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Performancing Ad Network to Introduce Network Ads

Posted By Darren Rowse 7th of December 2006 Advertising 0 Comments

performancingPerformancing Partners Ad Network (aff) has been around for a couple of months now and I’m seeing more and more publishers with ads being bought on their blogs. However for some (especially smaller blogs) it’s harder to get advertisers signed up and so Performancing are introducing a new type of ad to fill unsold ad spaces – they’re called ‘Network Ads‘.

Network Ads are CPA (Cost Per Action/Aquisition) ads which means publishers get paid when a reader clicks the ads and purchases something from the destination site.

This new Network Ad type of ad is in a beta test and so Performancing are saying that ‘features are limited’. If you have Network Ads served to your unsold ad spots they will stop running when a real advertiser purchases an ad.

Publishers can opt out of having Network Ads served to their blogs. I think I’d be happy to have the ads served if they are advertising quality products (I’ll reserve judgement until I see them) and see an added benefit of having them run as giving potential advertisers the impression that your ad space is in demand.

Read more on the new Network Ads as well as a full description of how Performancing ad network pricing works here.

Update: I’ve chatted to Performancing’s Nick Wilson just now and he tells me that initially there will be only a handful (6-10) ads in circulation across the network but that they are planning on rolling out more (as well as more features which will let publishers control and choose ads by category that fit their blog) in future as they learn from the beta implementation of the program.

Ads will have a fairly ‘general’ focus initially but as time goes on expect to see them add features that allow you to get more relevant ads for your blog. This will be key from my experience of CPA ads and affiliate programs which generally rely upon ads relating closely to the content of a site to be successful.

He also tells me that they are partnering with an undisclosed affiliate network to run these network ads.

Revenue from the ads will be split in the same manner as other Performancing ads with 70% going to the publisher and 30% going to Performancing.

The amount paid for each time a reader buys something from the advertisement hasn’t been disclosed yet by Performancing but they will give further details of this before setting the Network to active.

If you’re not using Performancing’s Ad network yet you can sign up here.

About Darren Rowse

Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

  • very cool thanx for this information I wanted to write an artocle about it today!

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  • That’s great to hear, although there is no mention of this yet on the Performancing site. I wrote my own post about it, also offering some constructive criticism of their program:

  • Wow, thanks for sharing with us. I’m headed over there now using your link to sign up. Thanks for the wonderful tips.

  • Yes, thanks for the notice, I was about to remove the whole thing because I haven’t had a single ad request or referral click, and it’s been up since the day they launched it. Maybe I’ll hang on a little longer and see what happens with the CPAs… better than nothing, but that big box is looking pretty fugly in my sidebar right now…

  • Hey Lara, is the site you’re talking about the one you have linked to here? I dont see a partners ad block on there at all?

    Thanks for telling folks about this Darren, I think it could be a great thing for everyone, and will get a post up on our site later today with more details!

  • Thanks for informing Darren. I’ll keep my eyes at Performancing site.

  • Hi Nick,

    Nope, it’s not this site, it’s another one I’ve got – more of a personal nature. Thanks for coming here to check this out though… I’m really excited to see the new options for those of us who aren’t seeing any action just yet.

  • Thanks Darren for the info. You know, its amazing how many other advertising programs seem to be getting stronger and launching new services similar to Adsense. Hopefully this competition can give its publishers something positive in return, as increased revenue per click or more flexibility with the tweaking.


  • This looks promising. I’m going to try them out.

  • Anonymous

    I’m VERY happy to say that there are only 3 levels above me before I can vote that I made over $10,000/month. I started completely from scratch in late April of 2006 and last month made over $1600 and may possibly hit the $2000/month mark for December. I definitely owe a lot to you, Darren and…well, I have to give a big pat on the back to WordPress and Google.

    Blogging rocks! Let’s just hope it continues and stock markets don’t crash… :O

  • Sounds like a win win situation with something for everyone :)

    Thanks Darren for this article.

  • They keep coming out with great products and tools for bloggers. If there’s a great company to buy in the blogging space (besides b5 of course), it’s got to be Performancing.
    I think this is going to be a great tool and a good competitor for BlogAds which doesn’t seem to treat its affiliates squarely, IMHO.

  • Hey Darren,

    I just received my first Advertiser on Performancing Ad Network, which actually surprised me (I’m not a big blogger like you “A list guys”).

    I think it all boils down to niche blogging and what you blog about.

    If you blog about a specific technology piece, you may get one advertiser, Google, you’ll get competitors (smaller ones) and personal you will probably get no one.

    I think the reason the person signed up for me was:

    a) My traffic got kicked up from under a 1000 hits a day to between 5-20k (thanks to Google)

    b) I had a site meter available to measure that traffic

    If sites have these features, advertisers may be more inclined to sign up.

  • good to hear Darnell – nice to see it picking up for publishers.

  • I have been considering alternative ads on some of my WordPress blogs. This may be what I am looking for. I’ll do some more digging first. Thanks for the info.

  • Thanks Darren. I think I’m going to write sth about it.

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  • I tried Performancing and after only a few weeks picked up a paying advertiser – I was surprised it didn’t take long. The ad from Tuning News is relevant to my AMG Mercedes-Benz Enthusiast blog.

    It is difficult to figure out how to do everything with Performancing, but they seem to be improving their support services for publishers. I’ll stick with them and see how it goes.

  • thanks for the article also see this blog this has good jokes

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  • bob

    i tried performancing but it doesn’t work, i checked other good blogs on their market but nobody has advertiser, weak.

  • No action from Performancing for me yet. I suspect it’s because my blog’s focus is a bit too diverse, maybe a bit too general in terms of talking about business and entrepreneurship.

    The problem with these kinds of services is that everyone can sign-up but most will be disappointed.

    I’ve taken a different approach and gone after sponsors, people I can build relationships with, connect with more actively and negotiate opportunities that make sense.

    It’s more work but I think it’s the best way for smaller blogs to go, even with niche topics, but especially those that aren’t hyper-focused.

    I still hope something comes through with Performancing, but I’m also aiming to remove it in favor of a sponsor’s ad that I’ve negotiated actively / directly.

  • I just love what the Performancing guys are coming out with. They have such excellent stuff. I love to use them! and

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  • John

    Yeah I have added some CPA in my rotation, I run a few typical CPM networks in it like But I plan to have more of a CPA / CPC / CPM mix.

  • The only ad network I have ever had success with was They are more of a site repping company, but if you can get in with them they are pretty solid. Customer support sucks, but they pay well.

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