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New Blogs on the Block

Posted By Darren Rowse 4th of May 2005 Pro Blogging News 8

Let me introduce you to some new blogs – 5 of which have been added to the 9 Rules Network in the past 24 hours and 1 that is being developed by a good friend of mine – in fact the person who designed this blog.

Rachel Cunliffe is the author of Designer Blogs – a blog about blog design. Rachel is an experienced blog designer and has done a bit of work for me over the past couple of years. She is based in New Zealand and designs simple, clean and up to date looking blogs. Designer Blogs will feature critiques on blog design, award winning designs and ideas and tips on designing your blog. Knowing Rachel well I suspect this will be a quality blog and one to watch. There isn’t much in archives yet – but no doubt it will fill up quickly as Rachel is dedicated and hardworking blogger.

The 9 Rules Network has added five interesting blogs to their stable in the last day or so. As per usual – these are well designed blogs (most of them are by designers) with interesting content. Some were in existence previously, a couple are brand new (ish). At this stage the only thing that really links them together is the 9Rules logo and incoming links from the 9Rules blog and home page – oh and they almost all share another common feature – a common publisher code on their Adsense ads – going into a common pot I guess to be shared.

  • Strange Brand – James Archer has been writing this blog on the topics of marketing, branding, advertising, PR, small business and the entrepreneurial spirit for a month now – each of his articles are spot on – he scratches right where I itch.
  • Return of Design – Another blog by James that he’s been writing for a week now on the topic of Design.
  • Kartooner – This is an older blog, written by Eric Sagen, that joins the network with a large archive of post on an array of topics. It is a personal blog with lots of depth and the ability to hold one’s interest.
  • Mark Boulton – Yet another older blog already brimming with usefulness. Mark’s blog is on my daily reads via RSS and has a wonderful grasp on web design.
  • Almost Cool – Peter Flaschner is another amazing web designer who writes about his craft in this very ‘cool’ blog. He’s been at it at Almost Cool since October of 2004 and his archives are well worth the search through.

So there are some new blogs to add to your News Aggregator – they’re all on mine now.

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  1. When did their blogs get so pretty? I love the design in all of them, even if I cant see money in all of them.

  2. Darren says: 05/04/2005 at 2:58 pm

    I suspect that the reason all the ‘pretty’ blogs are being released up front is for two reasons:

    1. Paul knows a lot of designers – his natural relationships with these guys (all guys so far I think) are an obvious starting place
    2. It makes good business sense to start with the ‘good looking’ blogs. It raises the profile and professionalism of the network.

    I also suspect that the ‘money blogs’ are still coming.

  3. Duncan, you are missing the point of our network. It’s about content. Not all of the sites that are joining the network are even concerned about money. I will have more posts about this down the road.

    I also suspect that the ‘money blogs’ are still coming.


  4. […] ME 5/4/2005 Blog on blog design starts in New Zealand I almost feel like I know Darren Rowse of problogger, even though we’ve never met and he works […]

  5. Rachel’s db will be a nice addition to my long list of blogs I read. :)

  6. […] I almost feel like I know Darren Rowse of problogger, even though we’ve never met and he works from his home in Australia. In a post that I found this a.m., he introduces and links to a new blog in New Zealand by the person who designed his blog. Rachel Cunliffe’s new design blog looks like it has valuable potential and I will follow its development. Thanks Darren! […]

  7. filibuster alertedly pressurized determiner sternly:- Tons of interesdting stuff!!!

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