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Passion – Do You Have It?

Recently on Twitter I was asked for some tips on what sets ‘great’ blogs apart from the rest.

With millions of bloggers creating blog posts every day – how do you stand out?

It’s a big question, and the reality is that there are many ingredients to building a successful blog.

A variety of words came to mind as I struggled to come up with my 140-character guide to ‘standing out’.

I started to list them:

  • Credibility
  • Share Your Opinion
  • Great Writing
  • Ability to Connect
  • Understanding Readers
  • Injecting Personality

As I brainstormed, I realised 140 characters was not going to cut it:

  • Great blog design
  • Tell Stories
  • Use Great Visuals
  • Network with other bloggers
  • Be prolific
  • Be funny
  • Be smart
  • Be first
  • Write great headlines

I started to think of the blogs I love and what makes them stand out:

  • Be Useful
  • Be Entertaining
  • Take note of your readers
  • Have a different spin on things
  • Be Original

The list continued to grow and with it my heart sank a little.

“There’s no one way to stand out…”

But then I had two realizations:

Firstly – I love that there’s no one way to stand out! There are no rules. There is no blueprint – and that’s what is so simultaneously exciting and frustrating about blogging.

That’s why I love what I do. Constant experimentation, learning, testing and trying new things.

The second thing I realised is that there actually was a common feature about all of the blogs that came to mind as ‘stand out’ blogs.


There are plenty of bloggers that do the things in the lists above. There are bloggers sharing opinions, writing well, with a heart to connect, with great personalities…. bloggers who are smart, funny, prolific, original, entertaining and bundles of wonderful!

But something that seems present and that shines through in the blogs that I read and love is passion.

They are created by people with passion for the topics being covered, passion for the process of creating content, passion for their readers, passion for learning, and passion for pushing the boundaries of thinking and creating.

They love… they enthuse… they delight in what they do. By doing so they somehow draw others into their passion too, which is where the real magic seems to happen.

This isn’t to say that passion is the only ingredient needed for success – but maybe… just perhaps… it’s what binds it all together and helps a blog just click.

Are you passionate about your blog?

Happy Valentine’s Day.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Passion really does make a difference. Writing about something you’re not really sold out to can be frustrating and exhausting. Blogging or writing is no easy feat. Most of the time, it’s tiring and exhausting. For someone like who’s not born with the talent for prose, I find it hard to whip contents daily. However, love for what I do keeps me going. In a way, passion is an excellent fuel that helps us overcome bumps in the roads.

    • Divine, I agree with you about role of passion in regards with writing.

      When you have passion, the writing turns from exhausting procedure to almost enjoyable tool that helps to create something bigger than just a text about something. And it may be even not perfect. And not necessarily to produce content daily.

      But if it is delivering value to people, the readers will thank you.

  • Hey Darren!!! :) Yes passion is so key for me but the learning, discovering and completely being lead by God is the #1 thing in my life. In all the years I have been blogging (since 2004) by far I now have HIT the mark on what I am called to do in this life. So for me it goes beyond passion, it’s a true calling to step into all that God wants me to do. Hugs to you!!! Vera.

  • I’m trying to bring more transparency in what I do. We’re all builders of tribes, we all have a group of people who like what we post and share with them…and so the tribe grows.

  • I loved this post Darren! I agree how amazing it is that there are no “rules” for creating a stand out blog. Passion is so key if you want your readers to stick around and take the time to get to know you and where you’re coming from.

    Passion is readily apparent and if you love what you do, everyone can tell :)


  • Hey Darren,

    You are absolutely right man. When it comes to blogging, having a strong passion for blogging and the niche that you blog in is what will help to create successful blogs.

    I often get questions from my readers and I normally tell them that building a successful blog normally depends on them. If they want to be truly successful then they have to love what they do.

    Bloggers who just want to make money never always get to that level of success. They have to love writing, engaging, being funny as you mentioned and be helpful to your blog readers where needed.

    Awesome post Darren. Thanks for sharing.

  • If it wasn’t for passion, my blog wouldn’t be here today. My passion is what keeps me going when I get discouraged. I am passionate about my blog and helping others through creating quality content and a quality resource.

    If I lose sight of that and focus on something else (like money), I would lose my motivation quickly. Passion has to come from a greater cause than money. Keep blogging, stay strong and stay passionate!

  • Hi Darren,

    You’re right and I totally agree with you that it’s passion that sets great blog apart from the rest. I am so passionate about my blog that I cannot sell it for money. It’s like sharing my views and opinions through my blog and pouring my heart into it.

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post and giving your readers the chance to let their hearts out about their passion for their blog.

  • LOVE this! You’re so right. I absolutely love blogging and everything that comes with it…the interaction with the readers, the creativity, the opportunities…and when I think about it, the blogs I love to read the most are the ones where it’s obvious that the writer has such a genuine passion for what they are creating and providing to their readers :)

  • This article really hits home with me as I am a new blogger and am finding myself giddy with the joy it is bringing me to blog about my passions: my family including our dogs, being near the ocean and living a lifestyle that I always dreamed of! I have never been as excited about anything in my career history. I only wish I had started earlier!

