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New Adsense Format in Testing – 7 Ads per box

Posted By Darren Rowse 9th of January 2005 Adsense 0 Comments

It looks like the people at Adsense are trialing a new format of ads again. Actually its not completely new – the size is the normal wide skyscraper (160 x 600) but the difference is that they are trying 7 ads in it rather than the usual 5.

The font is smaller and there is no URL on the design. I found it on one of their tester sites, sitemeter which runs Adsense ads on their stats pages (like this one).

Adsense have tested numerous formats on these pages and only some of what I’ve seen trialed there has ever gotten through to the rest of us so don’t count on seeing it as an option too soon – but you never know.

I’ve included a screen shot of this skyscraper (left – click to enlarge) because these tests always last too long.

What do you think of the new format? Theoretically it should increase the click through rate for ads as there are more chances of ads being relevant for readers – however the font is smaller which decreases the chances of users seeing them.

The other initial thought I have is that most of my pages already have two ad sections per page and Google struggles to fill them both already as it is. I worry that if I moved to a 7 ad format whether the other ad section would more often than not be empty.

I guess we’ll find out how useful the format is by whether they offer it to us.

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  • I’m waiting for the day when the ads will take up most of the page and the content will appear in a little tower on the right :P

    Seriously though, I like what this says for publishers. If they’re trying to find ways to show more ads per page, it probably means they have more inventory than space to put it. No shortage for Adsense folks in the near future, then.

  • I am unimpressed. It may increase CTR Slightly, but its just more chances for a user to click lower paying ads, so I think it will likely lower actual dollars.

  • A very rich resource. I have mentiond it here:

  • Until now, they still haven’t released the “7-Ads per box” on Adsense. I think it would mean that’s really a failure to show so many ads on a page, visitors would more likely to click the ads by accidentally rather than interested on the ads.