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New Interactive AdSense Unit with Pictures Spotted

Posted By Darren Rowse 20th of December 2007 Adsense 0 Comments

There’s been lots of testing of new ad formats going on at AdSense recently – but this one is really interesting – it’s a much more interactive looking AdSense unit that looks and functions a lot like Chitika’s eMiniMalls and WidgetBucks units.

It seems to be called the ‘Google Checkout Gadget’.

The ad was seen on a UK Tech site – Technical Itch by Dean.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. I wonder how those will have an impact on site load time?

  2. Similar to Chitika indeed! But I can’t blame them for wanting to offer some of that functionality to advertisers.

  3. Looks pretty much like a google version of all the widgets you see hanging around….

    I wonder if these sites that the adverts are found on are in some sort of beta period…

  4. Looks kinda cool, similar to Amazon and a few others..

  5. that is really sweet, iv noticed them on various sites, it certainly catches the eye and is a change to the normal adsense units many people have become blind to…

  6. This is great, it is about time Google came out with something like this. It should add alot to a sites monetization.

  7. I think interactive adverts are definately the way that Google is heading.

    The usual text ads are becoming a victim to banner blindness.

  8. This is really cool staff!!! I am going to check if it is available in Greece!!!

  9. They better not be be testing those on people who only use google text ads

    Also I can’t see any point testing them on Australian sites since no one uses Google Checkout here

  10. Looks pretty good to me. Maybe one of these days I’ll get around to test adsense out on my own blog.

  11. They look kinda weird.
    but, if this will bring more income for publishers, they are welcome..

  12. Are they open for testing by all adsense users and they just show up in place of other google ads (if in the correct size unit), or do you have to activate them after signing up? I’ll have to check and see if I have an option to use them, thanks for the info Darren!

  13. hmm that is pretty cool, I guess they have to catch up… Good to see they are trying more things, since well text link ads are getting boring.

  14. Very interesting. It seems like the obvious next step, I’m a fan.

  15. Hmm, maybe this is the reason why my blog loads a little longer nowadays and sometimes the ads just don’t show up. Not that I’ve seen one in my blog but the other interactive adsense units have appeared in it on a few occasions.

    If this becomes mainstream, ad optimization schemes would have to be tweaked once more.

  16. Gee, just in time for the holidays, eh? ;) lol

  17. looks good

    cant wait for this to come out of beta

  18. Johnny says: 12/20/2007 at 12:01 pm

    glad they’re coming out with something new….that’ll help combat ad blindness as the standard adsense is everywhere.

    i know it’s like chitika…which never performed well for me..but somehow i’m getting excited about this? hmm…must be the brainwashing google has done on me. :)

  19. As long as it does not impact load times too much, it could be a winner.

    I actually saw one of the scrolling ads on one of my sites the other day – not too sure about those. Not convinced people will realise they can scroll to see more ads.

  20. I really like this ad. It looks pretty clean and it seems to be a lot more interactive like the Chitika and WidgetBucks. I wonder why it has taken Google so long to come out with this kind of stuff. I do wonder as well how load times are affected by such widgets though. I want my page to load fast but look really good too. It seems that it is sort of a balancing act.

  21. So Google ban you from aligning images to your AdSense units to enhance them but it’s OK for them to use images to promote their Checkout product?

    Double standards coming out of the Plex. No surprises there, eh?

  22. It seems to be a play on this iGoogle gadget that was announced back in July

  23. we had a couple of color Adsense units with photos running the other day, but they’ve disappeared. they’re testing something for sure.

    we have also had some bizarre Widget Bucks wide banner ads appearing too. since we are outside the US, they are apparently using affiliate links because there was even one ad for sexy chicks and i’ve never seen anything like that from WB before.

  24. Darshana says: 12/20/2007 at 1:15 pm

    It’s about time Google made a change to there add format, people are becoming more and more blind to standard add unit.

    This looks pretty cool! The challenge will be to see if they perform better overall than standard adds.

  25. Lately I’ve noticed Google’s been playing with quite a lot of different templates for their Adsense ads.

    Definitely one I like, they’re on the ball with this one.

  26. I really like this ad. I haven’t seen it anywhere before.

  27. Its great to see AdSense trying some different things. Will be interesting to see how these more visual / interactive ads perform compared to the standard text link ads.

  28. I think this is pretty interesting. Do you know any of the semantics like how many times one of these ads can be placed on a page, etc? I just checked my adsense account and I don’t have it yet. Pretty nifty though!

  29. I have the igoogle gadget on my igoogle page. So, goggle want compete with all advertising network… mmh I don’t know, if It is a good thing

  30. Thanks for the link. I haven’t noticed any decrease in web page load times with these types of ad running. So far they’ve only appeared in the footer. I will monitor CTR over the next few days and see how it performs.

  31. this should be an exciting thing to test, but I will definitely stick with the good old text ads, they will keep rocking

  32. Looks good to me. It is great to see google trying out new formats. Really they should have been doing this all along.

    I look forward to trying these out in the near future!

  33. It looks very nice, but I’d like to hear about the results from people who test it.

  34. It looks nice.. I hope it ‘s not gonna slow down the page.

  35. Wonder what the next step will be? They are sure trying out lot of new ad-senses

  36. Haven’t they been testing a lot of new features lately? I’d love to see this new unit integrated officially…

  37. Much better to look at than text links. Will they perform any better?

  38. I’m glad to see Google doing more experimenting. In a sense, we all learn from it.

  39. Its simplicity is what makes this unit look different from Chitika’s eMiniMalls and WidgetBucks units, which might be better for some sites. This is a very interesting ad format coming from Google.

  40. It looks good… and Google must introduce this sort of things…. in adsense ads….. the old text ads are boring now…. ;)

  41. they still did’t launch them yet, lazy ;)

  42. its been long and still i did’t spotted any of these its mean they postponed the idea of launching this type of ads.

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