  • yeah its totally right, the passion is absolute energy to build blog and make it live, you definitely know how to bring an issue to light and make it important. More people need to read this and understand this side of the story

  • Happy Valentine’s Day Darren!

    I’ve been pondering this question too lately (what’s the difference between my very favourite blogs … and the ones I simply like).

    And I think the difference is this – the ones I love are on a journey. They are learning, and they are sharing what they learn with their readers. I know when I write a post about something I’ve learned (as opposed to something I ‘know’) I am excited to share it with people, and those are my most passionate posts (and the ones that get shared the most).

    So if anyone is looking for a way to inject more passion into their blog posts, try sharing something you’re learned that’s excited you. xx

  • Happy Valentine’s Day to you and all the readers of your blog Darren.
    It is the passion that makes a blogger stand out in the crowd. Passion maintains patience. Passion never lets quit. Passion must lead to success.
    I have been running a green blog for the last two years and despite not earning a penny from it never thought about quit even for a moment. This is the coolest pastime activity for me. When I happy I blog, I sad I blog, I want to enjoy I blog. Picking a non-earning niche was my mistake that is why I just started a new blog on money blogging and equally enjoying it. When I get bored talking of money I switch to my green blog and enjoy talking of going green. In short after my full-time job of not-very-lengthy-timings, the best enjoyable activity of mine is blogging.

  • I totally agree with you Darren about being passionate for blogging.

  • In many situations, passion is an added bonus, and all you really need is the ability to do something well to succeed. But when something requires a long term commitment, like blogging does, passion is what makes the difference between incredible bloggers and just another writer.

  • Passion is the most important factor that determines the level of a blogger. The truth is that most bloggers are into blogging for the benefits but very few have passion for what they do. Passion brings persistence, passion brings consistency, passion brings dedication to duty and tasks and most especially success in blogging.

    I will quite blogging any day i lose the passion to write and help others, any day i don’t feel i can make a difference in someone’s life through my writing i will quit blogging that day.

    I found this article on and also left a comment on it.

  • Passion really is one of the best asset to be successful. Having the passion to do something will take you to success. It gives the ability to focus and put a lot of effort to whatever you need to do.

    Passion will drive you to direct your attention to what you do and do whatever it takes to be successful. As for blogs, you can see that the blogs that are really popular has those elements listed above, but I think in order for a blogger to that he/she has the passion on blogging.

  • I might be passionate about my blog – if I ever get it started – but I hope not.

    Personally I think passion is the most overused and misused term in blogging, well that and ‘positivity’. I’ll keep my passion for the people who are most important to me. Enjoyment, now there’s a word I can relate to. I enjoy writing, I enjoy the nuts and bolts of learning all I can about blogging, I enjoy helping others reach their goals – but am I passionate about it – nope, I’m afraid not.

    With all the ‘passion’ floating around the blogosphere an alien would be convinced that humans were either the most caring or most physcotic species in the universe.

    True passion is debilitating, in fact it’s a necessary ingredient of passion. I don’t want to get caught up in semantics here but there couldn’t possibly be as many ‘passionate’ bloggers as there seems to be. It’s become a buzzword and its overuse lessens its impact.

    Perhaps, Darren you and all the other commentators really are passionate about blogging and perhaps because I’m not I wont be successful and if so – well so be it. But I think I’ll give it a shot anyway – eventually.

    • Michael I appreciate your insight n honestly. Passion does seem to be over used and should be a more cherished feeling. Joy and excited may be a better fit. I find your truth inspiring. Thanks

  • People who had the passion and stubbornness are the ones’ who have changed the world. There Steve Jobs and Bill Gates to your example :)

  • It’s oozing from me as I type….well actually shining from me.

    The people who read my blog are inspiring to me, they show me such love and encouragement, are involved in the life we are creating here in Italy and when I asked them to send me a Christmas Card for our first Christmas away from Australia we were inundated, the postman didn’t know what was going on. It is the passion of the people who read my blog, who share their lives with me, who let me into their homes and give me time and space to express myself, these are the people with passion.

    I just reflect it back like a mirror, I love what I do, I love that it gives others a way to dream a bigger dream. I love that it gives me a chance to connect with people like yourself, Yaro, Ramsey, Vishen, Marie, Tony, Richard, and other passionate people around the globe. What a gift blogging has given me.

    A very Happy Saint Valentines Day to you Darren, consider yourself kissed on both cheeks lol x
    ciao lisa

  • You are absolutely right man. When it comes to blogging, having a strong passion for blogging and the niche that you blog in is what will help to create successful blogs.

  • I am totally with you here. When you are passionate about a subject in comes across in your write up and as a blogger it’s a great way to connect with your readers and they will feel the connection which can only help in building trust.

    Have a happy Valentine Day!

  • Darren,


    I genuinely feel that I am passionate about my blog, and my overall message. I get excited to create posts, to shoot videos and to help my gifting team prosper. I am seeing more comments on my video posts too reflecting this energy; guess all is going well ;)

    Thanks for all you do!

  • Passion is what drives people to do what they love. Be passionate and love what you are doing, you will never see failure in life.

