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My Upcoming Schedule

Posted By Darren Rowse 5th of February 2007 ProBlogger Site News 0 Comments

Just a short note to give an update on my up coming schedule as the next few months will include a few opportunities to meet bloggers in different parts of the world.

Sydney This Week

I’m at AdTech in Sydney Wednesday and Thursday of this week. If you’re there and can’t find me feel free to give me a bell on my mobile.

I’ve already heard from a few bloggers who will be at AdTech but if you’re not going and would like to catch up I’ll be at the Sydney Weblogger Meetup on Wednesday night at the Arthouse Hotel (not sure what time I’ll get there but it shouldn’t be too long after the 7pm start).

US and Canada Trip – Mid March to Mid April

This will be a month long trip – part work and part holiday with the family.

We will be traveling through Los Angeles (a few days at each end of the trip), San Fransisco for Elite Retreat, (very little spare time there – if any), Washington DC (I’m on a conference here but I might be able to find a spare evening for a meet up if there is enough interest), New York (we’ll be there for a week of vacation – but I’m sure I could do a meet up one night) and Toronto (we’ll be there over Easter for a week for some b5media business).

I’d like to attempt to contain meetings on this trip as much as possible as it’s supposed to be part holiday. If you’re interested in meeting up in any of these cities let me know in comments below. I’ll try to post updates as it gets closer.

New York – June

It looks like I’ll be back in New York for a short visit (another conference) around the 7-8 June this year. I’m still confirming this at present (the sticking point in negotiations seems to be my demands for a bath full of orange M&Ms that I require in my hotel room). More on this later.

Update: Looks like they’ve come through with the M&Ms and I’m booked to speak at FOOA (Future of Online Advertising) between 7-8 June.

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  • Definitely let me know when you’re in Toronto!

  • Shame you’re not able to swing by the UK – I would love to have a chat with you. Even though I’m early in this web business game, I take great inspiration in your postings. Keep it up!

  • Ruth

    Enjoy my city, Toronto. If you have been here before, you will enjoy it again. It it is the first time that you are here, you will truly enjoy this city.


  • What’s wrong with you Darren?

    It should be a jacuzzi full of M&Ms….

  • Speaking about your “upcoming” schedule… Why not use Upcoming for your schedule?

  • I would love to participate in a New York meeting during your March-April trip. Unfortunately I think I will be in the other side of the country when you are here in June. Enjoy your holiday though!

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  • When will you be in DC? Greg and I will be there the end of March and would love to meet up with you if our schedules work.

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