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New Printing CSS at ProBlogger

Posted By Darren Rowse 10th of September 2007 ProBlogger Site News 0 Comments

Print-PreviewJust a short note to let readers know that over the weekend we finally got a new Print CSS set up for ProBlogger.

It always surprises me to know that many of the readers of this blog like to print out posts. A few readers print every article and even keep them all in a binder!

I get a lot of requests for a cleaner printing option and finally got it sorted out!

Now if you go to print a ProBlogger post you will not print all of our navigation and sidebar – but will get a much cleaner and simpler layout. Hopefully this will mean more useful prints (and you using a lot less ink).

We’ve also made the decision not to include comments in printing – simply because on many posts there are hundreds of comments which mean you can end up printing many pages (saving a few trees in the process). To see the new print styling simply do a print preview.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • That’s a really cool feature! I didn’t know that people actually printed blog posts. Maybe I should do the same with my blog.

  • it surprised me too Sly. I think it’d be more relevant on blogs with ‘tips’/tutorials and instructional based blogs than other blogs.

  • I think that’s great! I am one of the ones who prints out the articles for my binder! I think it’s much easier to manage than having different windows and files open. Thank you!

  • um, is the screen background supposed to be white now?

  • Personally, I use the printed version as a primitive form of google gears. Long commutes on public transportation are a great time to catch up on blogs that I can’t always read during the week.


  • I would print blog posts all the time but I currently don’t have a printer. When you follow over 150 blogs a day it would be nice to sit down on your couch and read something that wasn’t on a screen, reading off of a screen all day can get tiring.

  • awesome, I too print out these pages :)

  • if i can make a suggestions, it would be nice if we can print out the comments too, but to make it more clear, the comments sections would be better if it has a page break first :)

    another addition, is to have the url visible in print format :)

  • Nice. I’ve been meaning to do that for my blogs, but haven’t had the time.

  • nathan – the actual blog’s background shouldnt have changed – but the print style is white….

    gureyoon – I did consider including comments – but in talking to a few of those who I know print things out found that most didn’t want the comments. If others do want them I’d consider it – I’ll see what public opinion is in these comments.

    In terms of making url visible – I’m told that it is Dependant upon different browsers – some make it visible and some don’t. I’m not sure we can actually change this.

  • I would say no comments unless you can give a way to print it either way. My default choice would definitely be to print without the comments most of the time.

  • This is a really cool feature, I’m gonna look into doing this on my blogs too because they are content heavy and I’m sure people print the posts all the time.

  • It never even crossed my mind to print a post out. This just goes to show you can never underestimate your blog’s readers. Personally, though, I much prefer to save paper. If I’m really desperate to save a particular post – I simply copy/paste it into my trusty Google Notebook!

  • Beautiful! I like the way it gives the print version simply by hitting Print or Print Preview … no need to go hunting around for a “printer-friendly” link or printer icon then clicking to go to another version of the page before printing.

    My default choice would also be to avoid printing comments.

  • Why include the stat counter ( image? Also, why is the content width only 95%? It already has an auto margin of .5″. Also, the line-height should be increased a little. That’s just a couple negatives, but otherwise awesome!

  • WOW!
    This is fantastic, I always print stuff that I want to learn and then when I’m implementing on screen I can have it right there beside me and tick of parts as I go.
    Maybe it comes with the greying hair (sorry Darren) and failing eyesight. I would like to to know how it is achieved, or is that a unique thing you want to hold onto, if so I understand.

  • This sounds like a cracking feature to have.. I just wish I knew how to do it..

  • I’m glad you have been able to implement a print style sheet. I added it to my blog several months ago after hearing complaints from readers that they wanted to print out some of my articles and the print job was just terrible. I checked and they weren’t kidding! I occasionally print a blog post – mostly longer ones but also sometimes I print an article to share with a friend/relative that does not use a computer. As for comments, I disabled them on my print style sheet as well. I think the majority of people who are printing a post or article want the content itself rather than the comments. I suspect most serious comment readers are using readers and can access the comments via the comments subscription?

  • Rob

    Yep, I’m thinking a tutorial on how to do this as well. Darren?

  • That’s very great. You remind me to do the same thing with my blog. I’ve never touched my print CSS.

  • I agree with the Vics and Rob…a tutorial on HOW to do it would be great!

  • On the subject of printing comments… Couldn’t you setup a DIV with the comments hidden by default and bit of javascript that says something like “To print the comments please click here” which then makes the DIV visable. Best of both worlds.


  • Darren why sitemeter icon is shown in print page ? Am I only one see this icon ?

  • For those without CSS know-how, there is a plugin available called wp-print that makes such a task simple.

  • I did a lot of research into print CSS at my last job, but one thing I never checked out is whether the print CSS is invoked at all if you highlight the post+comments and then print selection. That is always an option for those who want the comments, unless of course the CSS kicks in and hides them from printing, but that really wouldn’t make much sense.