  • Passion is a brilliant force which no one can expel. Its really powerful in the sense that when obstacles abound, it keeps the blogger going. Its good and needful that every blogger have to become great!

    This comment was shared in – the content syndication and social bookmarking website where this post was found and “kingged”.

    Sunday – contributor

  • Very… :)

    I couldn’t agree more… passion is the only way to make our blogs shine and to create a unique forum for our readers… If I wasn’t passionate I couldn’t invest the time and the energy required to make my website successful… xv

  • Thanks for the share Darran. I think that you’re pretty much spot on with these points. I especially agree with having a great blog design, networking with other bloggers and having a passion for what you do. Ultimately, it’s having passion that drives everything else. I don’t think that you could come up with such great content without having passion!

  • I agree, passion is key to success. It’s important to offer something original so that readers know they can only find it in once place – on your blog. So I suppose it is very important to inject personality into writing. Thank you for the great advice as always.

  • I totally agree that Passion is a must for blogging. It keeps you staying on and sharing your thoughts and experiences with your readers week after week.

  • Passion, passion, passion! Yes! In addition, it takes writing skills, professionalism, and organization. But without passion, everything else is fairly unimportant. I do think passion is the glue that holds a blog together (and gets eyeballs on your writing).

  • Passion is definitely key – I think it leads to sticking with your blog through thick and thin, which is also key to blogging success. Without persistence, you have no blog, and without passion it is hard to persist. Blogging, I feel, is a long term “game” (for lack of a better word springing to my head right now).

  • I totally agree with you Darren about being passionate for blogging.passion is key to success. It’s important to offer something original so that readers know they can only find it in once place.

  • in the start of my blogging, i have only less passion that i can be success in blogging. But after reading many articles from the top bloggers i have achieved the passion for success

  • Passion cannot be denied in success. It keeps all things going when all other things seem impossible. Every blogger needs it.

  • Well I think passion is most important because blogging takes a very long term commitment and persistence.

    I am passionate about my music blog and all the other blogs I have started that were not music related I eventually gave up on.

  • thanks Darren, time and again. passion is the only fuel for everything. to sustain the long shot, like a marathon. to stay up late like this and still reading from those who’s “been there” and keep going.

  • Its not a question of whether we have passion or not. Its an ‘essential force’ for success. There should no excuse because passion keeps the will going when all else fails.

  • thanks for the nice article;

    most likely passion is the biggest secret;like for the leaders in history…arts knowledge sports…

  • From all the above words….Ability to Connect strikes again and again in my mind…this is one of the most basic quality to make blogging successful…unfortunately I don’t have it.

  • When I started blogging I tried so hard to be all mummified to fit in with the other mummy bloggers & before long I was bored, fed up and blogging became a chore.
    Then I started sharing my own real life a little, I blogged about my battle with postnatal depression, anxiety and my journey being diagnosed with bipolar and trying to be a good mother to my 6 young children.
    The blog suddenly grew – overnight emails flooded in from others wanting to share their own experiences, many anonymously, but for the first time I felt that fire of passion.
    I wanted to reach out and help more. I was terrified of how much should I reveal about myself, this is the internet after all.
    Was I happy for my family, children and real life friends to read about my bad times?
    I went for it.
    I wear my heart on my sleeve and I have gained so much respect because of that.
    I still 3 years later have that passion and drive to blog more, research more, and reach help and help more.
    SEO is my downside, I know if I did it better then I could help more but I am trying to learn.
    I agree passion is what makes a great blog and keeps it alive.

  • many people started blogging just for money and forgetting their passion,,,the didnt know what is the most really the want to learn what they want to do just for money

  • I couldnt agree more with your point of how important passion is. If you dont have the passion, and other driving forces like money from your blogging is uncertain, what force will keep you going with you blogging project at its most difficult times?

  • Parvez Bam

    I never knew what was blogging.I realized it from NIIT. institute.Passion is the ingredient for blog which brings inspiration.I have just started started blog and I hope my ability will strike and advance soon

  • Hi Darren!

    You have a great and interesting post here!

    I must say, every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.

    I want to share this saying, since it talks about PASSION.

    I found this post shared on, the Internet marketing social bookmarking and networking site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

  • If the topic of your site is about your passion, you can easily write articles and make your blog ranks. It is not about profit, but sharing what you love all over the world.

  • I am very much passionate about my blog in fact when my blogs traffic and serp increases it makes me feel happy.

  • Thanks for sharing such an awesome and great article enjoyed a lot while reading this article :)

  • This Post is very inspirational. The inspirational thoughts came out form this post and some useful tips will definately help me in future.
    Thank u very much for sharing :)

  • Darren, great post, whilst we seek information, if its interesting and fun then we learn….

  • Thank you so much for this article, I really really Liked it :)

  • Ash

    Hi Darren,

    Thanks for the inspiring article. Yes I totally agree that passion is essential for a blog. I’ve been blogging about productivity for almost a year now and it’s taken a lot of passion because it’s truly been a labour of love.

    I founded in March 2013 and have loved every minute of it. I’ve got 67 posts on productivity and mindfulness and have received some wonderful comments from the readers.

    Thanks for your great blog.