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Partial Poll Results – Building Blog Readership Tips Wanted

Posted By Darren Rowse 19th of September 2005 ProBlogger Site News 0 Comments

The initial results of the poll that I have currently running in the sidebar which asks readers of this blog what topics they want advice on here at Problogger are coming in and I am interested to see what seems to be emerging so far.

The runaway leader so far is a request for tips on ‘Building Blog Readership’. It’s interesting that this is the number 1 result so far because I’ve been working on developing a resource on this very topic. It won’t be ready for a few weeks – but those of you wanting to learn how to grow your readership might like to stay tuned.

The results of the poll so far are:

  1. Building Blog Readership – 93 votes
  2. Adsense Optimization – 73 votes
  3. Writing Content – 69 votes
  4. Search Engine Optimization – 53 votes
  5. Blog Design – 44 votes
  6. Blogging Tools – 36 votes
  7. Other Advertising Systems – 28 votes
  8. Affiliate Programs – 21 votes
  9. RSS Advertising – 17 votes

There is still 6 days to go of the poll so it’s too early to make any major calls – but I’m interested to see that with the exception of point two (Adsense Optimization) the points that focus upon income streams are actually at the bottom of the list and that people seem more interested in other aspects of blogging.

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Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • I think that the reason the other revenue stream generating topics are near the bottom is that if the rest of your blog is good (i.e., content, design, and you have developed a faithful readership), monetization will follow. Which is probably only partially true, but I think that means that a lot of people have their hearts in the right place. Produce a good blog first, worry about the money next.

  • It’s also interesting to note that most people are interested in Adsense optimization and all other forms of income don’t add up together to adsense. Adsense is really easy and versatile (I’m using it myself) but with all the blogs using adsense I’d think people will be more interested to learn other revenue possiblities.

  • I voted, amoung others, for other advertising systems, specifically Adbrite, blogads -wondering how people felt they worked or not, how quickly space was purchased, etc.

    As for bringing in readership, I used the blog explosion and blog clicker at first, until I had regular readers… but I’m hesitant to contact MSM about my site. Now, I just post on forums, blogs and email people back when I can…. my readership base still grows, but at a much smaller rate the last couple months.

  • LcF

    People knows Darren is earning alot from Adsense, that’s why “Adsense” get more votes. I voted for other income streams because not many bloggers are doing well with them. Also, I am interested to increase the readership and improve content writing.

  • I’d love to hear more about building readership, but RSS advertising resources are so rare nowadays that i voted for it :)


  • Building a better blog and bringing in the readers is of first concern to me before beginning to earn. More visitors will certainly mean higher income just as a matter of probability.

    Also, though I didn’t vote for any other income stream than Adsense, it would be good to hear of your experiences in these other Ad systems, if you’ve been using them.

  • Yep – all those people who want to know about Adsense are being very short-sighted imho.

    If you genuinely want to earn money from advertising then you should not be restricting your income stream to just one source. What happens if one day the unthinkable happens and Google cuts you off from Adsense – or even turns Adsense off?

    With only one source of income you’re basically stuffed while you play catch-up to establish new revenue streams.

  • Good point Stuart – it’s the old “don’t put all your eggs in the one basket”. We all should be looking at getting a mix ( the right mix is different for everybody) of income streams: what about getting direct sponsorships/advertisers for yor blog? I know that’s worked quite well for me in the past.

  • Vix

    I agree with blogINDIA. My main focus is how to put together content that is of value to the reader that he/she will keep coming back.

  • You forgot “give aways”, for example where gadgets are being given away to readers.