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Write an Opinion Post on Your Blog [Day 19 31DBBB]

Posted By Darren Rowse 24th of April 2009 Writing Content 0 Comments

This post is an excerpt from the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog Workbook

Your task today is another writing oriented challenge and is all about expressing an opinion.

There are many factors that set great bloggers apart from the rest but one that I’ve seen continually cropping up over the last few years of interacting with successful bloggers is that they often have and are not afraid to express strong opinions.

While other bloggers in their niche ‘report’ news it is those who express opinions about the news and current events in their industry that tend to be the blogs that get linked to by others, that generate more comments and that people look to as thought leaders in a niche.

Your task today is to write a blog post that expresses an opinion.

This might seem easier for some niches/topics than others but I think it probably applies to most of us.

  • If your blog is about politics – share your own personal thoughts on what a politician is saying
  • If your blog is about cameras – don’t just report that a new camera has come out – tell your readers what you think of its features and who you think it’ll be useful for
  • If your blog is about Britney Spears – don’t just show us her latest haircut and outfit – tell us what you think about it.
  • If your blog is about food – don’t just share a recipe – tell your readers what you love about it and what occasion you’d eat it at.

Your post need not be a highly emotional one that rants and raves about your topic – to express your opinion all you need to do is add your own thoughts and feelings about the topic you’re covering.

Why Opinions Matter

You probably won’t find it suitable to share opinions on every post (although on some blogs this may be appropriate) – but when you regularly add your opinion on your blog you’ll find that it can have a significant impact.

  • When you share an opinion it often draws out others to share theirs (in comments or on other blogs). Often opinion posts draw out interaction and productive conversations.
  • When you share an opinion you help your readers to translate news and to understand information and how it applies to them. This makes your content more useful.
  • When you share an opinion you show your readers that you’re going beyond just reporting news but are yourself engaging with and interested in the topic you’re writing about. This is infectious and will draw your readers in too.

Expressing opinions on your blog is like adding seasoning to food. Without it your blog could end up being quite bland and blend into the crowd. However when you add it you will find that it helps to give your blog unique flavor.

Your task today is to write a blog post that expresses an opinion about something related to your blog topic. Once you’ve written it come back, share a link to it and tell us about the experience.

Want More?

This task is a sample of one of the tasks in the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog Workbook – a downloadable resource designed to reinvigorate and revitalize blogs.

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About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Ooh, this one shouldn’t be too difficult.

  2. @hazardousPaste Then why can’t I think of anything? :)

  3. In other words, be honest about what you write and write from your own point of view even if it’s not the most popular view out there and might just loose you a few readers?

    On the plus side at least you’re authentic right? (No, authentic isn’t just going against other for the sake of it)

    Be yourself, have your own voice, and tell the world what you think about something.

    Reminds me of “the lie of the four hour work week” (Google that one, it’s quite nice actually and inspired me to write todays post.)

    ps. Sorry if I keep ending up in the top of every comment every single day. I’m just always at my computer around this time of day and can’t refrain myself from giving useful comments when I see them fit. I really o appreciate all the visits it gives me though. Yes it’s a way to et more traffic to your site, but that’s not why I’m commenting here. I feel like I can make a contribution.


    Christiaan @ Mind the Beginner

  4. Opinion posts can get a lot of comments. I have a post I wrote almost 3 years ago about why raising twins isn’t really that bad. It still gets angry comments about one or twice a month from parents who call me an idiot or tell me I must not really have twins.

  5. Great post. I agree, opinions and analysis matters. In the gold rush for Google Adsense clicks, the blog space is cluttered with copy and paste content. While it does take more time and is hard to automate, the process of writing insightful, quality content will pay off in the long run (which by the way, is why we love this site). Readers are quickly becoming numb to ads without value. Focusing on quality content is cliche, but is the only way to stay relevant as web technologies evolve.

  6. Makes sense to write opinions… but these opinions of yours need to sell. These seldom sell if you are new and dont have authority in your niche segment.
    So, an opinion post from a newbie, is it really prescribed?

  7. Good Post…
    I agree with Mike. One can get lot of comments on the opinions on current topics.
    The traffic is also good.
    And thats why i like my blog. I just express what i feel and think. This post of mine is an example (I think it is. Darren please correct me if i’m wrong)
    And this kinda posts deepens the connection with ur readers.

  8. In my opinion, “Givers” never have to fear networking


    In these negative times people get so self-focused. My opinion is always about stretching yourself to make real connections.


