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Performancing Ad Network

Posted By Darren Rowse 29th of July 2008 Advertising 0 Comments

In the last week a new ad network has launched – PerformancingAds.

Bloggers who have been around for a while will know that this isn’t the first time Performancing have ventured into the ad network space – they previously launched a network back in 2006 but closed it down last year during a period where they when through a management restructure and ultimately were sold.

I was sad when the network closed last time as I thought it did have promise and love to see new ad options launched specifically aimed at bloggers.

So this week when I was told it’s back I was really excited.

Here’s How It Works

  • The ads are based around the popular 125 x 125 pixel banner ads that you see on many blogs (including the ones you see in ProBlogger’s sidebar).
  • It is a self service system where advertisers sign up, submit ads and pay for them all via Performancing and then they send you your share of the revenue at the same time each month.
  • You can book your own ads for free – might seem a little silly but if you have spare spots and want to fill them with ads pointing at affiliate programs or even key parts of your blog you can fill them with internal ads.
  • Publishers are put into a Marketplace where your blog will be shown to prospective advertisers looking for blogs to advertise on.
  • They have a traffic exchange system where you allow other blogs to show their ad on your blog in exchange for credits which can be used to display your ad on other blogs. You also earn credits by selling ads.
  • The Revenue Share – You earn a minimum of 60% of what the ads sell for – Performancing takes the other 40%. This will be tiered up as high as 90% for publishers for ‘better performing publishers’ (not sure if that is based upon sales or traffic)
  • You have control over where the ads appear, how many are shown and even some control over how they look (like spacing between them)
  • You can create multiple regions on your blog so have the ads appear in multiple positions
  • You can filter out ads you don’t want to appear by adding words for keywords and/or domains that you don’t want advertisers from
  • Advertisers buy ads based upon weekly increments
  • They have a premium program where if your blog has over 250,000 US pageviews per month they can sell ads on your behalf in different size ad units (728×90, 300×250 and 160×600).
  • You have control over what ads are priced at. You can also set ads to be no-follow ads (or not).
  • There is a WordPress Plugin to help manage these ads if you’re a WP user

PerformancingAds are new and as with any ad network I believe you shouldn’t expect too much too quickly from it as it takes time to get them working to optimal levels for both advertisers and publishers.

The success of this network will depend upon their ability to sign up advertisers. Last time around PerformancingAds did manage to sell quite a few ads on ProBlogger – but it took time for them to get to that level.

Looking to Advertise on Blogs?

Performancing is looking advertisers at present and are offering $25 off your first ad purchase of $100 or more.

Last time Performancing had their ad network I actually used it to advertise my blogs quite a few times. There were plenty of bargains to be had around the blogosphere and it was a pretty cool way to increase the exposure of my blogs to new audiences. I suspect this will be the case again looking at the current marketplace of bloggers who have already signed up.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Hi Darren,
    I am having trouble figuring up if and how this can be set up for Blogger users. Any ideas?

  2. Hi Darren,

    I signed up for PerfAds during the beta launch and for me the success was immediate. For the past month or so Three out of four available slots have been filled each week and I’m earning a steady income.

    To be honest, I didn’t expect much from PerfAds as these programs never seem to work for FWJ – but it is working and I don’t have any complaints.

    As you can, there are no affiliate links here and no one is asking me to talk about PerfAds. All the bloggers are talking about PerfAds and I thought they might like to hear from someone who has been using it for a while and is very pleased with the results.

  3. Thanks D. I was looking for something just like this earlier today. Very timely.

  4. I signed up 3 days ago and I’m testing it on two of my biggest blogs (1 million + pageviews per month). I’ve booked 1 ad spot on each site so far. I’ll be testing them out for a few months and if its good, I’ll expand it to my other blogs.

  5. They take 40%? Wow. Is their service twice as valuable to bloggers as Adsense is?

  6. Hey Darren,
    I am always excited when a new ad network is launched because I have been banned from Google Adsense. This network sounds like a pretty good deal and I think I will investigate some more for my financial blog. Thanks

  7. It doesn’t appear that this program will work with blogs that use Blogger….such a shame…anyone know a work around? Please don’t say WP.

  8. Thanks for heads up, I’ll definately be taking a look.

  9. Yes, it’s a shame it doesn’t work on blogger because you need to install php code. That problem happens with many ad networks… I think blogger should do something about it.

  10. It’s a great new network, I got their ads running on my blog now and somehow, I feel more confident with selling the 125×125 ad format on my blog than doing it on my own.

  11. Just signed up Darren. Put it on 3 of my blogs lets see what happens. Cross your fingers for me.

  12. I already signed up when I heard they re-launched… Lets hope they do better this time round.

  13. Hi Darren,

    I have been reading a lot about perf ads over the past few days. I think I will wait and see some results from your readers before changing the way I currently run my 125×125 spots.

    To lose 40% does seem like a lot but I guess if you are currently making only a few cents from adsense then the results would certainly be a much better return.

    Good luck to those who decide to use perf ads. let us know how well you do.

  14. Well, I signed up, but my CMS does not allow PHP in the templates. Most advertising networks that I’ve used only require some JavaScript code, it’s a shame this one only allows PHP as I really wanted to try them out. Disappointed! I did send them some feedback though asking if they’d be willing to provide some JavaScript…

  15. Ben Barden, It would be so good if you tell us what do they answer to your feedback. I think there is no chance to add the code in a different way, but if they give you any solution, please let us know!

  16. Thanks darren for this info.I like it.

  17. Thanks for this info. I’m going to trey them out on my site.

  18. Darren what are your thoughts of this ad network compared to BuySellAds. BuySellAds only takes 25%, is there any good reason you could think of that would give performancing ads the edge? (All I can think of is different types of advertisers…)

  19. Looks interesting, but is it as valuable as Google Adsense? Can I use it along side Google’s service?

  20. Dont work link
    Not Found

  21. I’ve never really tried an advertising network (well, Project Wonderful this month) so I’m looking forward to see how well this works. Thanks for the great share!

  22. Hi Darren,

    I will signup now and see how it goes. I have changed my theme. the new theme can have 125X125 ad slots. So will try how it goes.

    Thanks for the info…

  23. Hello Darren and others,

    I have just now signed up in performancing ads and put 125X3 ads on sidebar.

    I just have a doubt. the advertisers in that network visit the sites and apply for ads or we have to look for advertisers?

    Let me know.


  24. Sounds interesting, they certainly allow for lots of options. Will check it out.

  25. thanks a lot , I’m grateful to you because this is an excellent article .

  26. Thanks for the info. I’m just getting started with Performancing Ad Network. However, I’m lost as to what to charge for the ads. Any suggestions?

  27. Ad space is one of those huge benefits!

  28. thanks for ur post. i joined this service but i use the blogger platform thats why i am able to show perfomancing ads in my blog. Can u suggest me any other site which gives opportunity to show 125X125 ads in blogger platform.
    Thanks once again


  29. Yeah. They have a good advertiser base. Its worth giving a try even for small & medium sized bloggers.

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