. yes, it was an excellent blog but I think the add-on ideas were a bit me-too

  4. Allen – PPP didn’t end up bying any of them.

  5. I got to know Performancing through their FireFox plugin. I think it’s their best asset, didn’t really care much about their Partners programme

  6. Chris Baskind says: 01/23/2007 at 10:03 am

    Yeah, I feel for Chris, too. He had no time to act.

    Darren, you’ve made a very constructive suggestion as to Performancing’s future. I’ve learned that in business — as in life — when things don’t feel right, it’s sometimes best to go back to whatever you were doing the last time things clicked.

  7. Looks to me like Chris got screwed over here.

    Being made ‘CEO’ only to have to close everything down while those who might have caused the problems hide in the back rooms?

    To me it all started to go downhill when Text-Link-Ads got sold. Wasn’t it previously owned by the same people as Performancing? I’m just guessing but there seems to be more to this than is being talked about.

  8. Emily – I think that’s all just speculation.

    I do get the sense that Chris has found himself in a tough spot with this one but what is behind it is anyone’s guess and I suspect won’t ever come to light. Sounds like a tough situation for all involved from what I can see.

  9. Well I couldn’t use Performancing Partners, but still sad for these guys..
    Anyway I think you are right:

    I loved Performancing the most when it was just a blog. They produced amazing content and generated wonderful conversations. Perhaps it’s time to go back to that?

  10. It is pretty sad – more so for Chris whom I respect as a blogger – when Performancing first started and they were basically just a blog Chris’s posts were the one’s that interested me the most.

    Their plugin is their best asset, by far – shame they had to re-badge it. I’m willing to bet they’d like to put it back into Performancing. If that’s there feeling I’d just do – better to go back to what was working and take a little heat.

    Even though their dealings with PPP (which never went through) seemed to start their downfall, I got this feeling there were problems way before that – I’m guessing a lack of focus.

    An ad network is very intensive in all sort of ways – money, time, servers, adv, publishers, payouts etc … so I don;t think we should “bash” them for failing – at least they gave it a shot.

    Darren – your last paragraph is spot on – they should go back to square one with the group blog and forums.

  11. I totally agree Darren.

    I loved Performancing when they just had their blog. I would wait with baited breath, much like Problogger’s content, for the next post.

    Then I just got lost….

  12. As expected, Performancing will close its Partners Advertising Network down. I don’t think that it is because of the bandwidth problem. Instead, it is because of the poor performance of the network.

    The network actually didn’t help bloggers to get extra income for their blogs. I did a review about Performancing Partner Ads here – It’s Time To Say Stop To Performancinng Ad.

  13. Like most people here, I also enjoyed Performacing the most when it was an informative and stimulating blog. The posts written by Chris and Nick were really helpful, and like here at ProBlogger.net, put across in a friendly and inviting manner. I do hope Chris returns the site to what it once was.

    By the way and as a complete aside, I love John Chow’s advert below. In case it doesn’t come up, it appears to be a Google ad that says “I Love Darren Rowse” and then John’s URL. Classy!

  14. I also agree with your point Darren.

    Performancing was in my list of top 3 blogs, before they slowed down their posting. I am sure Chris has good plans for it and look forward to seeing what direction he takes the company.

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  16. I first felt bad when they closed personal blogs. It didn’t look too bad to outsiders first but my personal blog RSS feed at p.com vanished … and I couldn’t post to p.com with the Firefox plugin.

    No words from me about the partners network but the quality of the forum entries vanished and everything became partners related.

    The closedown of PMetrics beside all internal technical and financial discussions: Bad, very bad move.

    Let me get back my blog again and let the party start again.

    And yes, I still very much like and recommend the Firefox plugin …

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