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New York Bloggers Meetup – 9 June

Posted By Darren Rowse 22nd of May 2007 ProBlogger Site News 0 Comments

Calling All New York Bloggers!

If you’re in or near NY or are willing to travel to get there I want to invite you to come have a great night with me and other fellow bloggers on Saturday 9 June.

The night is purely about meeting other bloggers, having some fun over a few drinks and perhaps giving a few prizes away to those in attendance. Last time we did this is was a blast with about 70-80 showing up – this time we’ve got a room that will hold a few more (so bring a friend) and are looking forward to a great time!

The Details:

Date – Saturday 9th June
Time – 7pm – 10pm (we might go on somewhere afterwards)
VenueThe Speakeasy (a party room at 442 Amsterdam Ave between 81st and 82nd St)
Cost – Free – thanks to our generous sponsors Chitika (they are providing some finger food snacks and a free drink to the first 100 people to arrive – don’t be late). All we ask is that you tip the bar staff and ‘be merry’!

I’m really looking forward to the night. It’ll be pretty informal – although this time I’d like to pause at some point during the evening to give out a few prizes and say a few words.

I hope you will be able to come along to network with other bloggers.

Please feel to invite other bloggers, partners or friends with you and to link up to the announcement post that I’m about to write on ProBlogger. It’d be great to get a big crowd along for a fun evening!

Thanks to Lara, Dan and Alex for their help in organizing the night.

Thanks also to Chitika who are sponsoring the event. If you’re a publisher you really should check them out as a potential income stream for your blog.

If you’ve got any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
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  • Yayness! I’m so glad I got to help get this set up, Darren. I can’t wait, it’s going to be a great evening.

    Hopefully we can find someplace to go afterward prior to my needing to grab the train home too!

    I’d also like to put a call out to everyone to post this announcement, even if they can’t attend. Part of how we got things set up so well was my promise to them that there’d be tons of free advertising for them, given the nature of the people who will be attending (or even reading about it)!

    The person I spoke with was Kate, and I personally and highly recommend this company to set up ANY kind of party in Manhattan, so if anyone’s planning on anything in NYC, please call Kate and tell her that you heard about their party rooms from ProBlogger and this particular event!

    I’m looking very much forward to this, Darren, and am so happy to have helped!

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  • I will be there too! Very cool Darren.

  • JJ

    It would be nice to see a blogging meet-up in the UK, after all the UK is probably second only to the US as far as blog popularity is concerned.

  • I’m excited for this as well. The last event was a lot of fun, and I met some great people. This event should be even better, based on the simple premise that it gets better every time =)

  • I will be in New York so will definitely come! Do we need to RSVP or just show up on the night?

    Looking forward to meeting fellow bloggers. :)

  • Darren:

    I’ll be there, and looking forward to meeting more bloggers as well as seeing Lara, Alex and others again. You have a good and interesting group.

  • Rich – It helps if we have a good idea of how many people should be there, but as long as you’re one of the first 100 through the door, you’ll snag yourself a free drink ticket! :)

  • Wish I could make it as I would really enjoy meeting some other bloggers from the area. I am getting married and will be on my honeymoon so hopefully the next NYC event will be over the summer!!


  • Hey, Darren

    Havn’t talked (emailed) u in a bit, glad to see if you’re coming to NYC and arranging this.

    I’m going to try to make this meet up.

  • Hey Darren,

    I would love to come to the meet. Do i just land up at the venue or have to register prior hand. WIll promote the meet though through my blog.


  • JJ I’d be very interested in a UK blogging meetup, or maybe even a couple (one for the north, one for the south). Life’s hectic enough that I wouldn’t really be able to head up any coordination or planning, but would be happy to assist if someone wants to take that on. Even if it’s ‘just’ a social and card-swapping exercise, it’d be good.

  • Nice. That’s my neighborhood.

  • Great,

    I’m from Montreal, but I will be there on the 9th! It will be great to meet you all guys!

  • TechieBuzz – just show up – just make sure you’re not too late or you might miss your free drinkie!

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  • Hi Darren, I will be there. It will be awesome to see experts from blogbash and make new friends 2 :)

  • I’ll be coming from Philadelphia. Looking forward to it!

  • Coming from SLOVENIA ;-) Can’t wait..

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  • PS – I just walked by there yesterday and it looks like it’s inside the Gin Mill. There isn’t a business sign for “The SpeakEasy” anywhere on the block but the address, 442 Amsterdam is the Gin Mill, a bar with a private party room below.

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  • Thanks for posting that, Elaine – Yes, it’s a room next to the Gin Mill – we do have a street entrance though, so I don’t want anyone thinking they have to go into the Gin Mill to get there.

    There will be a doorman there, who happens to be the same person handing out the drink tix… so if you can’t find the entrance for some reason, just look or ask. :OD

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  • Darren, don’t laugh, but will it be totally cheesy if I show up 35 weeks preggo? I mean, I am a blogger and I want to network but I’ve got a kid coming and don’t want people to think I’m a Mommy Lush! :) (That’s if I can even waddle out of the house…maybe hubby can go but being as we both work on the blogs we were both thinking about coming…)

  • Darren, this is a great idea and I sure hope it happens again soon. We are headed out to Ireland on June 7th to do two weeks of brain based conferences there — and will be thinking of you all at Speakeasy!

    Make some ingenius plans for the blogger parts of all of us, ok? – and post a picture for those of us who’d love to come.

  • Hi Darren,
    I’m going to be in New York City June 6-10 teaching a workshop at Columbia University. I would love to come by and meet you and Liz and other bloggers at The Speakeasy. I’ll try to arrange my schedule!

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  • I can’t make it to the Online Advertising Conference, but I will probably be at this! :) If anyone has a free ticket to share to OAC maybe I’ll get to that too ;) LOL! I’m a little shy offline so come say Hi to me :)

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