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Not for Profits and Blogging

Posted By Darren Rowse 25th of April 2005 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

Wayne writes on the topic of Non Profits Profiting From Blogs. He believes that not for profit organizations can gain incredibly from blogging which is something that I’m also a strong advocate for.

‘The value of blogs to any non-profit is almost unlimited.

First of all, a blog provides a powerful informational vehicle for the association. The Board of Directors and association staff can keep the membership up to date with the latest initiatives and activities of the organization.

Because a blog is constantly updated, with fresh content, the organizational leaders can maintain up to the minute contact with the members.

Since one of the major difficulties faced by many non-profit organization is membership recruitment and retention, a blog can display the benefits of membership, in real time. Regular postings of how members benefited tangibly from joining the non-profit, can be a useful and interesting series on the blog….’

Over the past few months I’ve had the privilege of consulting for a number of non profit organizations here in Melbourne who have set up blogs and needed advice. Like Wayne I see incredible potential for some of these sorts of organizations for blogging. Particularly I noticed the interactive nature of Blogging between blogger and reader coming into play in these instances with readers/supporters/volunteers not only finding relevant news and information but able to add their support/advice/questions etc via comments. Hopefully we see more not for profit organizations taking on blogging in the future.

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  • Carla

    Not for profits really have a lot to gain from blogging – they generally already have an interested audience. Blogging is a great way to let their audience know that they are there, they are listening and they want feedback.

  • If you are able to, can you point us in the direction of a couple of examples of non-profit organisations using blogs?

  • For sure not for profit orgs can gain a lot from blogs: at least in my experience (here in Italy…) is not easy to help nonprofit orgs in the communication field: obvioulsy they are more concentrated in “doing” things than “communicate” it…
    I think and agree that blogs can help a lot: its storytelling style is easier to write and many volunteer can use it… but non profit org needs to dedicate some time to it!