  9. This has really worked well for me in the past! I really need to do more of it.

    My most successful post was entitled:

    Married with Separate Finances: I just don’t get it!


    It got a lot of feedback, including one comment that was over 1000 words!

  10. OOOOO! Now, this is something I am good at!
    I love doing opinion post. In fact I have a strong opinion on lots of things. ;)
    Some people love me and others will hate me – I’m over it.
    I think that people who never voice their opinions on there blogs are leaving out the personalization factor. An opinion helps me see them as a real person. I may not agree with what they say but, I know they are not just a blank minded robot spewing text.

  11. This one’s hard for me. I’m a people-pleaser in the bad way, so I tend to form opinions very slowly and then keep them mostly to myself. Maybe some self-help books will be in order before I can complete this task. ;)

  12. I often think very little of what my opinion is. Probably because there are so many other programming and web blogs out there that I feel they are more knowledgeble than I am.
    How ever, I do find my self writing posts that have a opinion to it.

    So today I will try to come up with an opinion post

    I suppose the easiest way is to as a question, why …
    And then proceed to answer that from your point of view.

    I will post the URL later.

  13. I have had this in mind for the longest time…this is a great post and reminder to actually do it….I did have a one line opinion in my last post….which was really a post cause I hadn’t done a post in a while…that’s bad….bad blogging…..


  14. I’ve been reading a lot of 31DBBB mummy/mommy blogs to see what other mums are doing. I’ve learnt a lot from the way http://scarymommy.com shares her opinion on mothering matters. You might like to check her out too.

  15. Wait a minute… there are bloggers out there who need to be TOLD to give their opinions?!

  16. Gotta brainstorm now for opinions. But this is a relatively easy task. Will update you guys what I’ve come up.

  17. Almost all posts are my opinion. So this task is done! :) As this is “my personal blog” so I always focus on expression of my opinion. Different is with other blogs. There are more “reports”, example, http://e-art.lv is more “report”, but hope soon get there opinion section too after rebuilding strategy

  18. Gotta brainstorm now for a very good opinion post. This is a pretty easier task compared to the others. Will update you guys later.

  19. I have always been told I am very opinionated. In fact, I think a lot of my posts are opinions. Does anyone else find this true about their blogging? This one’s an easy one!

  20. I have to think about this one. This should be fun. Take care!

  21. @Roy- I’m sure you have opinions, I suppose the challenging part is thinking about how to relate it to your niche ;-)

  22. Opinion post are really great, i have really go experience of them.

    this can really helpful to build readership for your blog. (but be prepared for some heater mails as well)

    here are 1 of my favorite opinion post from my blog.

    Are you Slow Poisoning Your Blog?

  23. Enjoy my rant and rave against little old ladies in garden centers who tell you something is easy to grow.


    I’m hoping this one will get a lot of comments and visits.

  24. I was a little nervous to throw my opinion into a food blog (I have a lot of them!), but sometimes I just can’t help myself. Luckily for me, one of those times was this morning and I have already finished my homework today!

    You can read about why I think lentils are a WAY better source of protein than meat. I’m not vegetarian, but facts are facts.

  25. That’s funny, I saw a performance yesterday, and wrote a post about what my opinion about it was today: http://bit.ly/JhdRE

    I do think it’s good to show your own voice, in stead of just repeating what you read somewhere and reporting what’s happening. It’s good to know a person is behind it, and people have opinions!

  26. I agree with this post but there is a way to express your opinions without sounding offensive to your readers.They are the reason why you are blogging so it wont hurt if you let them know you are not forcing your views on them.A little courtesy will make people overlook a supposedly hard stance.Keep up the good work, Darren.You rock.

  27. What a fun task. Love it.. In fact I have found it a huge relief to have the space on a blog to talk about what interests me, but really appreciate the incentive to take it further.

    I write blogs for two clients who have fairly strong views so i am used to presenting a case ..They trust me to write what I want but there is always a slight worry that I might misrepresent them.

    To do it for me is such a pleasure. thanks!

  28. I plan to write a tribute to my mom for Mother’s Day. Is that an opinion piece?

  29. I hope this counts too:
    While participating in this challenge I was very productive. And one post of mine was entitled:

    Purpose of Martial Arts Today

    It’s a classic example of opinion writing:


  30. Yikes, I did this one about a week ago, before the assignment.

    Let me say this, opinion pieces will bring out everyone’s opinion, so if your topic is at all controversial, get ready and put on your asbestos underwear!

