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PayPerPost buys Performancing (or part of it)

Posted By Darren Rowse 28th of December 2006 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

Techcrunch is reporting that PayPerPost is buying Performancing and will make the announcement today sometime.

They say that the reason for the purchase is to give PPP access to Performancing’s 28,000 users.

I will be interested to read the official announcements later today as I’d heard previously that a sale was imminent but that it wouldn’t include the full Performancing portfolio of services (ie they have their advertising service, their firefox service, their blog and their metrics package. Time will tell which parts were included in the sale.

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  1. Well truthfully its not all that exciting to me. It’s like two sinking ships buying each other in hopes that parts of one will help the other be successful. Problem is the captains of one are on the way out anyhow and the whole thing just looks like pieces of rubble we will one day unearth from the bottom of the “Internet Archive Sea”.

  2. I don’t know why, but i truly hope this story is not true. The last thing we want is PPP buying a trusted company so far like Performancing.


  3. Performancing mentioned at the end of November, that their Metrics service would finish in December, and that they were looking for buyers of this service, so it would be good news, if someone was to take this on and develop it further.

    It’ll be interesting to see what services go to PPP – one thing for sure I can’t believe that it’ll be their new Advertising Partners program as they have spent alot of time on this project.

  4. I think it is not as bad a news as people make it out to be. I thought Performancing had lack of direction lately, if you will, and they were looking for someone to buy them out. PPP is simply expanding so I guess it is a good deal for both sides.

  5. Performancing has changed somewhat in the last six months or so, and these changes actually led me to visit this site more regularly. The blog element of Performancing moved away from helpful posts to a more announcement style – there guiding tutorial type posts have apparently moved into their forums, but I preferred the blog way of doing it.

    But although I don’t read Performancing as much as I used to, I do still like the site and their services. I too hope Performancing isn’t about to be looted to some other company. But as mentioned, they were stopping the metrics service which could be sold off to another company to develop further. I just hope Nick and the crew keep the Partners program which seems to be doing well so far.

  6. Nick W. (performancing founder) is a stand up guy, don’t write this off as bad without knowing all the facts. I’ve had my faults with PPP, so it’s not easy for me to say that :)

  7. […] The sale does include the forums(with all 28,000 members), the new advertising service that never really blossomed at all despite it’s good quality.  Performancing has been geared towards the problogger set since the beginning so it could end up being a good pickup for PPP.  Maybe. […]

  8. Paul Drago says: 12/29/2006 at 1:51 am

    I have to agree with Jim. Lets wait for the official non-tech crunch announcement.

  9. If this rings true, then in good conscience I won’t be able to continue using the performancing tools a advertising platform.

  10. interesting deal.

    included in the acquisition are analystics and the exchange.

    excluded are the firefox extension and the partners ad technology.

  11. […] Another Update: Looks like my sentiments are generally shared among the blogosphere: View from the Isle, ClickZ, Download Squad, John Chow dot Com, Communicontent.com, The Blogging Times, Digital Inspiration, Online Marketing Blog, Deep Jive Interests, 10e20, ALLIED, AdMoolah News and Views, Bloggers Blog, Geek News Central and ProBlogger Blog Tips […]

  12. I don’t see why people should move away from their analytics service. It’s not like Performancing wasn’t using the data for themselves.

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