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MyBlogLog Release Anti-Spam Plan

Posted By Darren Rowse 20th of February 2007 Blogging Tools and Services 13

Eric from MyBlogLog has written a post on their blog explaining some of the problems that they’ve been facing on the spam front over the last little while and outlining some of the things that they’ve done (and are going to do) about it. I won’t rehash it all here -but for the fill post head over to The MyBlogLog Blog: Weekend spamtacular — what the heck happened and how we’re fixing it.

I’m particularly happy about #3:

3) We will include the text of the comment and associated controls (delete,reply, etc) in the alert email. You won’t have to go to MyBlogLog to manage comments on your profile or community page any more.

That’s something I suggested (I’m sure others did too) and it’ll save me considerable time.

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  1. Wow… quick response! Nice to see a company addressing problems before the backlash snowballs out of control.

  2. Maybe I need to look this up, but I will ask here since everyone here seems so nice :-) My question is,”Does spam work”.? I mean when we think about our emails being filled with thousands of it and blogs also- are the people who do this really benifit and make a profit? I see it in my Google Mail and I love that buttton to just delete it all ! ok now who would read through spam ?. I just yesterdy removed someone off my Myspace page for spamming about some type of buisness on my comment page used for friends to say hello and write funny messages, and I rarely ever delete, but spam is driving me to do it lol. I just wonder how much money spam companies make ?

  3. […] And it’s not just post comments. The blogosphere is riddled with spammers. ProBlogger cites that MyBlogLog is having to create their own anti-spam policy. I guess where there’s success, there’s freeloading spammers waiting to pounce. So that leads me to the question…does spam work? It has too, right? I mean if it didn’t work, why would it be so prevalent? So while I just delete it without as much as a glace, others must be allowing it on their blogs. […]

  4. That quick response is impressive. Thanks for passing the word along. It’s a shame to see how quickly MyBlogLog was clogged up with spam :-(

  5. How many people actually use mybloglog….most last logged in in 2006 or even before THAT…ITS REALLY BORING ACTUALLY!if it wasn’t for the widget it probably wouldn’t be this far its the only reminder that it still exist!

  6. Zawadi: It must be profitable, unless they wouldn’t do it. :)

    But yeah, good news on the mybloglog thingy. Hopefully the product will improve, and I’ll actually do some using of it!

  7. I was about to give MyBlogLog the boot because of spam, but their sense of urgency in addressing this issue is impressive. I’m gonna stick around long enough to see how this plays out.

  8. Definitely some good news. It’s about time someone does something about spam that actually works.

  9. Yes, mybloglog is certainly trying to catch up with those spammers.. I’ve reported around three spammers already..

    It really is a great site..

  10. The really great is the quick response from MBL!
    I don’t know if it`s because the article you post couple of days ago, Darren.

    Anyway it`s a great thing to see MBL Community service improving!

  11. Looks like they’re listening to the community – good to know.

    Glad to see they’re handling spam properly.

  12. […] While some folks out there in the Blogosphere are chiming in sharing their experiences (Check out, for instance, the superb weblog entry review that John created over at Library Clips) about the potential business value from using the fine service of MyBlogLog, an offering that you would remember I have been talking about recently quite a bit, I thought I would go ahead and introduce you to another interesting widget that claims to take things further into the next level. That is right, I am talking about AutoRoll. […]

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