    This post actually led to an interview with a print reporter in San Francisco (!)


  31. this is a nice one mainly because I already do it so won’t have any homework today! I’m pretty sure all of my posts have some form of personal opinion in them

    I think some of the best blogs are opinion based because they make you think and sometimes question what you are reading…

  32. I actually wrote something of an opinion post a little while ago. You can read it here:


    I agree that opinion is important in a blog. Part of a blogs charm is the personality of it’s writer.

  33. This is an easy one for me, since almost every post is my opinion. I have always been told that I was too opinionated, but in blogging, its become an asset!

  34. I’ve done in these way for my food blog ( http://www.foodbuddy.net ). I was not only sharing the food in the restaurant, I did give my own opinion as well. This is what people want to check out before they plan to visit the restaurant.


  35. Well, I cant think of anything now! LOL Off to stumble for ideas!

  36. Slightly ahead of the game here in that last week I posted an opinion/rant on the fact the Apple has a hidden killswitch in its iPhones that can delete anything that Apple does not approve of.

    It’s at http://kevincumbria.wordpress.com/2009/04/18/why-i-wont-be-buying-an-iphone/

  37. hmm, my fictional character is always ranting and making observations so this challenge “should” be easy.

    @Roy, you’re blog is about disease right (very nice one on stomach pain btw)? What if you contrasted two medications or treatment plans for a condition and then offered your opinion on which you’d take and why.
    It’s a very general idea but once you start thinking about it I’m sure you’ll have plenty of post ideas.

    Would my Driving Etiquette posts would count as an opinion?

  38. Furthering the sentiment I see a lot of people expressing, my few posts are all opinion posts. I’m finally going to complete one of these challenges with my new one today! Hurrah!

  39. Everyone seems to be be so comfortable doing this, whereas I feel a little shy. What if it attracts a lot of negative attention?

  40. Here’s my rant – I’ve enjoyed this!



  41. Oh man I love being oppionated! I have posted in this manner on my blog. It will bring out good and bad but hey it’s MY oppinion, take it or leave and while your there let me know yours! I put on my big girl panties when I write a post like this, hahaha sticks and stones….

  42. ;) This is me everyday … my opinions on politics!

  43. This is a great suggestion!
    Some of my most popular posts are the ones that express strong opinions… esspecially if they are slightly controversial!
    I never force controversy but in my niche (dating advice) there is so much bad knowledge flying around that a lot of my opinions are considered controversial by default! :)

  44. Awesome.

    My blog is basically an outlet for all my pent up opinions, but I try to write them so that the reader can have resources/tools to form their own, or become interested in the topic I’m talking about.

    @ Faryal: I’ve seen a lot of blogs that go way over the top or that a certain demographic would definitely be offended by, but they are not spammed with negative comments because the people who read their blogs agree with their opinions, or they’re at least interested by them.

    Sorry, super long comment.

    I was worried that I would get negative feedback as well, but I think that when people realize it’s only your opinion they’re not going to crucify you for it. :]

  45. Agreed! When we share an opinion, that means we show to our readers that we’re going beyond just reporting news but are ourselves engaging with and interested in the topic we’re writing about.

    Nice straight forward reminder Darren.

  46. I wrote an opinionated piece about the pressures on our children at an early age in schools, shared experiences of home education and asked people to sign a petition against extra regulation and ‘learning and development’ requirements of pre schoolers.

    It feels good to fire off every now and then and it did raise some interest in the comments section:


    On my other site I had a bad day a while ago and had a bit of a rant about the state of the environment and how people were abusing it.

    It created a lot of interest, a lot of support and lots of comments too. I think people like to read about your ‘vulnerable human side’:


  47. This was an opinion that I wrote about a while ago and decided that I needed to post it on my just launched blog. I posted on Active Rain prior. I changed and updated a few things. Hope you enjoy as this is just my opinion!

  48. interesting.

    My most recent post is called “Naples, Italy’s Most Italian City” and my husband said that was too opinionated :o) So far I haven’t gotten any angry emails…. Hopefully people are interested enough in the title to want to read about why I think this (and I truly do!)

  49. Lately, I have written a few opinion blogs. Traffic seems to be the same; which is to say 2 – 3 people leave comments. I must be doing something wrong. http://auntnancis.blogspot.com/

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