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Pajamas Media Launches as Open Source Media

Posted By Darren Rowse 16th of November 2005 Pro Blogging News 8

Associated Press have news of the long awaited Pajamas Media’s impending launch. They’ll be known as OSM (Open Source Media) and launch with 3.5 million dollars of venture capital behind them.

I’m not sure what their URL will be – osm.com and opensourcemedia.com are both taken. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

update – thanks to Andy for pointing out in comments below that they are at osm.org.

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  1. The article you linked to hyperlinks OSM to osm.org

  2. Open Source Media Launches

    The launch event is going on live as we type this – but the site is up and running live. Much discussion in the blogosphere over the last few days, here are some samples: Jeff Jarvis: “I don’t wear…

  3. Is this just another news site. Don’t we have enough of them. I would prefer more targetted news, like if i want news about cars or just DLP’s etc. So i can read exactly what i want.

  4. I was in attendance today in NYC and live-blogged from the event. I’m still digesting it all, but you can read my raw thoughts here:


    I also have a link to writer Ed Driscoll, who did a bang up job of live-blogging the first two hours.

    Dave Johnston

  5. I’m interested in this project, but on the surface it looks like it’s going to be a right-wing umbrella site.

    Charles Johnson started the ultra-conservative “Little Green Footballs.” There are lots of people with connections to FOX on their editorial board.

    The advisory board is a whos-who from the National Review.

    With so many of their staff from FOX, I would not be surprised if FOX is one of their investors. If so, OSM will not have a problem getting themselves promoted on mainstream media. (It would work well for FOX as well, since they can use OSM bloggers as talking heads for as experts now that a bloggers are considered more credible than FOX News journalists.)

    I find it interesting they are using an “org” in the URL. Why? Are they trying to make themselves sound like a non-profit somehow?

    Peh! What do I know? They might be like Huffington Post, and be one of the best political sites within the next year or so.

    Good luck OSM!

  6. Mental note to self: Proof-read the post before hitting “Add comment”.


  7. We were almost members of this consortium, but it looks like are big problem with it is the same problem that we saw initially. How are they going to monetize it, and how much of the income will roll downstream. It looks like there is a great deal of overhead to be paid for before the blogger will see much money.

    Figure this point would be appropriate on the pro blogger site.


  8. oh geez this people look really smart and classy, how can a the ordinary guy on the street compete with these guys itlooks lke they have got alot of money and prestige behind them wow

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